Trolls are USELESS
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Published: October 19, 2010
Well, as I said before: do not respond to trolls and simply ignore them. These dudes are really useless and there is no gain of getting with arguments with them. They'll always disagree with you and they does that just to make you keep replying to them, a trick which people like me already figured. If you ignore a troll, then he'll be helpless. They act like they're trully smart, but is a trick to get attention. There is nobody who got any better by fighting trolls and I'm not engaging then, after all is a waste of time. If a anti-troll engage trolls, then they'll be hypocrite by claiming the anti-troll is a troll in denial, after all they claim trolling is free speech which in truth is NOT. Trolling is much like a ridiculous way of intimidation than any form of free speech, after all then they troll, they're making fun of other people's free speech which is completly against the right of free speech at all. Never give attention to trolls and don't engage then, after all they're USELESS.
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