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As you read in my previous journal, I was a supporter of ATO on their youtube days and to be honest, I was asked to lead the group on deviantart (however, ATO was ended and we don't had other members to take care of that account besides me). I do accept and admit the flaws which ATO had when the group was active in youtube, many of us delayed to realize the truth: it's no use getting into flame wars with trolls, by doing that we are not different from them. Although, many trolls from AATO were hypocrites by telling us that truth, since they LIED that trolling/cyber-bullying was just a method of free speech.
However, it's not true: trolling/cyber-bullying is the same as ignorance and stupidity.
It doesn't matter the communication device which we use for insulting people for amusement, when we insult people for fun, we are STILL being stupid.
It's not different from saying that ignorance and stupidity doesn't exist and neither is different of saying that making phone strokes is also free speech.
The 1st Amendment doens't even says that people should keep insulting others for fun as a form of free speech, it's completly ilogic.
We don't knew that before and neither could search for the truth, since AATO was always defaming us and even by having an spy in the group as well, a very coward action, just to think about.
However, both groups have disbanded more than one year ago...
But nowadays many youtube users are acting equal and even worse than ATO did in the past:
a) They're feeding the trolls.
b) They're making hate speech many times and they still claims youtube is being "liberal". Many forms of hate speech are even in their own youtube profiles which CAN be reported.
c) They claims that ignoring the trolls doesn't help, however it was what ex-ATO members thought as well and they thought that only anti-trolls should get involved in flame wars, the ATO group got defamed as result.
d) They claim that is not possible to ignore a troll when he does defamation, reports, stalking and bullying. However they complain about EVERYTHING which make the trolls keep attacking them. Give attention and a troll keep attacking, it's HOW it works.
e) They are being NAIVE, Nparga would be not a idiot for putting his real IP. Also he is pleased that these youtubers are acting just like the way he wants, like becoming trolls yourselves (by getting into flame wars all the time and even by insulting those who moved on and who those are no longer feeding trolls and neither involved on this drama.) and even exposing private information (doxxing). Nparga is NOT being affected by the doxxing and that's why the dox is USELESS. He is NOT even Mexican and if he was, then other mexican people would be talking with him and in their former language.
f) They are even getting trolls as alies like SonicStirfe and Airsoft, both annoying and racist trolls which are NOT WORTH of trust and again ATO was considered something like "Troll the Trolls Organization" back then, but the group was never having support from former trolls. Airsoft is EVEN encouraging these youtubers to do hate speech against mexicans, how ironic... Making hate speech will only lead these youtubers to be reported and lose their accounts. Also, an "animelover" who was an ex-ATO insist that trolls are reporting his videos for copyright which is A LIE. Talk about how Yumifan got banned for submiting Voltes V and Toshio who got two copyright strikes for uploading Combattler V. Copyright holders are STALKING youtubers for a LONG time, I wonder if somebody forgot how many times Viacon sued youtube due copyright.
g) These youtubers blame ex-ATO members for everything in the past since everyone got called as "trolls in denial", but look again at them who are following the same or even a wrost path which the ATO followed. We supporters and some ex-ATO members who have moved on had to learn things due an harsh way since we where so stubborn and unable to look at our own flaws. So look at their own flaws as well... They surelly don't imagine the pain and shame which we felt for being both defamed and chased by even people which we wished to protect, but we did that by the wrong way and we had deal with the result of our own stupidity...
And I'll say some tips against trolls:
a) Do not respond a troll insult or rude opinions about drawings or videos (if the attack was made in a video network).
b) Do not get upset if a very good or a normal drawing got it ranks lowered, after all trolls claims that a drawing or video "sux" just to tease you. It's NOT a real opinion, just a random insult to have you insulting them back.
c) Do not make deviants or videos mentioning trolls names, you're just giving their attention. Also never publish the name of a troll in journal entry, he loves when you do it.
d) Do not listen trolls lectures when you point out that you cannot stand them. Trolls have no logic, so it means their lecture is completly ilogic. A troll cannot talk about logic when he already gave up of logic and reason in favor of the lulz. Yep, lying all the time that internet stupidity and internet ignorance is the same as "free speech" is completly ILOGIC.
e) Do not do videos which you "snipe" a troll and don't even give the troll's user name as well, trolls will always do paranoid lies about you and that action can be even considered as trolling as well. But anyway, anyone might think you're bad as them if you do these videos.
f) If somebody came saying you're just bad as trolls due your favourites (specially ones having mature content) then don't listen. Trolls are completly ilogic, so they always does PARANOID LIES to try make you look much bad than then. But anyway is a very lame strategy, after all, the trolls only peek in your galeries and favourites to create drama. The simple fact you faved a mature content pic, don't mean you're trully a pervert or pedophile (underaged art is forbidden here, but trolls may claim that you're a pedophile just because you faved a little girl wearing a bikini). Also we must not forget "Mature content artworks" can be EASILLY avoided by just letting the mature content filter on, do NOT disable it, otherwise you're seeing the pic at your OWN RISK. Also do not display the mature content deviant anyway if the filter is on, after all, you're just doing that to cause drama. Yes, trolls loves to make drama over anything and they're just drama queens. Another important point: despite the trolls claims, you're publishing or faving these mature artworks for your OWN personal use. It would completly different if you had sent these mature content stuff for people which don't like it, so trolls have no right to complain. Well, they never had real right about anything.
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Submitted on
March 31, 2011