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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
Here is a important alert: doxing is ILLEGAL. It don't have anything with a stupid trolling over internet, it's something against someone's real life physical safety. Do not accept anyone who commit dox. Some even thinks that is fun, however is something terrible and dangerous. Imagine: A little girl got her real life address exposed by an attacker and later was published everywhere. Then a real life stalker attacked the girl, raped and murdered her shortly after. This is no joke.
Keep your residence address always private and never give it to an internet friend and in special if that person ask where you lives. A woman gave her real life address to someone who she knew in internet and that person was a maniac who killed her.
If you get exposed by the action of doxing, then find every method to defend yourself like having support of any legal authority. Also, consider moving and tell those who bought your previous house to not tell where you moved. Also make sure of contacting the mail service asking them to not send any mail for your previous house and neither ask where you have moved. Nobody knows if an physical stalker is around to attack you. It's very important having your privacy safety to also avoid real life enemies.
Contact the help chat of deviantart and also the help desk for more info about doxing. Do not tolerate doxing, report those who commit it.
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Submitted on
April 6, 2011