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Published: October 5, 2007
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So another poster for you guys.
gotta re think my style. all my pieces are beggining to look the same. tried doing something different for this one, but then it just ended up looking like all the others. gotta change my workflow.

anyways, another poster for my portolfio show coming up in december. havnet had any creative ideas to make something for something other than the show so. better get to work on that i guess.

ps: sorry bout the lower quality, but i wasnt going to upload a 1.5MB jpg.

hope you guys like.
all comments welcome.

aTone design 2007
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I love it!
your work is very good!
by the way, what is the font you used for the rest of the text? not the main title
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crap ><
I went back and opened up the backup dvd I had for it. opened the ai. file, and I had outlined all the text ><
the main in Birfurk, and above it is Bahaus 93.
but the text for the date I cant remember. I made this while bored in class one day, and worked on it on the schools computers, and outlined the text knowing I didnt have the font at home.

Ill see if I cant find it for you though

thanx for the comments.
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oop. nm.
found it.


I remember downloading it during class. XD
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like the use of colors in ur work, man! really awesome!
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thank you for the comment :)
Im in the process of making more, its...just a slow process -_-
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cool! i've added you to the watch list, will be looking for more cool ones. ;)

where do you find the backgrounds ? or do u make them too ?
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Great stuff, but it's a tad bit blurry for me. But I blame myself for that as I like everything looking sharp.
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yes i agree.
(sorry for the long reply)
I am looking at it on a 30'' widescreen monitor and even still its a bit blurry. I tend to save web versions at like 6 or 8 compression. jut because im like that.

Its fun going back and looking at past pieces.
I may come back and rework this a bit and come up with some detail shots.

thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff though ;)
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Great typo, looks brilliant.
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typo..i spelled something wrong? caught me looking.
thanks for the comment :)
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1NNU3NDOProfessional Digital Artist
I like this very much man! It's very playful, colorful and (most of) the text is very well done :D
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Lovin this!
What's the name of that font you used for the main text?
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gad you like it.
the font is - Bifurk
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