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Ville Du Mort - Sofia 'Luisa' Munoz


Name: Sofia Maria Munõz
Alias (goes by): Luisa Dimanche

Occupation: Florist at A Victorian Garden Flower Shoppe with her sister. 
Nationality: Mexican
Alliance: Venatores

Age: 27 Years
Height: 155 cm - 5'1"
Weight: 48 kg - 106 pounds
Eye color: Green
Blood Type: O-

Gift: Telepathic Tale
With this gift, the user can access a target's memories and watch, modify, share, erase and influence them. They may modify memories to confuse the user, remove certain memories to cause amnesia and may even force a target to go into a psychic vision where the user replays the memory for them.

▪ It will leave the target immobile for the duration of it (aprox. 10-20 seconds) and might catch them off-guard.
▪ Being able to replay memories repeatedly to look for details.
▪ User can remove herself from memories from the supernatural and civilians if they don’t want to have been seen.
▪ User can look into memories to look for answers or weaknesses.
▪ User could possibly overwhelm a target with the memories.

▪ It leaves both the target as the user immobile.
▪ May lose control of it if heightened emotions or rushed; may lead to sloppy modifications and erasure that’s easy to break out of or not being able to find the memories they need.
▪ The user needs physical contact to be able to do something with the memories. They way see or share them over a short distance of 3 meters, but nothing more.
▪ Adjustments need to be placed with precision as the target may gain increased suspicion when noticing things that cannot be true.
▪ User might get overwhelmed with the memories of others.
▪ The gift may not be strong when opposing those with a strong and resilient mind and might cause a mirror effect. Each attempt to dig into the memories of someone unwilling must be done with (1d20+3+Attack [USER] vs. 1d20 [TARGET]).
▪ Overuse might lead to confusion between own and target’s memories.
▪ Overuse may lead to something harmless like a migraine up to something more endangering like a intracerebral hemorrhage.

Race: Half Ghoul

Competitive | Determined  | Diffident | Distant | Inhibited | Protective | Sharp  

On the 31st of October, Sofia Luisa Munõz was born into the Munõz family. She was the third born and the second girl in the family. It was already decided from the moment that she was born that she would help the family broaden their influence and connections throughout socializing and marriage when she would come of age. Her mother would always teach her and her sister everything they needed to know to become a good wife and whilst her sister wasn’t too happy about it, Luisa enjoyed the time she could spend with her mother and sister quite a lot. Her brothers would always be occupied with school and helping their father with the family business.

The family worked hard to get her a husband, that had a large hand in the trading companies and who had a lot of money. However, her sister appeared to have something else in mind as, in the middle of the night, Luisa was woken up by her. She pulled her along and told her to get some things, because they would travel elsewhere. It would be a fun vacation for  them both. Luisa knew that it wasn’t necessarily a vacation as it wasn’t a secret that her sister disagreed with a lot that was done and said in the family, but she didn’t want to have to separate from her sister’s side either.
Together they ran away from home and managed to cross the border to America with some help. Neither of them was too sure about what was awaiting them, but they were sure that if they stayed together that all would be well. With time, they found themselves in a cleaning company that took in girls, that had no home or who were bought to pay off their parent’s debts, and took care of them in exchange for their cleaning services. They were qualified enough to start right away, as their mother’s lessons ended up coming in handy for several reasons than she had initially assumed, and were glad to do so. It was like they were starting their own life and had full control over it. They were good at what they did and quickly became the head maid’s favorites.

However as that happened, the head maid started pairing them up with less experienced maids as they would be able to show them how they should properly clean and behave. It initially was saddening for the two to be apart, but they slowly became adjusted to it and realized that it was merely part of their job. They would meet up again after their job was done and all would still be well. Or at least that’s what it seemed like at first.

One of the more important clients, who had quite the mansion to take care of and paid graciously for the company to do it (not wanting to hire permanent maids for whatever reason), had taken their liking on Luisa. At first, he was merely very polite, kind, generous, and quite alluring, but as time went on and she was requested to return over and over, the gestures became more and more towards demanding something in return. Luisa hadn’t expected that what she received would have become things that she owed him and she was quick to make clear that she really did not have any money and wasn’t willing to offer more intimate services. The client offered a soothing smile and happily announced that what he was looking for wasn’t money or intimacy. All he wanted was for every time she visited to have a small bite from her neck or wrist along with her sworn secrecy and that was all he needed. She assumed that it was a weird thing that he was into; just another rich freak with a weird fixation, but it slowly became clearer and clearer that who she was dealing with wasn’t a 'who' at all, but rather a 'what'. The fact that she could feel him bite and draw blood whilst when she reached up to touch the wound, it was never there. The fact that his touch was cold as ice. The fact that his strong hold was quick to bruise her. It all just didn’t make sense.
The problem was that she didn’t want to ruin what her and her sister had, because of something minor as 'discomfort'. Instead she tried to avoid having to work for the client, but of course, with the right demand and money, she was to be made to go again or she would end up fired. She wasn’t sure what else she could do other than go to the source itself; the client. The Vampire. She confronted him, told him to leave her alone and find someone else to harass as he had been. He tried to sooth her, whisper her sweet nothings and when that didn’t work he tried to guilt her into giving in again. She wasn’t having any of it however and threatened to go to the police and have them deal with him. She knew who he was, that he was a monster... and most importantly he knew what he looked like.

Perhaps that hadn’t been something that she should have mentioned as she soon found herself back at the small apartment that her and her sister shared, bleeding from her eyes and crying out for mercy. Her sister was in utter panic and was quick to get help and carry her to the closest doctor- and more importantly one that they had the money for. He was a dodgy doctor as the rumors had been, but he was charming and was glad to help. Funny enough, he wasn’t even shocked by the state that Luisa had been in and quickly pulled her into a sterile room to perform surgery on the girl, advising the sister to wait until he was done and that he couldn’t make any promises.
The doctor had been hoping something like this had come along as for some reason he had access to a pair of eyes to replace her own, with no idea if it would restore her sight any. If anything it would look better than her own- which had been squished to bits. The surgery had been long and dangerous, but as Luisa was brought into a recovery room upstairs, there was space to breathe. Time would only tell if the 'surgery' had helped any and if infection would not end up taking her as the doctor’s home was not a hospital whatsoever.

While Luisa recovered she confessed what had happened to her Sister, who was furious and promised that everything would be okay. She wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but as her sister left for work she had more to worry about; the fact that no matter what she was offered to eat tasted like wet clay. It wasn’t something that she dared to tell the doctor and she was quick to toss food out the window for strays to eat to at least seem like she was feeding herself- even when it was a tricky thing to do with tape wrapped around her head.
Her sister never did come back which left Luisa worried, but she assumed that she had a client that was days travelling away. Not to mention that even if she was worried, there was nothing she could do as she was bed ridden. However after a few days the tape was allowed to be removed and to everyone’s surprise- especially the doctor’s, she had her eyesight back and the new eyes were working perfectly. And after another three more days she was free to leave and go where she wanted.

She was quick to investigate where her sister had gone and with the head maid confused about not having seen her in a while, realization set in what could have happened. Without hesitation she rushed to the mysterious client’s mansion and was faced with reality that her sister had gone in to try and avenge her, to try and kill the client, but as a 'weak human' she had not even come close to even leaving a scratch. Anger boiled up in the short brunette and the two were quick to find themselves in a struggle once more, however this time Luisa seemed to pose more of a threat as her right eye turned pitch black, the iris flaming red and her agility and strength allowing her to take advantage of what was around them to overpower him and eventually kill him in rage. This was also where she first unlocked the hunger inside of her and while she wasn’t able to stop herself from feeding, she quickly realized that the flesh was not something that was fulfilling or tasty as it had been dead for a long while.

She ran- She ran fast from the place that had ruined her and her sister’s life and that had turned her into a monster. She swore that she would make sure that something like this would never happen again, to anyone and that she would get rid of all vampires. Of course with time she came to the realization that there was a lot more out there that endangered others; vampires, werewolves, ghouls, sirens, witches and so much more. She became more and more knowledgeable and whilst she had turned to binge eating at first, after months she learned to control her hunger and to stick to the last bit of humanity that resided in her even while training the powers that she had unlocked.

With the rise of the wild vampires and the increase of Hunters, Luisa stepped up to take a more directing role in the affairs. She created a cover in the form of a floral store with an underground shelter and recreational bar for the Hunters to stay in and recover, but also one where information could be given to avoid casualties that don't need to be fallen. Always keeping a watching eye over others, she made a point of making sure no hunters were to cross another and gained respect from her peers while keeping them in the dark of her curse. During this time she heavily relied on her food source for constant upkeep so there would be no temptation whatsoever with the amount of blood present in her building at all times. As the vampires started to leave the city and the paranormal seemed to calm, the hunters started to take their leave too, leaving Luisa with a new found goal as she stopped her travelling to keep a home instead for both herself as hunters that may come to the city for a bounty or to rest their feet.

And so goes life...
With the increased Vampire activity in the city of London, Luisa realized soon how involved she just had gotten into the chaos the supernatural was causing and with some of the people there. Her heart had grown for a select few and shattered so very often when she'd let them down and watched them get hurt. While she knew the risks and had asked someone she truly trusted to look after hers, she stepped forth to rid the city of a great evil as an apology for how she had failed some and allowed them to be injured right in front of her. It took weeks of shere observation and hiding in the shadows when most had already considered to be gone from the city. When she saw the opportunity to fight the blood witch... She took it and won. While the damage to her psyche from the event may never fully recover, her body did. Having returned to what she once called home in India, they took care of her and allowed her to sink back into the mentality and realization of whom and what she was. As her limbs regrew, the others made sure to assist and force her to work on making them as strong as they were. And once she was ready she once again left her heart behind to fight the evil she so very much despised; vampire's ripping apart families. But with the months, she couldn't help but admit the craving she felt inside of her mind. Luisa wanted to see her sister once more as well as the people she considered family at that time. Even while she knew it wasn't smart to return, she couldn't help but deny the awful pull that the city of London and its citizens has. Not to mention...

She still had unfinished business.

tick Coffee with a sugar cube and a drip of blood
tick People that underestimate her
tick Honesty
tick Climbing buildings
tick Walking outside and being outsides
tick Art 

x  Losing control
x  Having to behave when everything in her is trying not to
x  Stupidity
x  People with bark, but no bite
x  Feeling helpless
x  Seeing people getting hurt
x  Anyone daring to touch her younger sisters

▪ Unlike her fellow Ghouls, she isn’t necessarily territorial, she simply does not like the species as she believes that without their existence she wouldn’t have become what she had.
▪ Likes what apples look like; the shinier, the better.
▪ The most inelegant sleeper you might ever meet.
▪ Keeps a diary on her at all times in which she not only keeps track of her daily activities but also all her knowledge of the paranormal.
▪ Has two silver, cross, earrings that belonged to her older sister.


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