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[TRA] Luisa Dimanche - Headmistress tRA



【 Name 】 Luisa Dimanche
【 Position 】 Headmistress

【 Age 】 Appears to be 26 years old
【 Gender 】 Female

【 Weight 】 100 lbs | 46 kg
【 Height 】 5'0" | 153 cm

【 Hair Color 】 Brown
【 Eye Color 】 Golden Red


【 Name 】

【 Species 】


【 Elemental Strength 】

【 Elemental Weakness 】

【 Spells 】
The phoenix can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.


【 Personality 】
Stoic ▪ Careless ▪ Brave ▪ Secretive ▪ Protective ▪ Caring ▪ Confident ▪ Determined ▪ Teasing

【 Likes 】
✦ Apples
✦ Honesty
✦ Students putting in effort
✦ Elizabeth

【 Dislikes 】
✦ Feeling helpless
✦ Seeing people getting hurt
✦ Forgetting . . .


The Dimanche Family was one of the handful of families that set out to make magic available for use for humanity. So, it was no surprise that from a young age, Luisa was directed to learn how to have a grasp on it and how to wield it.

While not much is known about Luisa’s upbringing, she was quick to grow into someone that was able to use magic and was excellent at it on top of it. While she showed weakness in healing magic, everything else she had a fair grasp in; especially Fire.

As Luisa grew older, she set out to assist in the searches for where the missing children went and was one to discover just what had set its grasp onto them and what was done to the children. While the others in her search party did not make it; Luisa managed to escape and took her information to other families with magical users.

The event lead to a war with *The Others*.

After the war, Luisa set out to create the Royal Academy and has been teaching and looking over the castle and its students for decades.


✦ Prefers having things clean and organized.
✦ The most inelegant sleeper you might ever meet.
✦ Capable of making very detailed and realistic drawings.
✦ The Dimanche family’s crest is a Phoenix.

【 Discord ID】 Thirsa is cool again#3727


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I'm glad to see that she still loves apples! This redesign is so epic and I adore how you've integrated the animation! Her wand is also super pretty, nice touch with the special effects  * - * 
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Shes wonderful Horny revamp 
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Thank you ♥
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Lovely as always! I love the animated touch, makes the app all the more engaging.
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Thank you so much Lil ;v; <3
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Ommmggggg she looks so gorgeouuuusssss 
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Gorgeous like you :iconohdokiplz:
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:iconmanbabyplz:  LUISA LOOKS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Thank youuuuuuu ;o;
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