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[TRA] Hunter Ross - Second Year


Thank you so much :icondeath-by-papercuts: for the absolute GORGEOUS art ;o; ♥


【 Name 】 Hunter Ross
【 Year 】 2

【 Age 】21
【 Gender 】 A Man

【 Weight 】 205 lbs | 95 kg
【 Height 】 6'5" | 195 cm

【 Hair Color 】 A dark, but very golden, Blonde
【 Eye Color 】 Blue/Grey

【 Elective Class(es) 】
✦ Magic Convergence
✦ Magical Runes and Sealing
✦ Summoning & Transfiguration


【 Name 】 Chrysaor

【 Species 】 Flying Teacup Pig
The Flying Pig is a creature with origins in Greek mythology, legend and folklore. The original flying pig was a winged board named Chrysaor, the offspring of the Gorgon Medusa, and the Greek sea god Poseidon, and the brother of the winged horse Pegasus.

The creature was conceived while its mother consorted with the sea god in mortal form. Though, it was not birthed until its mother had been transformed into a monster by the goddess Athena, and slain by the hero Perseus.

But . . . It’s really just a smarter version of a pig. That has wings.


【 Elemental Strength 】 Fire / Metal
【 Elemental Weakness 】 Water / Ice

【 General Spells 】
✦ Smoke Clone
✦ Heat Blast
✦ Bombarda
✦ Confringo

【 Personal Spells 】
✦ Deflection - While holding up one of his hands, he is capable to absorb magic that’s been casted upon or directed at him and can redirect it with his other hand. This is possible due to a magical rune tattooed into his palm.
✦ Salvation - Removes any magic from a target until they roll a nat 20, after 24h, or after 5 post rounds. It will reduce them to a mere mortal / non-magic user. Can also remove magical effects from objects.
→ Spell can only be cast once per RP.
→ Usage of the spell will make the caster unable to cast magic directly upon the target as it will vanish due to Salvation.

【 Passive Spells 】
✦ Mud Bath - When in contact with mud, the wizard may experience it as a healing ointment rather than actual mud. Oddly enough . . . The Wizard comes out cleaner after a mud bath as well instead of dirtier.


【 Likes 】
✦ Causing Trouble Who? Me? Never!
✦ Dueling
✦ Aero
✦ Sports, sports, sports!
✦ Chrysaor
✦ Maybe a little bit of gossip

【 Dislikes 】
✦ Students making fun of his familiar
✦ Losing an Aero Game
✦ Getting Older

【 Personality 】
Tolerant ▪ Reliable ▪ Charismatic ▪ Altruistic ▪ Too Selfless ▪ Brave to a fault ▪ Sensitive ▪ Reckless ▪ Hopeless Romantic


Coming from nothing, Hunter learned at a young age that you had to work for what you wanted in life. If he wanted to buy something, he would have to work in his Mother’s wand shop to earn the money to get it. If he wanted to become better, his father would direct him  into the direction where he could seek out assistance or practice.

It turned him in a very independent young man at a young age. One that enjoyed causing trouble for his parents to get their attention, even if it were in the shape of punishment and scolding. It was an effective way for him to find enjoyment with things while at the same time getting his parents’ eyes on him.

It was why his parents decided to enroll him into the local Aero club where he was taught how to handle a broom. And through it would be able to put his energy and teenage rebellion into something productive.

Hunter had never been close to his father. Working at the Ministry, he wasn’t around at home quite often. And when he was, it was a clash of built up resentment that his mother would  try to negate. The conflicts would occur more and more often until one day his father didn’t return home for the day. Or the next day. Or the next week.

Word would start to spread and soon enough  his mother sat him down to inform him that during travel for a diplomatic visit, his father had gone MIA during a storm across the North Atlantic Ocean. No scribing could locate him, no teleportation tool could  retrieve him - He’d simply gone lost.

It was at his father’s funeral, while staying behind and away from the crowd, that he received the letter. Falling into his hands, just as he wondered what he was supposed to do now? As if it could sense he’d started to feel lost,  he gained purpose.

With his mother’s blessing, he set out to join the Royal Academy.


✦ During his first year, he tried to break into the Headmistress’ office. He still has cleaning duty since that moment.
✦ On the Aero team. Believes he can make it to the team of the 3rd years even if it’s not allowed. He still tries.
✦ Really enjoys Apple sauce.
✦ Awkwardly tall, tends to be clumsy due to it.

【 Discord ID】 who#6006

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