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OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE
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Published: August 7, 2010
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WOW! I cannot believe I got a DD out of this. :wow: Thank you so much everyone. I am regretting not putting up more artwork on this account now.

Also I would like to give a special thank you to my close friend =DragonElement11 who was pretty much the mastermind behind this whole thing. I just put the template together.


:bulletgreen: Picture:bulletgreen:
- There is one option for a close view of the head and there are 3 different view options you can use to draw your character: front view, back view, and ¾ view. (for those who do not know ¾ view looks like this [link] )
- For those who are picky about colors, there is an option for skin tone, eye, and hair color under the color option. This can be used for clothes colors.
-'Colors associated with character' is if your character has a specific color that is related to them. For example The Simpsons=yellow, Superman=blue and red, Link=green, et cetera.

- I feel that this part is easy to understand so I should not have to explain much about it. However, feel free to ask if you have a question.

-This section is also easy to understand. It is just a collection of extra information.

:bulletgreen:Human Comparison:bulletgreen:
- Everybody finds it easier to visualize the size of something when it is compared to a familiar object. Characters are the same way. You can give a height and mass measurement, but it is always good to see what your character is like compared to a human so you can tell how the character might fit into our world.
- Remember that not everybody uses the Imperial Measurements so it is nice to see measurements converted to the Metric System (or vice versa). Here is a link to the calculator I use [link]

- There are 9 boxes where you may draw your character’s possessions.

- You can use this to list your character’s unique traits. It can be anything from their gift of music to their ability to control minds. If your character is not super human just use this to list quirks or cool things your character can do.

- Use this space here to include any extra information that must be known about your character. I do not use this to tell the character’s history because that would spoil the story, instead I use it for drawing extra views of the character like their different expressions or actions. It is all up to you as to what goes here.

I hope you like my reference template that I made. I often have searched for a good template that I could use for any of my characters, but I could never find one that covered almost everything. I hope you can use this, so enjoy! :)

*EDIT* (8/9/10) I forgot to distinguish the difference between the 'strengths' part in the 'information' section and the 'talents/abilities'. The strengths and weaknesses in the information part are supposed to be about your character's personality or bad/good habits. The talents/abilities are things your character can do or are good at physically.

*EDIT* (10/11/10) I am getting the question 'What does orientation mean?' and the answer would be that 'orientation' means 'sexual orientation' like gay, bi, straight and so on.

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GachaOreoLoverHobbyist Digital Artist
Using later! :D
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SrNarwhalHobbyist Digital Artist
Imma use this but how tall is the human reference?
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zaynbtstxtHobbyist General Artist
on the right it says 6 feet tall
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Hail-Lesbian-JesusHobbyist General Artist
I love this
Will use soon! ^3^

Even though it's old af LMAO XDD
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PYC-ArtStudent Digital Artist
I LOVE THIS!! :heart:
Will definitely be using this - at least as reference - for future character sheets, thank you so much!!
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AsiimovyHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm going to try using this to design a character and this character occasionally has suicidal thoughts (not diagnosed with depression, but has had professional help with it). Would things like this (and mental illness) go under "Weaknesses", "Talents/Abilities" (okay, probably not that XD), or "Extra"?
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GinxygirlStudent Digital Artist
is it free?
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MajorTheWolfStudent Digital Artist
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IIailaHobbyist Digital Artist
used, thank you so much for making this ^ o ^ 66.media.tumblr.com/05879af5a9…
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CyanideSynnHobbyist General Artist
Used it! 10/10 will use again!
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This is absolutely amazing!!! Thank-you!
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Tristan1237Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome Ref!
Thanks for sharing this!
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celyneHobbyist Digital Artist
Love this!
Thank you for sharing!! :)
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BanFiaHobbyist Artist
Thanks for this, I really needed it!
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ShinxKHobbyist Digital Artist
Im going to use it for my Katsuma Fursonna Robot.
It can be used with furries right?
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TaleofTwoWorldsHobbyist General Artist
This is super Awesome!
Going to use it and will credit, but how tall is the human comparasin model?
I can't read it personally. Too small.
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the human compare model says it is 6 ft tall
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oddjellyHobbyist Digital Artist
used, thanks! Peyton Wolfe Ehlton -REF SHEET- by oddjelly
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SNAILED-ITHobbyist General Artist
Hallå, quick question if you get a chance to answer it.

Um so can we edit the words? This template is exactly what I need for my characters BUT i would need to edit where is says, "Back, front, 3/4's" to "normal, battle form 1, battle form 2" and then change "extra" to "final form" 


*also would you count intimate relationships in family? Thanks*
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LudwigETCStudent General Artist
XD "Hallå" nice swedish there (if you meant to do that. Idfk)
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SNAILED-ITHobbyist General Artist
Ja Ja :D Tack
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LudwigETCStudent General Artist
;) Yay
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RobinRyuuStudent General Artist
It looks like the person who made this hasn't been online in a few years.
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SNAILED-ITHobbyist General Artist
ah das ist too bad ;^;
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