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Not Enough Time?

Not Enough Time?

    So there's just a thing I want to say real quick. I've seen people in the past say that they don't have time to make custom graphics for their fan game, so they settle on already made tiles or graphics for their game. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't let the reason you're settling on those tiles or graphics be because you don't have time. Do you know what that says? That says you're more worried about showing off your game than actually taking the time to make it something special.    Here's my reasoning: If you say you don't have time to make custom graphics for your fan game, then you shouldn't have time to make a fan game.

Featured Artist?

Featured Artist?

I know I don't have many watchers, but I've become friends with someone who I work with, who happens to also be an artist. She does some pretty neat stuff, and I know she deserves more watchers and views than she has. So go check out her stuff! ~toadinajellyjar ( We may also be working on a comic series together (me as writer, her as illustrator) So it should be neat!

New Batman

New Batman

Some of you may not know, but I love Batman. I love the Nolan films, I love the Arkham games, I love the Batman character and lore. Ben Affleck was recently cast as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Man Of Steel Sequel, in 2015. A lot of people are pissed about it, there's even a petition going around to remove him. Why? Ben Affleck isn't the best actor of his generation, but he's not terrible. People don't seem to understand that a Director is an important part of the movie making process. If the director feels the actor is doing a poor job, he will DIRECT the actor in doing a better one. Zack Snyder (300, Man Of Steel, Dawn Of The Dead, Sucker

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Hello friend!

Hello friend!Hello friend!

So I see a big tileset from Wesley that was done for you. They're old, so I don't know if you're still using ir or what.

Well, it's fine to you if I use some of then into my project?

Thanks for your time. And sorry for my english.

This are the tileset, btw:

AtomicReactorStudent General Artist

Yeah go for it! Just credit Wesley obviously.

Oh, nice! Thank you very much!

PeekyChewProfessional Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
Midnitez-REMIXProfessional Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
AtomicReactorStudent General Artist
Thanks you!