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Pokemon Card Backside in High Resolution

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Title says it all! 
I noticed how there was a lack of proper scans of Pokémon card backs so out of frustration I made my own.
This took a while to get right but I am happy with the result!
You can use this for normal poker sized cards or even with jumbos!
UPDATE 9/11/16: Took some of icycatelf 's tips to heart and fixed the logo and background!
UPDATE 9/13/16: I corrected some of the colors, it looks more legit this way.
UPDATE 9/15/16: Ditto.
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VajrayakshaKesariHobbyist General Artist

Dude, great work. You're right about this pic being very hard to find online. Great job

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MessalaHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks man

edcrfvaze's avatar

Amazing! Would you mind sharing the background without the logo? I'd like to print cards with my son's name instead of Pokémon.

nabo81086's avatar
Amazing work. Is there a way to get the same without Pokémon written on it ?
Gyassman's avatar
GyassmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
This will help a lot with my custom cards. Thanks for making this!
TroiMS's avatar
hey, what are we supposed to do with it though?
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Good question!
You see, usually when you want to print out your own designs you have to sacrifce a real card, this way you won't have to! Also because of its high resolution you can use this for bigger sized cards as well!
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I tried printing this with your old colours compared to your new colours and the old colours come out looking closer to legit colours than the new colours you've chosen. ;)
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
Deviantart likes to mess with my H/S/L settings, I've been struggling to get it right all week.
Solverz's avatar
Isn't H/S/L associated with lightroom, I'm just guessing as I don't use it  and ohhh because it came out like a dark dark dark blue on two of my printers which have been configured to work with the paper and ink type properly :)

But still congrats on the work it looks very legit still amazing :)
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
Thanks man! HSL is Hue Saturation and Luminosity as you probably knew :D
Solverz's avatar
First time hearing about it haha I've never seen that on photoshop before :(
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation.
My bad for confusing you with the luminosity thing. 
Solverz's avatar
Oh yeah lmao I know what that is haha, it's just me being stupid ignore me haha:)
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icycatelfHobbyist General Artist
That's perfection right there. :D

I'm going to link to this one in the description of mine. This is SO SO SO much better!
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
Thank you so much, it means a lot!
Just so you know, I updated it again with some color corrections.
Solverz's avatar
Wow! Where did you get the pokeball image from because it looks perfect to the actual cards pokeball.:)
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
I recreated it myself in PS, It was the most time consuming part of this project.
A LOT of brushes, blurring, gradients and glows 'n shadows.
Solverz's avatar
It looks legit well done! and it would be cool if icycatelf let you use his card back background wiht your pokemon logo and pokeball. Thgat would look s perfect as the background on your card looks a tiny bit like a scan when scaled down but its hardly noticable. :) Check your inbox btw!
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
Yeah that would be so great! I tried fitting that one in too but it didn't quite work out because of the Pokeball.
Solverz's avatar
Well his helped me out a lot and maybe if you ask him he might give you the actual background by itself but don't quote me as I don't actually know him but again his helped me out loads and is a very nice guy!
AtomicmonkeyTCG's avatar
We shall see :)
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CrystalSpoinkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking very nice Atomic! I am a dummy! 
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