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Rarity Extraordinarity!

I'm probably pushing my imagination to the limits with this one. ;)

Rarity's mane and dress are flight themed:

1- The hair has parts that resemble the jet engine.

2- Her earring is a butterfly shaped jewel that matches with the front of her dress.

3- The dark blue shapes on the top layer of her dress look like vapor trails.

4- The middle layer of her dress resembles metallic wings.

5- The bottom layer of  her dress looks like a wing from one of Leonardo Da Vinci's flight based drawings.

6- The back of her shoes are wing-shaped.


This vector also has a special purpose. I proudly do pony vectors with original ideas; and with this vector, I give my message of support to pony vectorists who do vectors with original ideas.

I admire them for the fact that when they create AU's, they are not just swapping the characters' roles, they are writing entirely new environments for the ponies.

I admire them for not just staying with what the show dictates, thus forging new paths for pony vectoring.

I admire them because they do what love without any limits, and not just trying to be popular.

:icongennadykalugina: , :iconbarrfind: , :iconthe-syreth-clan: , :iconkeytee-chan: , and many other vectorists that do pony vectors with original ideas, I thank you all for inspiring us with your imagination.

In this fandom that is infested with dull AU's, NSFW garbage, horrible fanfictions, and many other horrors, you bravely take stand against them. Know that you aren't alone, and your work is far superior. ;)


Although this vector is a variation of , Rarity's mane and dress are completely from scratch and original.

I've used two screenshots from the show to vectorize this image of Rarity, and I've used the color guide of :iconmlp-vectorclub: .

Rarity and MLP: FiM are copyrights of Hasbro. I don't own them.
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Nostalgialover808's avatar
That hairstyle must be super impossible.
Rassilon001's avatar
Good grief that mane... although... she makes it work.  Elegant and lovely as always, divine Rarity.
AtomicMillennial's avatar
Thank you very much. I tried to go for a flight themed abstraction as the mane. ;)
Rassilon001's avatar
Well it certainly catches the eye.  Well done.
Barrfind's avatar
Oww, That kind of epic one mane! Splendid and thanks for your kind words. You don't know how much I need that sometimes.
AtomicMillennial's avatar
Fellow Rarity lovers should always stand together. :)

We are not just rejecting what the mainstream "Brony" crowd finds "cool" or "awesome", but we are seekers of the creme de la creme, the pony that is truly the best, and making good vectors of Rarity with original ideas shows our superiority against the "I've recolored the clothes and I've changed the role of a character, thus I made an AU!" kind of people.

Last but not least you're welcome, and I'm sure that you will keep up the good work! ;)
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
Nice, but I would've guessed "Pipe Organ" for her hair before I'd have guessed "flight" for its theme...
karkovice1's avatar
How long did it take her to do THAT hair? =P
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
Also thank you very much for the praise, but I don't find it deserved. After all I didn't even do dress vectors like yours. Okay, except for that one with the Lu Bu theme. And that other one with the red dress. Fine, you're right, but they still we sub-par compared to yours.
AtomicMillennial's avatar
Well, you can do vectors from scratch. That's very important. :)

I don't even consider myself artistically talented. Mostly I throw stuff at a wall, and I try to see what sticks. ;)
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
Haha, no actually those weren't from scratch either.
The-Syreth-Clan's avatar
>The hair has parts that resemble the jet engine.

Reminds me of the sea more to be honest. Still, JFC you really put the 'dress' into the 'hairdresser' with this one.
AshCatArts's avatar
That mane is extraordinary. 
AtomicMillennial's avatar
That was my purpose. Did you like it?
AshCatArts's avatar
Well, it's certainly eye-catching. 
kagura-deadly-beauty's avatar
Wow she looks stunning overall.   :D
AtomicMillennial's avatar
Thank you very much! ;)
kagura-deadly-beauty's avatar
You're quite welcome!   ^_^
ooReiko's avatar
Keytee-chan's avatar
This looks amazing ^_^
AtomicMillennial's avatar
I still think that you would want lipstick on her. ;)
GennadyKalugina's avatar
Happy I can be an inspiration for someone!  Keep up the good work!
AtomicMillennial's avatar
Thank you very much.

Back in 2013; I was just an ordinary watcher of the show, but your "Russian Equestria" series of vectors actually inspired me to start doing pony vectors. ;)

My favourite vector of yours is this vector. Rarity looks magnificent as a Grand Duchess:

  Grand Duchess Rarity by GennadyKalugina
GennadyKalugina's avatar
That's my favorite of the ones I did! I'm happy you like it so much! 
One day when I have time I'd like to do more, find a role for Starlight and Trixie! 
Well Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what you make next!
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