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My Little Pony Icons, Win+OSX

Icons for the six main cast members of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was going for a bit of an "Adobe"/simplified feel to them, while still retaining enough features to make the character recognizable. I'm happy with how they've turned out so far.

UPDATE #1: I've added icons for Spike, Princess Celestia, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle to the initial batch. That covers every character listed in the end credits.

UPDATE #2: By popular demand, I've added Derpy. Keeping the eyes is a bit of a deviation from my established theme, but how can she be Derpy without her eyes, lol, right? I've also added [The Great & Powerful] Trixie.

UPDATE #3: Added Princess Luna, Big Macintosh and Vinyl Scratch (aka DJ P0n-3).

UPDATE #4: Added Lyra & Bon-Bon, everyone's favourite odd-couple.

UPDATE #5: Added Gilda the Gryphon and Doctor Whooves (with a blue sonic screwdriver rather than green, 'cuz if I had to give up Tennant I'm sure as hell not giving up the ponified Tennant :P).

The new ZIP archive is basically the same as before; the Windows icons are together in an archive file and the OSX versions are individual files. I didn't think they'd get such a positive response when I first posted them, but since they have I've included the 256x256 PNGs in a seperate folder in the ZIP file for any Windows XP or below users who may want to make use of these.

Sorry for the delay with these most recent additions; I've been busy with stuff IRL and doing other vectors to post on here. I'm still hoping to add more icons to this series, though.
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I've been going through looking for MLP icons to use, and this pack is one of the best I've found. Unlike most other packs, these actually look good at a variety of scales, have a non-obtrusive design that blends with whatever other icons I might be using, and aren't limited in their application by having logos for other programs next to the characters, or by having the icon just be the character standing next to a file folder.

I'm using them as a button icon in a file manager as a custom shortcut to send the selected image files in my downloads folder into the folder that's dedicated to the character.

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These are incredible! But.. Where's the download link..?
Zecter-the-Hedgehog's avatar
Click the download button on the right
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YAY Finally somebody who agrees that doctor whooves is David Tennant in this form! *fangirlsqueal*
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My question is who doesn't think Whooves is Tennant?  He looks most like Tennant, and Smith doesn't fit Whooves' references... Besides, if I recall correctly, there IS a little known Smith pony:…
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*fangirl squeals as well * DOCTOR WHOOVES 
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
You realize Hasbro ALSO agreed that Doctor Whooves is David?
Didn't you see the reference with DW wearing 3D glasses, and trotting next to Rose?
DOUBLE REFERENCE! *Fanboysqueal*
PrincessRainbowLove's avatar
I know, but everyone says he is the 11th XC 
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
Actually, I've rarely seen anyone listing him as the 11th.
Most people list him as a different universe of the 12th.
PrincessRainbowLove's avatar
Huh, well that's interesting. Wherever I look I see everyone saying things like, "OH NO, HE IS THE 11! NOT THE 10!" :p it gets annoying.
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
What I find annoying is that most of the Doctor Whooves 'N Assistant fans don't even know Doctor Who exists.
They think that BDR/JBJ owns everything (Except MLP, and its' characters), which really irritates me, making me regret I EVER became a Brony. ;-;
PrincessRainbowLove's avatar
Yeah, it gets annoying. ESPECIALLY since I like that series :/
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
I disliked it until I gave it a chance. It was pretty sweet, and hilarious, but I admit; Doctor Whooves Adventures is better.
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My Little Icons.... !
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Is there a place where I can find them separately and with transparent background?
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Hey. These icons are in My little karaoke Singing is magic. Did you know that? Anyways they are awesome looking! :)
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Yeah Tennant! -internet high five-
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Still amazing piece that can go bigger
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Thank you. I wish you would expand this a bit more. Octavia is notably missing.
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wow, i didnt even know you could download custom icons.... this should be fun
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