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The first thing every Cutie Mark Crusader needs... after a healthy screaming voice, anyway, lol.
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Used and credited you

Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
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Unless you object, I'm using this for my season 6 bingo.
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Used as a cover image for my story here:…
Hope you don't mind.
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Used with credit (as always): [link]
beetdabrat's avatar
Thanks for the vector. I used it here:…
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I use this picture in CMC gallery on Brony Wiki

Gallery page:…

Picture page:…
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Could you perhaps link the vector file?

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This is amazing and a perfect reference for whenever I get around for making my own cutie mark crusader cape. I'll be sure to reference back to you whenever I start work. :)
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Thanks you ^^  I used logo here :3… :D
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I'm gonna use this; I'll link it to you when I'm done
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I used your Logo here:…
Hope you don't mind, and thank you very much for letting me use it c:
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I want to use this for a few shirt designs I would to do.  IS that alright?
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Hi. ^^ Just making sure: is this usable? Credits will be given of course. Thank you. :)
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Can I use this?
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im gonna use this to make a cmc cape for my newest sweetie belle plush. is that ok? ^^
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Hey, can I use this on a shirt? The people from CustomInk are making me get permission from you. :I
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