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What an absolute idiot I am. What made me think Eve Online Mechanical designers still or ever inhabited DA? What a stupid cunt I was.

Anyway, I think my DA account is gettin stale. I hardly ever have time to make personal work, of "excellent value". I do have new designs. But they're all non publishable. They're all part of work.

I've no time to re-invent myself.

I need to design more new ships!

But i'm not as young as I use to be.
How come nobody is designing kind of a, sorta retro style computer case? I'd like to see a beige micros atx case(well actually I already saw a concept one).
Anyone here a veteran of the Eve online game design? Or Homeworld? I've been designing ships for games(or A game) since 2014, but I could used some veterans input.
Gojira Indominus
I did it in one sitting. Not my best. I flipped the image over nearing the end, not seeing it symmetrical. A little disappointed. But hey,  I still can't invest a lot of time on personal works. I still got ships to model. 
You're commanding a state of the art dreadnought. You're about to engage a swarm of enemy fighters. Designers and engineers only gave your "state of the art dreadnought" 4-5 secondary weapons(anti-ship cannons) and 10(maybe even less)anti-spacecraft guns.

Are you royally fucked?


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KingWillhamII Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
Happy Birthday! :)
AtomicGenjin Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. :salute:  I never thought I'd get a greeting here on DA. :D
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Happy Birthday
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Thank you very mucho. :salute:
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Aye, thank you very much. :nod:
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Congrats on another lap of the sun!:) (Smile) Airborne 
AtomicGenjin Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
The most busiest year of my life(so far). Very strenuous the august and october part. To some degree I can't complain. I got paid for my pains. And bought a lot of stuff. I already got my upper abs showing(lower abs soo very slow) and my pecs are finally developing. Sooooo... I suppose, I'm a little cheerful. BTS jungkook hugging himself emoticon  Thank you. 
platypus12 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Hey there! I know we never met before, but I heard from a friend of mine that you made some pretty—to quote the man—"badass" pics of the Cthulhu mythos in an old account of yours, including a visual demonstration of the morphological diversity of the Star Spawn.

Any chance you might re-post any of those one of these days? I'd definitely like to see 'em.

Thanks in advance, bro. :)
AtomicGenjin Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there.

Well, since i'm terribly busy with work nowadays, and don'treally have any time to make new personal works. Yes, I will repost it again. Although I can't seem to remember this " visual demonstration of the morphological diversity of the Star Spawn." stuff. Must look into my old porfolio again.

Do enjoy it when it comes. ;-) :thumbsup:
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