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There is nothing more fun then to finish a very detailed painting =)
And a zombie is a perfect subject to paint, i mean there are no errors, you can do them how ever and they will still look cool =)

The process from a blank sheet on a screen to a full colored 3D object is an awesome process =) The start is hard , when your just getting into art. But when you learn all the basics and you really give it a go , its so much fun =D


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Atomic, have you ever heard of a Zompire, a Necroborg, and a Zombie Lord before?
Just wanted to let you know that I promoted your work on
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Look who is not sleeping tonight.
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100% detailed very well done
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I love this one had to use it as my profile pic.  I hope that is okay.
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Love this absolutely awesome! So realistic!
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he doesnt look very nice
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Killer work! well done!
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Beautifully done..
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Dude bro this is awesome! Whats up!?
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This is awesome. Great work man!
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Love how you did the zombie. What program did you use?
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this is awesome!!! wish i could see the white of the skull at the forehead! but still it is brilliant!!!
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You are a great artist.
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love it! I do alot of zombie photography check it out
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