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Wasp tattoo cover up

Wasp tattoo cover up

Did this one few weeks ago =) on right you can see one of my first color tattoos that i did and on the left a recent cover up - it was about time to cover it and make something better out of it =)

This is also a beginning of a full sleeve ( we already did a second session after this pic was taken ) so the tiny parts of the old wasp that are showing on the tattoo now - will be completely now =)

gonna be fun to continue =)

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Why would you cover up a wasp with an even bigger wasp xd probably becuase now it looks millions time better :D
Kaleighdoscope's avatar
Bad ass wasp! I have a honey bee tattoo I need to get reworked.
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sorry, but that's a poor cover up.
i agree with you
ashleigh92's avatar
Did you not read the part where he said "This is also the beginning of a full sleeve..."?
AtomiccircuS's avatar
read before commenting 
dswilliams10's avatar
cool tat! do you have any raid? ( wasp spray)
greshamhaley's avatar
wicked!! .. lol there's something on your arm
Kathleen-Walter's avatar
Gods... Wasps are worst creatures ever... Why wasp? Why not butterflies or spiders?D:
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Probably just because he wanted to do it. If he likes wasps that's his opinion.
Kathleen-Walter's avatar
...Well, I can understand people who love snakes, spiders... But WASPS?!O_o
Abbariche's avatar
Again, his opinion. Sometimes you don't need a reason to like something.
Kathleen-Walter's avatar
More than agree^^ Well, seems like I should stop getting surprised by people^^
AtomiccircuS's avatar
she has a huge phobia of wasps  , the tattoo helps her overcome it =) 
Kathleen-Walter's avatar
Well... No offense... But you always have a reason to have a phobia of wasps...

*wow, my favourite artist talked to me just now*г* *
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