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The Walking Dead : Rick

The Walking Dead : Rick

I was really struggling with the blurry gun/hand thing .. not sure if it looks any good , should have done in without it .

Good thing they did something different about the 3 season because the second one sucked ape balls ! But zombies are always fun =)


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Love the motion blur of the gun hand. Just maybe do the blurryness in one direction.
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I like the blurry, it makes the portrait really unique
what kind of pencils do you use?
It looks great for sure !
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amazing!!!! how long have you been doing portraits?
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Blurry gun actually looks great
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Looks good actually
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Great portrait! :-)
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that's fucking well done man! keep it up :)
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Great work, be cool if you did Carl from season 3 because he such a badass now.
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you think ? im hoping that he dies in every episode hehe =P
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Definitely agree with you! He's sooo annoying XD
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WHAT!!! how can you say =P, he the fucking 2nd best just because Daryl is super badass XD
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Wow that's great! Amazing detail and emotion to it ^.^ Hmm I've just finished watching Season 1, so I guess I've not got much to look forwards to in Season 2? The motion blur looks good, it works well in the piece :)
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thx =)

i was extremely disappointing about how stupid season 2 was compared to the first season =) but who knows maybe you will like it
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You're welcome. Your a great artist!
I do hope I get on with Season 2, and hoping 3 will be better too lol!
Keep up the great work ^.^
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skal vi bytte tegneferdigheter? jeg kan tegne strekmenn med bukse på!
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wohoo strekmenn hehe
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Cool looking motion blur on the gun. I like it.
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thx =) was not sure to keep it or not =P
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