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Simpsons Creepy Drawing

Simpsons Creepy Drawing

Just a quick little update on this project. =)

Im still working everyday oon my creepy/ twisted versions of different characters. I just dont upload them because of the reasons i mentioned in earlier posts =)

One Piece Creepy Drawing by AtomiccircuS Jake and Finn Adventure Time Sketch by AtomiccircuS Dexter and Dee Dee + johnny  Sketch by AtomiccircuS Power Puff Girls creepy sketch by AtomiccircuS

This one is the 32 twisted version i did so far. I will upload all of them when its done in one big collection pic .

Dino Tomic

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INSTAGRAM : dinotomic

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Bart did you draw this
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Looks like time burton style simpsons nice
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When I saw this I screamed. This is Bootiful.
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There was this girl once named Clarissa. She lived in an mental asylum for killing her parents. One day she killed all the staff. The more government put a machine that would kill her. It went ring and killed her slowly. Post this on ten different places on this website. If you don't on 12:00 am monday she'll come and kill you in a slow painful death.
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Ummmmm...... you do know that isn't true right??
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I know right? People go on the internet coming up with fake stories about 'If you don't do this, you'll DIE!' or 'If you don't do this you WILL have bad luck FOREVER!' type things and they get could get attention (well, not exactly attention... but you know what I mean) or likes. (if your on YouTube)

(sorry if this offended anyone)
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cools  just wow 
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I love this so much
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Brilliant! I love how you can distort the characters and yet, keep the essence that makes them recognizable. 
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This is fantastic! 
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I love it ! <3
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Wow, these are impressive. Very creative. Can't wait to see more!
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 Marge looks like some 5 year old doodled her lol
Doggelito98's avatar
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dude that's awesome LOL
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mother of God... O.o
SLK-Grafix's avatar
Cool!! It kind of gives me a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe. Sweet!
C1nderellaMan's avatar
Fantastic.  This is how I always pictured them :)
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