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Relationship Drawing

Relationship Drawing 

The drawing itself represents trust and partnership. Even though you pull out the ring/ pin it will not explode as long as you hold on to it. So picking carefully who you give the ring to.   
I made this drawing back in 2016 when i broke up with my x. This drawing had a certain meaning for me back then that was connected to what i was feeling at that moment. Today this drawing represents something completely different for me and how i feel about it. I have met this cute girl Mina who totally changed my perspective not only on the drawing but also on life. Today we are engaged and are planning our wedding =D She made the sadness and emptiness in my life go away that i had for such a awfully long time . I can say im living the dream now with the perfect person =D yesterday we where in bed and spoke about random stuff and we realized in the 2 and a half years we where together we have talked a lot ( about everything ) and she is literally the only person i can do that with without getting tired/annoyed of her. It might sound strange but i always loved my own space and alone time away from people- and i would get annoyed by most people in a few days if i would need to spend time with them and talk =) Not Mina ! she freaking rocks! 
Cant wait to spend the rest of my life with that magnificent creature =D I love you babe! =D
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This makes me think of all the heart brake i know damn. i love it!!!!!!!!!