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Power Puff Girls creepy sketch

Power Puff Girls creepy sketch

It think i will stop posting these , i did about 20 of the creepy once so far. But i dont want to flood my page with simple work like this.
( yes they are fun and simple but i want people to be impressed by my work if they visit my page ) =) I might post all 50 of them when they are done some time in the future. =)

Also when i say sketch - like i did on the quick drawing yesterday. sure, its a good looking drawing and it might be hard for some to do it. But its still a simple sketch for me - compared to all the other stuff im doing and i did. =)

Someone left this comment on my facebook page yesterday and it sums it up perfectly : Reminds me about one story of Picasso. He quickly drew a picture for a woman who asked him and told her that would cost her one million dollars. She said something to the effect of: "That only took you only 30 seconds to draw that!" He said "No, it took me 30 years to be able to draw that in 30 seconds!"

Jake and Finn Adventure Time Sketch by AtomiccircuS Dexter and Dee Dee + johnny  Sketch by AtomiccircuS

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Wow, this is like Tim Burton style or Jhonen Vasquez intent filled, please keep doing them but only if you want to
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your creepy pictures are brilliant, please understand.
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my first upload guys! [a creepy skull gif]

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RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!😬😬😬😬😕😕
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Looks awesome more than creepy, honestly.
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I will never ever see them the same ever again.....ever....

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This is beautiful!!
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This is the most terrifyingly awesome thing I've ever seen <3 <3 <3
mojo finally got them! ha ha!
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Love that Picasso quote. :D And love your drawing as well :)
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I love your description
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Really good. Evil PPG puppets of mojo jojo.
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Very timburtian! I love it! Love the series idea, i´ll be looking forward to check it out!
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This is great!
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Awesome!  I love it!
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So dark. Love it!
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I love this series! :)
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and everything Evil:
these were the ingredients to make the perfect little emo kids. 
But an extra ingredient was added! FormulaZim!
and that's how the Emo-Puff girls were born! XD

(lol I had to! Seriously awesome and creepy drawing!)
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You, sir, have the best designs!!
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