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Pikachu new type Pencil Drawing

Pikachu new types Pencil Drawing

Here is my version of how pikachu would look like if he was a : fire, ghost and rock type =D After i did the bulbasaur fire mix everyone was requesting for more of them =D

you can see that drawing here : Bulbasaur Fire Starter Drawing by AtomiccircuS

Im preparing to start a few larger drawings so this was one of these small in between relaxing drawings =D

What pokemon do you think should have a type change ? =D

Dino Tomic

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Excuse me, may I have permission to draw these fakemon as fanart? I promise to give full credit.

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Hichu (fire mouse)/Kasaichu (out of control fire mouse)
Churei (mouse spirit/soul)
Rokkichu (rocky mouse)
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Cool artwork Chibi hatsune miku dance emoticon 
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Could I make a request?
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rapidash as a grass type!
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this is so cool!
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Ghastly-chu is my fave lol
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That's so cool !!
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Awh, they're all so cute!
I really like how you did the shading on all of them. In particular the rock type Pikachu looks amazing!
Looks very much like a rock and not just a grey Pikachu, and that can be very hard to accomplish especially on the larger surfaces like his stomach or head.
But you did an excellent job!
Nicely done!
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How about making Cyndaquill a grass type?
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that ghost version just reminds me too much of a Digimon XD
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Charmachu, Pastly, and PikOnix.

If only Poké fusions went with the fan base...*remembers Grimer and Cubone* Wait...Never mind...
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Love these ideas. What do you use for your highlights?
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its "Onixchu!"
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Hurra! Onyx-Pikachu #1   
Even Pikachu does cosplay
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