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Old man Pencil Drawing

By AtomiccircuS
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Old man Pencil Drawing

I did this drawing a in the beginning of 2013 and now suddenly it started to get a lot of attention on Reddit and a lot of other large pages. Im not sure why , but i would like to thank you all the awesome people who share my art. 

On the left you have the drawing and on the right a close up so that you can see the details =)

Its all done with water color pencils + white tattoo color on top =)

Working on my board game, il post some drawing pic of the game tomorrow =)

Dino Tomic

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Holy crap, these are insane, great work!!!
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Very accurate compared to reference photo. Impressive.
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That is so perfect
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Wonderful details and great expression. Awsome!
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Holy... Just wow...I can't even
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What colour pencils did u used to do this draw ? :) please
(I'm french sorry for my bad english)
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I don't know for shure.. but the thing i know is you can get similar colors. Their name is FaberCastell water colors, or Prismacolor, they're not cheap.. but you can do some awesome artwork with them.. yea.. you need the skill too, not only the colors.^^
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what a Amazing artist you are :)
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what a truly masterpiece!
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Thats just not fair.
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You could do the same thing, you know. But you have practice, man.
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Your work is just incredible.
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Melkor! That's really great. I can see that he's a wise man, who's always alone. His eyes tell everything.

Excellent work.
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Oh my godzilla! O.o  all the detail in the skin...and that hair. I can't express the extent of my applause with a simple emoticon. This is beautiful, and I love the expression.
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I am not fond of how the hair flows, but I am veryvery impressed of all the details you have in the skin and face overall!
I understand why this work of yours has got some attention over time. Good job!
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great! very realistic :)
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