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My pencil drawing of Jesse Pinkman

My pencil drawing of Jesse Pinkman

here is my first drawing of him 1 year ago :…

i just needed to do one more in the same style as i did the one yesterday from walter white =)

im not to happy with this one, but it is what it is.. il do better next time ^^

Dino Tomic

facebook :…

INSTAGRAM : dinotomic

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Nie he is a really Pink Man ;)
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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Really nice, good skills, looks a bit like Hugh Jackman tho but you're getting there :)
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Omg This is amazing!! :) Love it!
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Jesse Pinkman was my favorite character in Breaking Bad.
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I saw your orignial drawing on reddit one day and thought wow, I need to meet whoever drew this! 
It was my lock screen on my phone forever! 
Now I've met you, and I also get to see all your other amazing works! I am happy to know this! 
:happybounce:  Hug :D (Big Grin) 
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cool =) nice to hear that.. what drawing did you use ? =)
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The one that you linked from Facebook! :) (Smile) 
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I love your interpretation! I especially enjoy the red colour in contrast to walt's blue, and it's parallels to these last few episodes. Very nicely done. I do, however, see what you mean by not being too happy with it. I wish I could give you some tips as to how to improve, but your drawings are beyond my own ability. Good luck improving, I look forward to seeing what you'll be able to do in a couple of months. :D Thank you for sharing.
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WOW :D thanks it great :) nice 
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And you tell me this now, just before the last episode airs? IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN
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Gorgeous piece, love the detail:)
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