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Monsters Inc creepyfied

Monsters Inc creepyfied

Another small creepyfied version =D This one is on its way to a new home already =D thank you for ordering =D

It seems you really like the post from yesterday where i have showed the progress of my work =) do you want me to add some other very old drawings ( from when i was 8 ) ?

Today was my last working day before the vacation starts =D cant wait !

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Fannydog01's avatar
Childhood ruined...
Wolfywingedwolf's avatar
You hit me right in the childhood
ElKhronista's avatar
OMG that's fantastic!!
TheThirdPestilence's avatar
Right in the childhood...
ValeOfFire's avatar
That's no kitty... THATS A MASTERPIECE
StellarPixel64's avatar
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
You're soul and hands are forfeit, resistance is futile.
TheLovelyVocal's avatar
Bahahaha! Good thing I already ruined MY childhood! :D
Djjacob1954's avatar
Childhood officially ruined.
AvtumnAntlers's avatar
It's a drawing, don't get your panties in a twist over it.
Kawaii-Ricecake's avatar
They were exaggerating, they know :/
TipsySkeleton's avatar
dude that's amazing
Mephisto-Pheles14's avatar
This is awensome and logic I always thought this
jamestewie's avatar
Goodbye childhood
The-greatess-Paulin's avatar
Childood ruined certified :-(
kyrtuck's avatar
Waaaaaaaaaaah :(
Odstriman's avatar
Oh My XD

whenever I watch this movie I'll think of this XD
godzilla511's avatar
Should I be happy or should I let the nightmares to set in
BlazerineTyphlosion's avatar
*shivers* this scared me the first time I saw it XD
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