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Large Salt Mandala

Large Salt Mandala

Today i was playing around with salt on a black surface - wanted to do something new and experiment with unknown mediums =)

This right here was my very first attempt at using salt to create art. It took me about 1h and 40 min to do this - and in just that short time i have learned a lot that i will take with me to my next - far more intricate piece that i will do with salt . I need to create better tools on distributing salt in larger and smaller quantities =) ( and find a way how to make perfect circles. 

I filmed the whole process ( time lapse ) but i will not publish it , because im not really happy with the outcome of this experiment . Lets hope the next one will look better =)

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DanielHutaurukArt's avatar
you must have put a really hard work on this one,i love it..
Havasu24's avatar
I lovee mandalas.. I never heard of salt mandalas. This is beautiful.
GalopaWXY's avatar
The begining of the adventure !
ARTificialphanTOM's avatar
The first rule of salt or sand art. Turn your head if you have to sneeze. Great work.
SwordmasterCassius's avatar
He could be arrested.... for a-salt
Tamisin731's avatar
That was your ... first... piece!!!!! HOLY FUDGE DUDE!!! How do you live with your awesomeness!
TerrorsOfTheSkies's avatar
I saw this on Facebook!!!
DTG57's avatar
Well, this looks pretty great! Cant wait to see the next piece!
SelenaNova's avatar
OMG that looks soooo amazing *o*
Well done!
sed's avatar
DiSmith's avatar
this is great i love it
Venterry's avatar
you're insane
Vanna1994's avatar
This is super cool!!
CMYKidd's avatar
Cool!  We do these here in India for festivals and stuff, except with this special kind of powder.  They're called kolams.
Kaylarge-chan's avatar
you're incredible!
daFox119's avatar
OH MY GLOB THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Driiks's avatar
you're incredible!
Velvet-Softpaws's avatar
May I ask what you do with the salt after? It's beautiful btw!
YardFlamingo's avatar
Whaaa, how did you do this in only an hour and 40 minutes? That's amazing.
Sereida-Arts's avatar
It looks amazing!Even more so being your first try!
TodallyNotAmazing's avatar
Thats so cool that you used salt.
Marcusstratus's avatar
Quite! Are you familiar with Buddhist sand mandalas?  they use a terrific tool for metering out the sand in a fine line... salt would be just the same!…
StripedHenchman's avatar
How do you make the salt stay where it is?!
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