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Large Mandala made with Salt

Large Mandala made with Salt

Finished this one today. 

First of all i would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response /comments on my drawings yesterday. So many heartwarming comments and so much love given!I have read all comments on all my pages at least twice - thank you all!  You guys are the best !! me and my family really appreciate it! 

As you can see i finished another salt mandala - i like to work a lot when i want to take my mind of things and get distracted , and with recent events i really needed that a lot.
This one is way bigger and way more detailed and also more accurate than the first one i did the other day. Im still not that happy with the final result , but i do know what i have to do /change/ do different on the next one.

1. : I need to get a larger surface so i can make a even bigger one.

2. : I need to make more tools to help me do different patterns .

3. : Get better and finer salt to work with 

Also this post here is my 1000 post on instagram - i cant believe how time flies . I have been there for the last 4 years or so and updated my instagram almost daily - i have even been longer on facebook and deviantart where the number on drawings is even higher that i have uploaded =)

My appreciation is endless to how much support i have gotten all these years, it really helped trough all the ruff periods in my life. Special thanks to the people who have followed me the longest and liked, commented and supported me from the beginning =D 

Stay creative my friends!

Dino Tomic 

Dino Tomic

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Great stuff, loving the ethereal looking edges.
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we do 'jhoti' using rice paste
goldanthem's avatar
Totally inspired by this! Lovin' it 
DontCallMeMaybe's avatar
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Wow! So great, you're incredible.
BillyNikoll's avatar
Dream with odd shapes!  Clap 
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Dino, this is amazing, are you sure this is only the second one? And not the 2,002th one!? I think you've developed a great technique here. Art is a way to focus, i know i can spend hours on art and it only seems like a few minutes have passed. There should be a way you can fix these so you dont have to destroy them after each piece but i guess thats what the camera is for. I think the tibetan monks use their mandalas to signify the impermanence of life, how true, we are only passing thru. You are doing an awesome job on these!
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Ukiyox3's avatar
It's amazing *____*
icelemon678's avatar
beautiful and really enchanting
FemaleAdda's avatar
wow.. this is insanely beautiful.. i cant believe thats just salt.. man oh man.. this is great
tynethyne's avatar
Oh my god, you are crazy. (but in a good way!) 

Just wow. I am flabbergasted. It's insane and beautiful. 
ariieve's avatar
beautiful! i love it when people use mundane things as artistic media! wonderful work, i love the solid black background for it as well. 
Ankelwar's avatar
Awesome! It's so beautiful! :love:
AwesomeAartvark's avatar
Woah. That is absolutely amazing! I love it! Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 
Goldenleaf27's avatar
I can't believe that's salt.  Really cool! =D 
OreoOrca's avatar
I wish it was made out of cocaine.
Kurisiti's avatar
Damn! This is so amazing! And you used salt!
Onastar's avatar
That is awesome!
brurtleturtle's avatar
I need a glow-in-the-dark version of this on my ceiling lol
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
It looks like it's glowing! So amazing, I wish I had something like this on my wall :3
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