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Chuck Norris

By AtomiccircuS
Chuck Norris

This was a hard one to draw, just because its Chuck Norris and he is like a God like figure ( and since god/s are the perfect beings ) it was hard to draw a perfect drawing XD

Just kidding, the reference photo was terrible and blurry ... so it was bit harder to get the details right =Dhehe


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veeeeery  niiice
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Cool Job;) (Wink) I always loved his "Walker Texas Ranger" series and I imagine that if he and the other rangers were say...chosen for a Mortal Kombat tournament,I think they would be able to manage with their skills and wits of course:D (Big Grin) Also Chuck Norris has always been a fine example of a non-racist white personNod 
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Chuck Norris approves! and me too, because if i didn't he would come here and bash my head into the keyboar;alghjhasgk nsahdskjlagkjasjkdhgausehieajkdhjklhgu. (Just kidding, Great drawing man!)
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Dont comment in public....what if Chuck sees it and comes knocking doors?
The piece is amazing btw great job!
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Just Amazing Likeness on a True Martial Artists.
Chuck Norris's fight career lasted from 1964-1974. Norris started off by losing his first three tournaments but, by 1966, he was almost unbeatable. Among the numerous titles he won were The National Karate Championships (1966), All-Star Championships (1966), World Middleweight Karate Championship (1967), All-American Karate Championship (1967), Internationals (1968), World Professional Middleweight Karate Championship (defeating Louis Delgado on 24 November 1968), All-American Championship (1968), National Tournament of Champions (1968), American Tang Soo Championship, and the North American Karate Championship. Norris compiled a fight record of 65-5 with wins over champions Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, Arnold Urquidez, Ronald L. Marchini, Victor Moore, Louis Delgado, and Steve Sanders. Of the five men to beat Norris, three were Allen Steen, Joe Lewis, and Norris's last career defeat to Louis Delgado in 1968. Norris retired as undefeated Professional Full-Contact Middleweight Champion in 1974.
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Beautiful and realistic portrait! :-)
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Chuck Norris would be proud :)
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Chuck Norris traded his immortal soul to Satan for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts abilities. He then proceeded to roundhouse kick Satan in the face and take his soul back.
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Yeah!!! It's Walker, Texas Ranger!!! Love it!!! :)
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Very nicely done, keep up the good work !!!
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How, how did you find paper which is hard enough for a Chuck Norris beard!?
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dont know, but the first 35 once ripped .. this one made it =)
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