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Charcoal portrait of my sister

Charcoal portrait of my sister 

Done with my first large drawing of the year. This one was done using charcoal , dry pastel and  pencils.  Also used airbrush at the end to make the edges smooth and to smooth out some of the bigger white areas of the face. =)

I used a lot less time to do this one than all the other once here :…

Around 40h of work i guess. 

I must say that i prefer to work with color and with older faces , the huge flat surfaces are just so boring to draw . Feel like there is no challenge in doing them .
Thats just how i feel,  i know a lot of people who think the opposite . 

Dino Tomic

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Wow! This is absolutely amazing!
BenAJonesArt's avatar
wow. this is impressive! nice
philippeL's avatar
Go big! as we would say! The details and dedication are absolutely amazing!
leonaenae's avatar
Heh, did you tease your sister of how little of a challenge she was? 
Nice Work <3
Frilly-Socks's avatar
Wow, you're extremely talented! This is stunning :)
benneido's avatar
too good, your work inspire me like crazy ... 
Sukossje's avatar
Kay I know you're very talented and all but you're also very hot bye.
Gifted4Art's avatar
I would be very proud if I would have been your sister 
Kerrylynngolemon's avatar
Beautiful work! Do you ever trace or project your images before working? Thanks for sharing!
PoeartryCreativeLLC's avatar
This is freakishly awesome!!!! BREATHTAKING!!!!
Cliftonwebb's avatar
Wow the picture is very realistic and really big. Super impressive and exceptional work.
rocheleheart10's avatar
can ya  do my face
fred200839's avatar
do you do video tutorials? I like to learn how you draw like that. I'm a artist too, but nothing like you. Those are really good art work.
dsaccucci's avatar
That's insane.... Luv the size!!!   Great work!!!!
Animefeiry2's avatar
OMG you are amazing!!!!!!! what an incredible skill!
fallenfromthemoon's avatar
That is downright amazing. Very admirable and inspiring. :)
stvn-h's avatar
your sister is beautiful :)
naedja's avatar
Wow! Amazing work! 
DeadlyDaedra's avatar
It looks so amazing! I haven't seen much art as good as yours!
TheRedNinja22's avatar
"40h of work i guess". Dude.
This would take me a lifetime. How does a person have the skills to do this??
So cool to see, I especially llike the large size.
Air-KC's avatar
its beautifulHeart - Free 
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