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Breaking Bad : Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad : Jesse Pinkman

You guys wanted more pencil drawings from me , so here you go =D

After i finished Walter.W and posted it i got a huge amount of positive feedback. Here is the pirst pic : [link]

And yes i will do some more =)
The more likes and comments i get the more inspired i am to draw more =D

thx guys ^^


facebook : [link]
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"Hey Mr. White.... I don't feel good .... help me, Biatch!"
- Jessie Pinkman before he died.

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT GOING TO SPOIL ANYTHING AND I WON'T SPOIL BREAKING BAD.  But also, wrote that to kind of make an outdated reference to End Game (Avengers).

This art piece is awesome man!  Keep up the great work! :)
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very realistic drawing 
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ohmy so cool yo!
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dig this style
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Hey, she stole your drawing… instantly recognized the table and pencils haha
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This is great.
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It's amazing!
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the picture wont show up for me im not sure why i would like it if i saw more of it instead of the tiny preview u see in the beginning oh and come check my work out plz im trying to get it around i got a painting of walt and jesse
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It doesn't show up for me either...but I love the preview a lot!!
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This is a really beautiful piece, except for the "Breaking Bad" part. The typography is just...awful. It should have been left out. Great job on the face and flames, though.
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yeah i know ^^ i wanted to make them bad so they give more contrast to the face =)
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You...wanted it to look bad?
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I love this one too
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The wisps off to the right side are like what's left of his sanity being blown away.
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amazing :O wow really nice
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vhbjnkl,EPIC. Happy birthday as well :D
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Br...Bra...? BrBa...ahaha
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