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Ace from One Piece

By AtomiccircuS
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Ace from One Piece

I almost forgot to paint the coolest character in One Piece =D

So here he is =D love this guy =D


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Is that a 10 pack?
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the picture is awesome! it looks like a real human
but some details looking wrong to me, the right breast seems a little to large and his face looks 
to smal and  like someone already said it 'smashed' 
looks like someone hit him from above with a hammer and the eyes are to wide
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sexy as hell, scary but hot <3
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I love how you made them all most human look and it gives off a oh god his scary look I love it ^^
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nice painting but Scary :) but it's really good I like it.
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This is Ace. A guy you DON'T want to piss off!
Great work!
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lol looks like someone smashed his face
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Someone hurt his little brother... RUN!
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i can only thought of one thing when i saw Ace: "EL DIABLO!!!!"
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his fiery wrath will not be taken lightly
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Dude that's awesome as always but the mouth gives him some perverted expression or something.
anyway make akainu next i know he killed ace but i find him so bad ass and cool XD
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thx....say what!! ace is dead ? fuck man i dident need to know that, i dident see that part yet =/
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oh sorry for the spoilers men... i hope you can forget what i wrote. but, you have to make Akainu XD
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no worrys =) njææ maby some other time, now im painting some characters from naruto ^^
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nice..but prints of fanarts are forbitten! read copyrights >> [link] Thanks and take off the option 'buy this print'
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yeah i know im not selling eny of the things im painting, but i have no idea how not to sell them, it comes automatically and i dont see eny i dont wish button.
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ah yeah ok.... go in top > Submit > Manage prints > your products > Take off there all marks.. Thanks!
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Awesome =) thank you =)
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WTF!!! that's awsome man!!
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