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:icontako0: is having $15 chibi commissions and a giveaway of a character here: <da:thumb id="528631550"/>
  • Listening to: Brave Shine - Aimer
  • Reading: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
  • Watching: Sense8, Gangsta, Ore Monogatari, Rokka no Yuusha
  • Playing: Love Live
  • Eating: Granola bars
  • Drinking: Cranberry juice
  • Listening to: Brave Shine - Aimer
  • Reading: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
  • Watching: Sense8, Gangsta, Ore Monogatari, Rokka no Yuusha
  • Playing: Love Live
  • Eating: Granola bars
  • Drinking: Cranberry juice
Talk about a pleasant surprise today...Found out that 
has been featured as a Daily Deviation.
Thanks :iconpiratelotus-stock: for choosing it.
And to my watchers and anyone else over all these years who's taken the time to visit and write comments, thank you very much too. I know I'm slow with replying to messages (and I'm sure there's a bunch I never replied to or something...I will try to get around to it eventually if I haven't cleared them out from my notifications yet) I really appreciate your support. ;w;
  • Listening to: Daisy - STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION
  • Reading: Noblesse
  • Watching: Kyoukai no Kanata, Samurai Flamenco
  • Playing: Dramatical Murder Reconnect
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
I shall be going to Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I'll be there Saturday afternoon or evening and most of the day on Sunday, depending on how early I arrive and how long it takes to get my badge. For those of you who have been to AX, how long does it usually take to get your pass if you preregistered online? o:

Though I'm not going to LA only for the convention...I'll also be visiting some colleges in the area while I'm there D: Still, I expect this will be a fun trip on the whole. I haven't been to Los Angeles for about...a decade or more. o_o;; (I guess this is the last summer I'll really have any chance to do what I like, too...I have a busy school schedule for next year -__-;; )

Oh yeah, and I was tagged by :iconmangimoe:
Nope, I'm not including the tagging rules here nor am I following them. I'm just answering the questions because that's the fun part for me :icondealwithtrollplz:

1. Would you want to eat orange and lemon pie?
Yes ~ I love pie <3

2. Do you hate cats and phantoms?
Nope. Though sadly I am allergic to cats D:

3. Do you enjoy cookies?
Yup. My favorites are snickerdoodles and chocolate chip, but I also like those frosted sugar cookies ;D

4. Do you cry because the sun sets?
No...I only cry if I wanted to photograph the sunset and I missed my opportunity xD

5. Do you think I'm weird?
No. We're all crazy here ;D

6. Have you ever dressed up your pet or yourself as Santa Clause?
Nope, I don't think that would work on my fish. xD I'd sure like to have a Santa hat and a fake beard, though o:

7. Are you taller than 5 foot?
No...I'm actually a tiny bit less than 5 feet :iconcryforeverplz:

8. Do you like the color orange and blue together?
Not really...I like blue, but not orange D:

9. What brand of clothes do you wear the most?
My clothes is a pretty random mixture. But nowadays I buy a lot of anime t-shirts from Hot Topic... xD

10. What does orange muffin fairies mean to you?
Well, I dunno, but they sound better than the tooth fairy xD
  • Listening to: Magician's Operation - Luka Megurine
  • Reading: Founding Brothers (required reading for APUSH D: )
  • Watching: Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Steins;Gate
  • Playing: Nothing currently. My TV screen broke :\
  • Eating: Apricots, sourdough bread with almond butter
  • Drinking: Blueberry juice
So who's going to Fanime? o:

I can hardly believe that it's only less than week until it starts... (thank goodness it falls during Memorial Day weekend or else I might not have had enough time to go. :\ )

There's already this voice in the back of my mind warning me not to spend too much money, but I have the feeling that it's still going to happen...After all, there's so many pretty artworks for sale :iconblushplz: And I think this time I'll finally get up the nerve to ask cosplayers if I can photograph them, ohohoho ~ :iconjapancameraplz: I hope I don't creep out too many of them. xD

Sorry about this short and somewhat pointless journal... xD
  • Listening to: Black Board (english ver.) - Nano
  • Reading: The Kite Runner, The Survival Kit
  • Watching: Kuroko no Basket
  • Playing: Nothing really at the moment :\
  • Drinking: Grapefruit juice
Well, lo and behold, I got tagged by :iconpaejunho:. Good timing because right now I'm trying to avoid studying... xD

Bwahahaha I'm breaking a couple of the tagging rules because I'm not posting the rules, nor am I actually tagging 11 people... I just enjoy blabbing about myself because I don't usually have an opportunity to. Deal with it :p

5 things about myself:
- I actually no longer use a point-and-shoot camera, but since I still have a bunch of old photos that I haven't uploaded, I've only put up a few of my DSLR photos.
- I've probably listened to more music from a few decades ago than recent music (at least, for English songs). I blame my dad for that -_-;;
- I really like reverse traps. Particularly reverse trap singers *o*
- I want to get colored contacts, but my mom won't let me because I don't need vision correction and she thinks it's dangerous to put things directly on your eyes.
- I obsessively watch Final Fantasy 13 gameplay on Youtube, but I don't have the game myself because I don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360 :\

The questions from :iconpaejunho:
1) Do you speak any languages other than English?
I speak the Shanghai dialect at home. I know some French too, but my accent really sucks. xD
2) How old are you?
3) What's the earliest memory you have involving your art?
I remember that in preschool, I was with my friend on the playground, and she put a piece of chalk in her mouth xD
4) Most embarrassing moment?
Hmm, nothing really stands out to me (I guess I must've been so mortified that I erased most of those memories from my mind). The only thing I can think of at the top of my head is the time I got off a ride at the amusement park and started walking out the wrong way, so the park workers had to direct me to the actual exit...
5) Do you collect anything?
I used to collect necklaces, souvenirs, and stuffed animals. Now I just hoard junk in general :D
6) What's your favorite band?
That's a tough one... Currently a tie between DBSK and Kalafina. (though I prefer listening to DBSK's older Japanese songs than their current stuff.)
7) Who would win in a fight, you or me?
Me, of course! ...Nah, that's just wishful thinking. D:
8) What's your favorite video game of all time?
Super Smash Bros. Melee, hands down.
9) What is something you're embarrassed to have spent money on?
One time I spent a ton of money on buying anime posters and wall scrolls...I'm only embarrassed because it was impulse buying and I really shouldn't have spent so much at once. :|
10) Strangest thing you've ever eaten?
Escargots. Though technically I only tried the sauce that was on the snails, because I was too creeped out by the idea of actually eating the snails... x_x
11) Do you have any tattoos? Where? Of what?
Don't have any.
  • Listening to: Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau - Luna Haruna
  • Reading: Homestuck (still confused while reading it)
  • Watching: Fate/Zero S2, Sakamichi no Apollon
  • Playing: Nothing really at the moment :\
  • Eating: Tamales, dark chocolate, pasta with marinara sauce
  • Drinking: Grapefruit juice
Got tagged by :iconrandom-drawings:

YESSSSSSS Mostly because of that one time that I ate Belgian waffles. That's heaven for my tastebuds right there.

Yep ;D

Uh huh. (I like a lot of foods though xD)

4. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
Buy myself a house near the beach and retire.

5. Are you a Michael Jackson fan?
Yeah (:

6. do you like Hetalia? Any other good anime?
Very much. My other favorite animes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Fate/Zero, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Angel Beats, Durarara, Eureka Seven, Toradora, and most of the Studio Ghibli movies.

7. Do you liek mudkips?
Indeed I do. (I still remember that one April Fool's Day that DeviantArt made everyone have mudkip icons. Though it wasn't as funny as the time that everyone was given Twilight icons... I was team Jacob, I think... xD)

8. Zeus in track shorts?
Sounds...Interesting? It's kinda hard for me to picture a guy with long white hair and a beard, wearing track shorts. xD

9. If you could hang out with a anime/cartoon character, who would it be?
That's really tough, but I'd say Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat. She's got such a lively personality and it'd be interesting to see what being an actor is like. Plus I have to make sure Ren and Kyoko get together -_-;;

10. What animal would you like your Patronus to be?
I'm not sure...A wolf or a hawk, I guess?

11. Last Question: Are you going to come see Greek Mythology Olympiaganza this weekend, our closing weekend?!?!!?!?!(Please say yes!)
Sorry, no. ):

I don't have any questions in particular to pass on at the moment, but maybe someday I'll tag people. xD
  • Listening to: Ikasama Life Game - GUMI
  • Reading: City of Bones - Cassandra Clare
  • Watching: My Neighbor Totoro, Inu x Boku SS, Soul Eater
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Pesto, salmon, and bread; udon; pizza; kiwis
  • Drinking: Orange juice
I've been tagged by :iconliniariva:. Well, it's the weekend now, so I'll answer the questions. XD

1. You must answer the questions designated for you by the person who tagged you.
2. Right after those, you must post 10 different questions, but they must be your own questions, don't copy anyone else's questions. Answer your own questions.
3. You must then tag a max of 10 people who must answer your questions then ask 10 different questions themselves.

1. Where are you from?
Born and raised in California, where I live currently. My parents are from Shanghai, China.

2. What is your favorite animal?
Dolphin (:

3. Do you have any pet? What/ (cat,dog,tiger,etc) :3
I have a few fish, and used to have two hermit crabs. I'd like to have a dog, but I'm not sure if my family has enough time to take care of it... And I'm allergic to cats :

4. Who is your favorite artist ?( mangaka, actor,actress, musician,etc )
Hmm, that's a tough one. I'll say Valshe (the singer on Nico Nico Douga).

5. Do you like vocaloid? XD
Yes, definitely. I think I probably listen to more songs by Vocaloids than all "real" musicians combined. XD

6. What do you know about Indonesia?
Not much, I'm afraid. Just that it has many islands and that it's near Australia.

7. Is global warming scared you?
I am worried about it, but it seems to me like most people that I know don't care enough to do anything about it... x_x I feel guilty for not doing more myself.

8. Who is your favorite artist in DA? *curious
Hmm, I guess it'd be kaze-hime.

9. What do you think about :iconliniariva:'s art? :3
I like it a lot, the colors are quite vibrant (:

10. What's your most favorite piece of art that you have ever made? Simply because I get so nostalgic for Yosemite. XD

Well, I'm going to break the rules by not tagging anyone, so feel free to just answer my questions if you're bored. :p

1. What's your favorite medium of art? (can be a medium you use or just one that you like in other people's art)
2. Favorite video game console?
3. When you take photos, do you usually use a point-and-shoot camera, an SLR, or your cell phone?
4. What languages can you speak/write fluently?
5. If you could have any career in the world, what would you have?
6. What's your favorite genre of music?
7. Have you seen any Studio Ghibli films? If so, which one is your favorite?
8. Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person?
9. What do you think is the best thing about yourself?
10. If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would you change?
  • Listening to: Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life - Len Kagamine/GUMI
  • Reading: Lord of the Flies - William Golding
  • Watching: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Greek yogurt, noodle soup, mooncakes, tiramisu
  • Drinking: Water
Well, :iconbaronofthewillows: tagged me, so I guess I'll fill this out.

10 things meme thing
The Rules:
1) You must post these rules.
2) Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3) You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5) No tag backs.

1) I'm allergic to many things, including peanuts, cats, dust, pollen, cats, some kinds of sunblock, and various other things...I'm not sure, but I may be just a little bit allergic to watermelons.
2) I hate math, but people seem to think that I'm good at it.
3) I've watched 143 animes.
4) I learned Mandarin (Chinese) before I learned English, but for some reason after I learned English, I almost completely forgot how to speak Mandarin.
5) I was pretty outgoing when I was little but I've gotten more and more introverted over time.
6) I think I'm a binge eater and that I might have bulimia.
7) I used to have nosebleeds very frequently (multiple times a week or more).
8) My real name is unisex, so sometimes I wonder if I could pass for a boy if I were to cut my hair and wear different clothes.
9) I like both cats and dogs, but cats are almost always scared of me. (Except for when they want to use me as a scratching post.)
10) Back in middle school, some people thought I was working for the yearbook or the school newspaper. They didn't understand why anyone would take photos as a hobby.

I guess anyone who's bored can fill this out. I've never tagged anyone and don't plan to. :p I guess it's like how I used to be proud of the fact that I never had a tooth pulled out.
  • Listening to: Iteza&amp;#9734;Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late - May'n
  • Reading: Strange Relations
  • Watching: Ao no Exorcist, Hanasaku Iroha, Sora no Manimani
  • Playing: Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
  • Eating: Bran muffin, yogurt, bread w/jam and almond butter
  • Drinking: Water
It's been a really, really long time since I last updated this journal...And what do you know, I still haven't changed my deviantID. I'm rather hesitant to put up a photo of myself, but right now it seems there are several possibilities for it, so I might actually get to changing it...

- There's a photo of me looking at the ocean, and I'm facing away from the camera.

- :iconbaronofthewillows: took a few snapshots of me while we were at school. xD One of them shows me kind of crouching, I guess, and my face isn't in it.

- I just recently tried taking a video of myself with my camera because I couldn't think of how else I could get a decent shot of myself (don't know how to set it to take a photo after a certain number of seconds have passed, and there was no one else around). I was wearing a yukata at that time.

Or I'll just forget about it, and then remember it next year, and forget again.
  • Listening to: only my railgun - fripSide
  • Reading: Good Omens
  • Watching: Macross Frontier
  • Eating: Bananas, coffee cake, udon, teriyaki chicken
  • Drinking: Horchata, Jamba Juice smoothie
It's been a while since I've updated this journal. I haven't had much to write about, but what with all the groups I'm in and their icons (in my previous journal entry), it takes a while to load my page.

Well, anyways, back to the topic of this entry. (I get distracted far too easily.) I had plans for this summer, but so far I haven't done much to make them come true. Such as...
- Practicing using the tablet (I'm not very good at it, but I'm too lazy to use it much)
- Walking around the neighborhood to take photos (I've sort of done this, but not as much as I would like)
- Making a new icon for my DA account (It wouldn't take long, except I can't decide what picture to use...)
- Making a new Deviant ID (I have an idea for it - I will probably use a photo of mine this time - but I keep putting it off.)

When I was younger, I didn't procrastinate so much. I guess my sense of duty was stronger back then. Nowadays I often have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, if you've ever seen or heard of such. It's kind of sad to think that I'm becoming less responsible as I age instead of more.

This summer I really don't have that much to do. Usually I take summer classes (although in recent years I chose classes that aren't too strenuous on my brain), like painting and Japanese XD). Several years ago I went to a woman's house everyday. It was like a day care where you pretty much do a lot of math. I happened to be relatively fast at doing work, so usually I finished it before lunch and was able to spend all afternoon playing Nintendo DS games with my friends. I remember we played Pokemon games, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing: Wild World...I really miss those days a lot. But now they are only a memory.
  • Listening to: Dancing Queen - Abba
  • Reading: Sisters in Sanity
  • Watching: Code Geass R2
  • Playing: The Sims 3
  • Eating: Celery, macaroni and cheese, poptart
  • Drinking: Aloe, milk, SoBe (strawberry kiwi flavor)
If you don't want to read through it all, briefly:
If I take a photo of someone, but the person is not posing for it, is that considered street photography? Even if it isn't on a street?

The other day, I was at my local library, and there I saw some children playing in the fountains near my library. We've had them quite a long time, but sometimes the fountains were down for maintenance, so I hadn't paid that much attention to them.

I usually don't take pictures of people, but I thought, "Hey, it might be nice to try." So I took a few photos of the kids running around the fountains.

Well, for one thing, I really hope they don't mind. I would feel uncomfortable going up to someone and asking, "Can I take a picture of you?" It might make them feel awkward or disturbed, or they might agree and think they're supposed to pose for a photo. But I'd rather take a photo of someone while they're living his/her life, spontaneously, rather than at a planned time.

So, photos of the kids and the fountains, is that street photography or portraits? I'm just curious because the photos are not really taken on the street. If you could enlighten me, that would be great.

Here's the groups that I'm in, if you're interested in looking at some groups. They're sort of organized, I guess. XD

:iconphotographersclub: :iconphotography-group: :iconphotographersplace: :iconphoto--assignment: :iconthephotographyunion: :iconphotomakers: :iconphotographers-life: :iconbreathing-lens: :iconphotographersdream: :iconpassion-for-photos: :iconphotographlove: :iconlove0fphotography: :iconilovephotographyclub: :iconlove4photography: :iconiphotograph: :iconwe-are-photographers: :iconphotography-is-us: :iconunifyphotography: :iconphotographyshowcase: :iconhellophotography: :iconphotographersfanclub: :iconiminlovewithphotos: :iconphotographyaddicts: :iconphotographyaddiction: :iconthephotomania: :iconphotographyfreakz: :iconphotography-frenzy: :iconshow-us: :iconall-photographers: :iconart-all-photo: :iconphotography-box: :iconmesmerizingphotos: :iconstunningphotography: :iconideal-photography: :iconbeautifulfotography: :iconbeautiful-photos: :iconfineart-photography: :iconsnazzyphotography: :iconsnazzy-snaps: :iconeyecatchingphotos: :iconphotographyesteem: :iconphotograph-it: :iconphotography-world: :iconphotographyandbeyond: :iconda-photographers: :iconme-and-my-camera: :iconyourphotography: :iconcreativephotogallery: :icondigital-photo: :iconphotography-inc: :iconbest-photographs: :iconphotoprestige: :iconpro-photos: :iconphotographic-club: :iconphotography-lounge: :iconphoto-escape: :icongreat-shot: :icontake-a-photo: :iconphoto-museum: :iconshutter-vision: :iconsummerphotographers: :iconphotolovelies: :iconphotography-first: :iconphoto-group: :iconnomnomphotography: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconphotographyteen: :iconyoung-passion: :iconfrom-under-photos:
:iconflowers-for-everyone: :icontheflowergroup: :icontheflowershop: :iconfloralbeauty: :iconda-flowers: :iconnatures-garden: :iconblossomed: :iconbotanique-world: :iconthe-rose-garden: :iconrosesetfleurs: :iconflowerspassion:
:icontrees-with-character: :icontrees-around-us:
:iconanimals-and-nature: :iconanimalarts: :iconanimalville: :iconjustanimals: :iconanimal---photography: :iconanimal-photographer: :iconanimalpaparazzi: :iconanimal-world: :iconiloveanimals: :iconzoo-photographers: :iconwildphotographyclub: :iconwildlifephotography:
:iconfeline-photography: :iconkittycatsclub: :iconfelinefans: :iconcatsfans: :iconcat-lovers-anon: :iconpurrfectphotography: :iconpicture-purrrfect: :iconcats-at-play:
:iconbirds-club: :iconbird-photography:
:iconphoto-invertebrate: :iconinsect-lovers-club: :iconinsectopia:
:iconcloseup-photography: :iconclose-ups: :iconclosetonature: :iconmacrophotographers: :iconmacrophoto: :iconmacro-magic: :icontinyphotography:
:iconlightseverywhere: :iconlight-photo:
:iconrainbowofcolours: :iconbrightcolorphotograp: :iconburstofcolours: :iconcolors-photography: :iconcolorful-photos:
:iconbeautyclub: :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconphotography-apn: :iconnaturephotographer: :iconnature-photographers: :iconnaturpics-club: :iconunframed-nature: :iconnature-lovers: :iconartistsinnature: :iconorganic-photography: :iconfour-seasons: :iconnature-club: :iconnatures-beauty-club: :iconthenaturalbeauty: :iconphoto-by-nature: :iconnaturecrazy: :iconraw-nature: :iconthe-scenery: :iconnaturesscapes: :iconunseennature: :iconnaturemagic: :iconthe-magic-of-nature:
:iconocean-beach-and-sea: :iconaquaview: :icononreflection:
:iconsky-club: :icontheskyclub: :iconthecloudscape: :iconweatherphotographers: :iconshare-the-sun: :iconlightinspired: :iconsunsets: :iconsunriseandsunsetclub:
:iconartofarchitecture: :iconurbanshots: :iconthe-yard-collective: :iconurbanexploration:
:iconphotographersworld: :iconphotographyworld: :iconshowmetheworld: :iconwonderful-world: :iconourplanet: :iconour-mother-earth: :iconaroundtheearth: :iconaroundtheworldclub: :iconglobal-photos:
:iconblack-white-club: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconb-wphotography: :iconcolor-tinted-pics:
:iconunknown-photography: :iconunseenphotographers: :iconunseenphotography: :iconobscuredphotos:
:iconpreciousness-arts: :iconmakemesmilephotos: :iconwe-are-innocents: :iconsweet-as-love: :iconcolourofdreams: :icona-place4dreams: :iconmagic-photography: :iconpicturesperfection: :iconlife-is-special: :iconwonders-of-life: :icontheperfectmoment: :iconenjoythelittlethings:
:iconeverything-nikon: :iconnikon-photographers:
:iconcanonphoto: (I have a Canon camera, but I haven't uploaded my photos from it yet...)

:iconsignature-kings: :iconsignaturecentral: :iconsignature-world: :iconsignature-lab: :iconsig-zap:

:iconanime-artists: :iconanimeessentials: :iconartisticanimanga: :iconabsolute-anime-club: :iconanime-royal: :iconanime-artists-unite: :icondrawanime: :iconanimedrawingsclub: :iconanimangart: :icona-n-i-m-e-core: :iconanime-explode: :iconyoungartistsgroup: :iconanimeloverclub: :iconanime-lovers-club: :iconanime-manga-fans: :iconanime-lovers-united: :iconanimedeviants: :iconunlimitedanime-manga: :icondonebyhandanimeclub: :icontraditional-manga: :iconvagrantartists: :iconundiscoveredanimeart: :iconanimevitalityclub: :iconshonenandshojoart:
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:icongetwatchers: :iconunknown-artists-club: :iconunseenartists: :iconnoticeart:
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:iconghibli-fan: :iconhayaomiyazakifans:
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  • Listening to: Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles
  • Reading: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Watching: Hi, My Sweetheart (drama)
  • Playing: Starcraft
  • Eating: Cornbread, teriyaki chicken, frozen yogurt
  • Drinking: Water, milk, hot chocolate
Hehe, maybe I shouldn't have picked the word rob, because that's a bit extreme. XD But that's basically what I'll be doing this Halloween, I suppose. Going trick-or-treating with a friend and some others in her neighborhood.

I was talking to some folks and one girl said she probably wouldn't be trick-or-treating, or at least not much, since her mom was scared of getting swine flu from the neighbors and things like that. Now that I realize, it is a time to be careful, maybe I should've gotten a swine flu vaccination. But y'know, I'd have to get the regular, needle shot, because I don't trust that nasal spray. It seems weird to me. XD

Well, some people at my age aren't going to be trick-or-treating anymore. It's a shame, really. There's a kind of thrill in visiting people's houses. (At least for me. Seriously, I don't talk to my neighbors at all.) But oh well. Their loss, and it means more loot for me. Hohohohoho~

One of my friends sent me a letter recently. It was quite a pleasure, as I rarely ever get any mail anymore. I mean, almost everyone relies on electronic technology, like email, to communicate nowadays. Sure, it's quicker, and more convenient, but there's a strange sort of novelty in being pen pals with someone. I just need to find some stationery. The only sort of stationery I seem to have is mostly stuff from charities, PGA Tour stationery, and stationery from real estate agents. o_O;;

One of the sites I used to visit a lot shut down, and so I haven't been releasing much signatures and avatars as of late, but instead bigger banners and other works. Maybe I will FINALLY get the chance to dust off that tablet which I haven't touched for so long. (I need to teach myself how to use it D: ) I'd like to learn how to do other forms of art. I have so many interests and so little time. So it'd be nice if I were retired and not going to school (and someday having to work) so I'd have time to do things that I like. D:

From now on, the journal entries will be more on the "short and sweet" side. I'll probably barely post in the journal from now on, and only post when I have something important to say. I've been thinking about making brushes, as I'm always using other people's brushes (but... I don't know, I'm too lazy, and I don't have the inspiration). But it probably won't happen for a long time, if at all. x_x
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I couldn't even remember how long I'd been on DeviantArt. Had to check my own profile statistics to find out I joined on April 30th... I always seem to found things on the 30th. I mean, my blog was created on September 30th. I didn't upload anything until August, though. Actually, my original intention in making a DeviantArt account had been for permission purposes. I had been ignorant for a long time and disrespectful in using the work of artists here without asking them first (well, there was credit to them for making the image, but other than that, I hadn't realized that I ought to at least ask for permission first until someone brought it up on another site...) and so, when I did find out, I made an account here basically just for the purpose of asking people if I could use their work in my graphics. :p I suppose eventually I became interested in actually showing my artwork, and so now my DeviantArt account gets used much, much more often than before. And it's fun, producing artwork of my own, even if it isn't very good quality.

Well, in a way, I meant to be talking about how it was already more than a month since my last journal entry, though I suppose I don't really talk about anything important, so maybe that's still okay. :D

This is really random, but I think I am addicted to Ouran High School Host Club or something. The first time I watched it was pretty long ago. Then I watched it a second time, and got back into it, so now I watch it over and over. (Probably I'll lose interest sooner or later, and then eventually be addicted all over again...) I'm not much of a manga reader, I tend to watch more anime, because I think it's more convenient for me. When you watch anime, you can multitask easily (at least, I think so, because I always have huge computer screens) as you could just have two windows, one with the anime episode at the right side, and another with whatever you're doing at the left side of the screen. Easy as pie. (Overused expression, I know)

I was wondering whether or not I should share the banners that I was making for some pages of mine on my account on another site, and then I figure I might as well, so I guess those will be coming in the future. (Not that I ever do much on those banners. ^^; For some reason I think I'm better at the small banners than the big ones.)

Recently, I finally started figuring out how to use more emoticons than just :), :D, :p, and such simple things. It took me so very long just to figure out that there were many, many emoticons on this site. It's kind of typical for me not to notice something for a very long time when it was there all along.

I've been finding this school year okay. I'm still worried about two of my grades which appear to be slipping. But the teachers are pretty good, even if sometimes I have too much homework and other times I don't have much at all (like today! Otherwise I wouldn't be updating this for another long period of time). I guess this year won't be so bad. But it's hard to believe that I will be in high school next year. Really, people age way too quickly.

So yeah, I guess that pretty much wraps up for now... Toodles! (I've heard toodles is an old-fashioned statement, but oh well)
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I don't mean the lyrics of Viva la Vida by Cold Play (though I do like that song XD). I'm talking about the school bells. It's been a pretty long time since I last heard them...Back in June. Now I'm back in school again. It felt weird at first, having to get used to homework and rushing between classes and having to line up for lunch...And some things are the same as before, but there are a lot of differen things too.

For one thing, the school food. It seems that they changed the brand of milk. I was surprised since they have not changed the brand ever since I started buying school lunch, like back in elementary school. We always used to have Berkeley Farms milk, in little blue or brown pints, but now instead we have Crystal. So we have green and brown milk cartons. The yogurt brand is now Crystal as well instead of the old Yoplait. I haven't tried the new kinds of yogurt, so I don't know if it tastes good, but I am still kind of upset by all the changes. I mean, even the plastic wrapper for the Fiesta Bean Burrito is different now. D: I wonder why they changed everything. Cost or something? Because I am always hearing that my school district is low on money or something of that sort.

Also, we have a different principal and vice principal now. The principal is someone I'm not really familiar with and the vice principal used to be a seventh grade science teacher. Now they no longer say "Stay classy, Kennedy" like they used to do on the announcements on the TV and loudspeaker. (Loudspeakers are only on Wednesdays, the other days we have the announcements on the TV) And if that's not enough, one of the school counselors has changed her last name this year because she got married to one of the teachers.

I've been having some trouble on my blog so I would like to ask you all, if it doesn't take too much of your time, to please let me know if everything is showing up properly. Before the images wouldn't show when I used a different computer so I tried saving the images myself and then uploading them to an account of mine (not on DeviantArt). It seemed to be working for me but I don't know about others so please do look if you get the chance. The link to my blog is in the "Website" part of my DeviantArt info.

I haven't submitted anything for a long time...In fact, not since school has started. I guess it makes me that much busier. I hope to get the chance to at least put up some photographs if I don't have time to make more graphics. Ugh, I never got around to learning to use my tablet like I planned to. And I suppose I'll have to try next summer. (It just gets pushed back further and further)
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When you first start the hourglass running, there is plenty of sand in the top part of the hourglass. But when you're not paying attention, it seems to speed up, and before you know it, the last grains of sand are falling to the bottom part. That's the way it felt this summer. Back in June, it seemed like I had all the time in the world, and I was having a ball. Now it's already August, and soon I'll be back in school. I don't feel like I'm ready for it. Apparently, the eighth grade year is a tough one, and plus I'll be taking subjects I'm not particularly interested in, unlike seventh grade, what with biology and algebra and world history, stuff I do like.

Going on vacation was nice, but it was also very tiring. It's such a long flight to get to Australia from California. Australia itself is pretty cool. It's kind of like home in ways. Everyone speaks English and we have the same car brands and stuff. But all the students I have seen wear school uniforms and the bathrooms are called toilets, and the exits are the "way out". I suppose it's kind of European seeing as it was Europeans who settled here. What I found hard was that we drive on the left side, not the right, and the refrigerator door's handle is on the right side, not the left. And the time zone is very different. It will be tough to adjust back. (I'm glad I get to stay home, so I won't be as likely to get sick trying to change my brain clock backwards)

There is a whole lot of fish and chips in Australia. I heard it was a common thing in England, and apparently it is common in Australia too. Chips are supposedly what I'd call "french fries". I was a little surprised since I'd always expected some salty chips or something, like maybe Lays... But I suppose not everything will go the way you expect.

I get homesick and motionsick easily, so it's not really a good idea for me to go on vacation much since I'll have a rough time of it. But it's useful occasionally in order to make sure that I keep away from the computer, if you know what I mean. When there's nothing stopping me I'm sure to spend quite a bit of time on the computer. What's ironic is you can't always get away from technology these days. My dad knows a guy who went on a trip to Egypt to try and get away from civilization, but then his "guide" there had a cell phone. Electronics are practically everywhere now.

I took a lot of photos in Australia, and some of there were pretty nice, so I might fix them up just a bit and then upload them on my account here. My camera strangely broke while I was in Cairns, riding the Rainforest SkyRail up the mountainside... Then I ended up using my camcorder. I'm not used to it, and it feels heavier. I wonder if my camera can be fixed. Whenever I try to turn it on it says there's a lens error. I can't turn it off then unless I take the battery out. If you know how to fix this, please let me know what I can do about it. (I don't want to buy a new camera...Sentimental reasons, I guess)
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I'll be going to Australia, and I'll finally get to see the place that I was named after. It shouldn't be too hard to guess what it is if you've heard of a certain opera house there. I think I dropped a too obvious hint right there, so I'll stop. XD

It's so hot here now that it's summertime. I have to turn on the fan in the afternoon (I could use the air conditioning, but it doesn't feel as cold and anyhow it uses more energy) but I'm still sweating even then. Still, California must seem only, at most, warm if you're from Taiwan. I'd heard in Asia the summers were really hot and humid, and I have a friend who lives there, so asking her confirms it.

I know the journal post sounds a little awkward grammar-wise here and there, and also that I have not posted since June. It's just that I don't feel much need to be posting in my journal because I don't know if anyone even reads it, whereas my blog at least a couple close friends follow (if you do read this, I appreciate your taking the time!). So I suppose I'll just be updating this once in a while, though I will continue to upload more Deviations.

I've been wondering if I ought to make a new avatar for my account. This one has been up for a very long time, so perhaps I ought to make a new one. But I'm not really sure what will be in the avatar...Maybe one of the Ouran High School Host Club characters? I really like that anime and I'm rewatching it currently. But then again, the avatars here are only 50x50 pixels and it will be hard to fit much into it. I'll have to think about it, I guess.

Speaking of other matters, I haven't been reading enough books lately. For eight days, I didn't complete a book...One of the reasons was that I check out way too many books from the library. It's a bad habit but I haven't been able to train myself out of it. So I had to return a book while I was still reading it (I had already renewed it the maximum number of times). And then I don't get that much chances to read in the summer, even though you would think I have more free time then...At least during the school year I can read during class (though when the teachers see it, they get annoyed...Whoops!). Also, I took some time before I started another book and when I did read it, I found it a little boring, so on the whole it was rather slow going.

The summer vacation is half over already and I still didn't take out my tablet and practice using it, even though I'd been planning to. This is pretty bad...Time goes by quickly, and once it's the school year I am unlikely to have the time. After all, apparently it's a busy year with not-so-nice teachers and I'll be learning subjects I'm not very interested in (French, Geometry, USA history, physical science...). It's really too bad I just can't be retired now. In the beginning of seventh grade, everyone had a sheet on which they wrote various things, like their closest friends, favorite kind of music, favorite color, and such. Then at the end of the year, we got them back, and on the line for writing what you want to do when you grow up, I had written that I want to retire. And I still do, for sure. ;)
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In terms of the school year, I have completed my seventh grade year. Once the summer vacation is over, I just have one more school year before I move on to high school. This year sure passed fast. I can hardly believe how the time flew...

I heard that the eighth grade year is way tougher than the seventh grade year, at least my school, so I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to do. So far I've gotten good grades and managed to at least not die from lack of sleep (I always have insomnia, can't really be helped) and even made some new friends, but I guess I have to wait and see how things settle once eighth grade rolls around. Unfortunately, the summer is never long enough to keep it at bay.

I might be able to get a summer job, might not. Through some connections (friend of a friend) I can fill out a job application for a company called Bleu Umbrella Co. It's a clothing company, run by someone who is surprisingly young. (Shows you can do anything if you try.) I would like a job so I can make money, but I would rather be a designer than the jobs available (freelancer, which is like a party host type thing...or model) but it's not possible, since those jobs aren't offered right now. But then maybe if I joined the company and worked my way up, somehow, then I could be a designer. I would be really excited if I actually got to design clothes. (My mom doesn't think I should take a job there, though, unless I really want to do something)

I enjoy reading magazines or watching TV nowadays. National Geographic, Nintendo Power, and Reader's Digest are magazines I watch, whereas I like to watch House Hunters International or interior design shows on HGTV (Home and Garden Television). This is because I recently discovered that in the afternoon there are some pretty cool shows on, like Deserving Design, Color Splash, and even Divine Design.

Deserving Design - Hosted by Vern Yip. He redesigns rooms for people whom he thinks deserves it, hence the name. For instance, recently I saw an episode where he did some rooms for an animal lover who saved animals and used them to help kids, like kids with autism.

Color Splash - Hosted by David Bromstad. My dad thinks he's weird. True, he has a tattoo. o_O;; (I have never had a tattoo, except for those lame ones you get on a small square of paper when you're a kid) But I like how he does paintings for people's rooms. Like the painting of a duck I saw him doing.

Divine Design - Hosted by Candice Olson. I really like the rooms she does. And I like her name, Candice. But I think a Pokemon gym leader has the same name. XD

I would like to get a world map for my house, or at least a globe or something. I know a lot of history teachers have those, and I used to have an atlas (which I have probably lost) but I don't have a map. Maybe I should ask for that as one of my birthday gifts? It might seem a bit odd, though.
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Haha, it seems funny to me now, but when I was younger I didn't procrastinate as much as I do nowadays. I mean, I'm still maintaining good grades but I have gotten distracted lately so I need to watch out and keep on studying. I can't slack off, even if apparently colleges don't look at your middle school grades, which is a relief to me because I got an A- last year in science. XD

I wonder if I ought to choose a new journal skin from the ones that are on this site, or try to make my own. It looks rather boring without any customization. But then again, I am a rather lazy person so it might not happen for a while. Just like my plans for a Deviant ID and learning to use my tablet. It'll come in time (maybe when I'm retired. But then THAT is a REALLY long way off).

This summer, in July, my parents and I are going to Australia. I'm an only child, but we're going with my dad's friend's family (which is also a family of three). My dad and mom lived in Australia before; it was my dad who really liked it, though. I was named after the city of Sydney. I've never been to Australia myself, I've only seen pictures of my mom and dad when they were young. My mom was prettier back then. (But I suppose most people looked better when they were in their prime)

I found that my camera can make a foreground sharper and a background blurry, so it's contrasted. I thought this was very nice but I have not figured out how to choose what part is blurry and what part is sharp. Sometimes depending on the colors and lighting the camera tries to make things blurry when I wanted them to be sharp. (Hope I'm not sounding too confusing here.) I wonder if there is a way to change that or if I will just have to rely on luck.

Since it is Memorial Day, my mom asked me if I wanted to go anywhere, but I have no idea. Apparently the stores are still open today. I suppose honoring veterans doesn't mean the shops have to close. It's hard for me to imagine veterans because most of the adults I've heard of are people who do something related to computers and chips, or who have graduated from some "good school" like Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and so on. It's a little annoying since it makes me feel I have a lot to live up to. And then again, since I have no siblings I am the single torch-bearer. (But nowhere near as glorious as the Olympics. XD Do you get that joke?)

Should I make some graphics? If I scanned some drawings it would probably look very poor. So I guess I can't do anything but use GIMP in the meantime. But I'm not sure what color or theme to do. Sometimes I get bored of always doing anime girls. You CAN have too much of a good thing. (Not like it's a good thing, but anyways...)
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That sounds rather awkward, but seeing as today is the day before Mother's Day, I thought it was suitable to say as such.

Wow, I realized it was several weeks since the last time I posted in this journal. I suppose I don't really use it much because I prefer to use my blog. ^-^;; In the future I shall work to correct it. At least during the summertime I'll have time to work on my DevArt account, and make some more art to fill up the galleries.

I've been planning to enter some contests but I am kind of lazy and it takes a while for me to get the motivation or make time in my schedule for it. I guess when 2010 rolls around I should make a good New Year's Resolution. That's a long way off, though, so who knows when that'll be?
It is so hot outside I really don't feel like wandering out there. Instead I'll just sit inside and ruin my eyes and muscles by continuously staring at a computer screen. I heard it is bad for your shoulders to do so. Not like there's much I can do, though. Both my parents and myself use the computer a whole lot, if not for different reasons.

Later on today I'm supposed to attend a one-time session with some other piano students and also a piano judge. I have never met the judge, but I have seen some of the other students before at previous piano recitals. I'm a little nervous since I haven't practiced the song I'm supposed to play very much (after the piano recital is over, I usually just forget about it XD) and also I don't want to be humiliated if I do bomb the class. Oh well, though. No way to get out of it now, I think.

I saw a squirrel lying dead on the ground recently. I was walking home, minding my own business, when I saw a younger girl squealing and pointing at something. So I took a look, and was surprised to see a dead squirrel. I wonder how it died. Did a car run it over, or did some other misfortune befall it? I could see little blackish dots on the squirrel. I hope it was just dirt and not bugs. I don't look forward to be being buried when I die since I will have insects and bacteria and such trying to digest me.
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