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My Bio

Hi my name is Stefan Nielsen and im from Denmark i like drawing cartoon anime comics videogames

super heros and villans music rock metal and some other gene music but not dubstep im creator of my super hero characters Atomicman and his amazing friends the i also working on my band project

I'm not only here you can fine me on…

My Twitch AtomicAnimater I posting NSFW arts there

Favourite Visual Artist
Toxicsoul77, Edd Gould, Paul Tervoorde, lnvdrscar, Tomska, Mattlobster, PhantomZero19, FrostbiteTheWhiteKnight, Billy crinion, Amethyst-Ocean, Vivziepop
Favourite Movies
marvel movies, dc movies, movies whit rock bands, mlpeg, Inglourious basterds
Favourite TV Shows
Steven univers, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Metal Family, loud house, Eddsworld, Soul Eater, Death Note, mlpfim, Rick and morty, atomic puppet, marvel avengers assemble, danny phantom, hellsing, Billys toon times, Finale Space
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein, Steel Panther, Slash, Lita Ford, Motley Crue, Ministry, Otep, Gorillaz, Mystery Skulls, B.F.M.V., KMFDM, Alice Cooper, Linkin Park, Slipknot, A7X, jasmin pabst, Behemoth
Favourite Books
Sonic the hedghog Archie comic, Marvel comic, DC univers comic, Scott pilgrim comic
Favourite Writers
Ian Flynn, Evan Stanly, Stan Lee, Bryan lee o'malley
Favourite Games
Sonic Seriers, Mario Seriers, legend of zelda Seriers, guitar hero and rock band Seriers, Soul Caliber Seriers, Final Fantersy XV, Overwacth, Wolfenstine Seriers, Saints Row Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
ps4 ps3 ps2 wii wiiU xbox360 xboxone
Tools of the Trade
I dont know what tools of the trade is
Other Interests
Music Videogames Drawing Art Youtube Play Guitar Bass Drums Keybord Piano and Sing
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Hello everyone Stefan here todays Journal is going to be a sad becaues a artist name has no home and no money if you wander who is Loas-scoureth well she is know for her old art of the archie sonic comic characters Scourge the hedgehog whos in a band call Life of a scourge but anyway her and her patner are livieng on the street and has no money they have lost over $1000 by bieng scammed by a jerk who promies them a room but when they came to his houes he sayed that he never put up a room for rent what an abserlut jerk So now they have to fine sheltter for the winter and are in a desperate and horrid situation It will mean lot if you could help them becaues nobodey are lisent to her please there lives are literally in danger click on the link on the top and also spread the word about this Thanks for read this and have a good day
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Warning this Journal is not for young Views invold sexsual stof and child abused so pleaes keep in mind thanks Hello everyone so many of you have heard of this movie which is the bigest WTF Netflix the movie call Cuties a france movie made by a woman and was reliesd on Netflix for those who dont know this garbehg movie is about a young girl who jion a dancing group but this girls are 11 years old girls what the hell did Netflix even think put a movie about 11 years old girls who do sexy dance this is wrong is totaly wrong then on Twitter Netflix say sorry for put this up but they refused to take it down now many poeple are now try to cancel Netflix but other are defending it they say that this movie is great what do they have shit for brain even some youtuber like DSP (Drak Side Phill) and another Youtuber say the is great but you know they are stupid this movie is terabile heak even many young girls on TikTok are dancing to this movie O my Gahll this is bad so dont watch this
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Warning this journal is not for younger wivers you must be over 18 or older to read this some imets may be find disturbing and grusome for some wivers like you thank you now you are warning on to the journal Hey everyone so i dont know of you have heard it but saw on discord this morning about a man named Ronnie Mcnutt who was livestreaming on Facebook killed himself he set on his chair and hade a shotgun on he lay his head on the shotgun and then he pull the triker and killed himself many poeple has been post a pic of the man on TikTok and Twitter it was really tarebill i havent seen the video and i cant show you it because i cant fine it and that good is so just dont wacth it dont share/repost i dont want you to have nightmares and so TikTok will not remove the video they say that is doesn’t violate to there community guidelines but there are now warning others about the video so if you see it on Twitter or other Social Media dont wacth them just scroll down or just dont go on
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Happy new year, dude!
Thank you for the latest fave! =D

Thanks and you welcome

You’re welcome too!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas!
And thank you for the fave! ^^

You welcome and i did

Hey thanks for the fav i guess you found me thanks to shugrr if youd like i make my own animated videos as well ^^