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MLP: Hurricanes are Magic

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So, I was messing around with the Wikipedia track generator, and I got the idea to create this. First, I was originally only going to make tropical cyclone tracks for the Mane 6, but after a while I thought that would be a lame hurricane season, especially when Dash becomes the strongest category five hurricane ever recorded, so I added 4 more characters to make it more realistic. I had to basically create this twice because GIMP failed on me with the .psd file (it didn't save it correctly and couldn't read the file when trying to open it). After about 3 days though, this is the result. I'm not exactly happy with the quality of some of the images of the Mane 6 I used, nor what some of them are saying, a friend pointed out that RD sounds too scientific, but she's part of the weather team, she should know some terminology, but whatever.

This is my first contribution to the fan art and stuff, and yes the idea is a bit strange, but anyways, if you have any suggestions feel free to... suggest!

Update: I have fixed this up the tracks and added more storms. I just need to update the graphic and make it a bit more consistent. Then I will upload that.
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Hurricanes are, indeed, magic.