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it has come to my attention that that someone had stolen my name and art on Amino!


 Fake by Atomic52

i have never had an Amino and i am very sorry that people were faked by this person!!

thank you to :iconxlazydemon: for bringing this to my attention.

 i am only on 

i also have a facebook but thats personal. 

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all i want for Christmas is...


people wanting commissions from me and drawings of Lilith.

 so hope to it friends.
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Commission Sheet (open) by Atomic52

so get one while you still can!!!

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hey guys. i don't think i'll get the next page out by the end of this month.

this comic is just physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing on me.

don't get me wrong, i enjoy making it and making you all happy with it but its just sucking up all my want to draw.

so it'll take a little longer for me to come with it. but it will be back don't worry.

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here are the winners!!

3rd place: :iconsuperawesomebestman: with  Lillith interrogates part 1This story is for Atomic52 's contest. I release only first part for the moment cause I'm not done with it just yet. I hope you'll enjoy it !
(No mature content in this)
Lillith was on her way to the interrogation room. Black Hat had ordered her to make a guy talk. He tried to get in their house but got caught. It's her job to know why. She was a little stressed : it was her first interrogator. But she wanted to make daddy proud. She slowly opened the door, trying to look menacing. She took a glance at the prisoner. He was a young boy, probably even younger than her. She had second thoughts. She couldn't hurt a child ! But then... She saw his clothes : a superhero, or most likely a hero's sidekick. She didn't have to try to look menacing, it happened naturally. At this moment, he wasn't a kid anymore : just another foe trying to hurt her family. Never in hell.
The sidekick saw her creepy face and looked terrified. But even so, he stuttered :
"Y-You don't s-s-scare me ! Y-Y-You...
 and  Lilith interrogates part 2Here's the next part ! For Atomic52 's contest. Read the first part if you didn't.
The kid was stunned. This girl was Black Hat's daughter ?! How was that possible. Like, ok, she was intimidating when she made that creepy face, but right now she was...
"How is that possible ?!" he exclaimed, "You're too cute to be Black Hat's daughter !"
"W-What ?" she stuttered "Don't say things like that !"
"But it's true ! You must be joking ! Black Hat's daughter couldn't be so adorable !"
"Shut up ! I'm terrifying !"
"No you're not !"
Her eyes turned fully red, her teeth became as sharp as razors, her horns grew longer. She was looking like the damn Devil itself. The kid screamed in terror.
"I. Am. Scary. If you don't believe me, let me show you why I'm Black Hat's"
She grabbed him by his hair.
"I'm tired of you. If you don't tell me anything, I'll make you talk with other ways"
"That's my girl"
These words surprised Lilith. She knew that cold, evil voice. Her face came back to normal and she

2nd place: :iconhatewjelly: with <da:thumb id="724023930"/>

for first place i had two in mind that i really love. i couldn't pick. so i didn't!!!

1st place: :icontf-kidonightmare: with  First fallen tooth
5.0.5 was known for accidently breaking things. He never minded fixing or cleaning them. It was his job to keep the mansion clean, after all, and one of the ways he survived Blackhat’s wrath. However, what he broke now wasn’t small and he cannot fix it.
Rewinding a little bit, it was a normal and calm (As calm as it could be) day on Black Hat organization. The sound of small feet running and childish giggles fell the air around it as two blur figures passed through the long halls of the house. One blue and grey and the other completely blue.
5.0.5 was watching after Lilith for the day, while both her fathers are busy. Yes, usually Blackhat keeps her close even when he works, but today he was at a meeting with a client and he couldn’t take her with him obviously. Dr.Flug had a lot of work to attended to, it bailed a little after he had to play with his little girl for a day, he couldn’t afford it to get more, and the lab is too dangerous for Lilith and he usually


:icontestedhawk: with 

Mature Content


Mature Content

~honorable mentions~


:icontonicthehedgehog115:  The taunting flirt.It was a mid summer day as lilith was walking down the street towards her home with her friend, yasu yuki, he had light blue hair and a scar over his left eye as he had a red coat and a grey shirt. Lilith was walking with him, a hired help for her as they seem to be enjoying themselves, at least until what seems like a group of teenage girls, laughing and giggling like stereotypical girls as yasu yuki just rolled his eyes, lilith just ignoring them at least until they come up to yasu yuki.
Girl 1: “ hey hot stuff. How about you dump this thing and come with us? “
Yasu yuki: “ not interested. “
Girl 2: “ come on. We’ll give you more of a time then this monster. “
Yasu yuki: “ I’m serious. Back off. I’m not interested. “
this causes lilith’s eyes to turn red as she would directly toss them about, all of those girls just back off while one got badly injured as yasu yuki tried to calm her down, it not really working be

:iconfakepewdiepie2:  Cooking with 5.0.5 (art trade) by fakepewdiepie2

thank you all for entering my contest!!!

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thank you to all who entered my Lilith contest!!!

i'll be coming out with the contest winners tomorrow

thank you again for entering my contest!

it was alot of fun reading your stories!!

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i was tagged by :iconsleepiisoda:

1. Choose one of your Ocs. 

like always. its my girl Lilith.
Beauty And A Beast by Atomic52
teen Lilith to be specific. theres just more to her. =w=

2. The answers must be written in your Oc's point of view.

3. Your Oc cannot lie

4. Journal's title should be OC Interview

5. Tag as many people as you want. 

6. Have fun!

1.- What is your real name and nickname?

My full name is Lilith Κακό Hat, and i have many nicknames given to me by my family! but i think my favorite one would have to be "lotus flower"!

2.- Interesting, what is your current age?

right now i am 18 years of age!

3.- What is your favorite food?

well, its hard to say. i like all foods but not vegetables, they are the devil. i do really like cherries alot. 

4.- And your favorite drink?

hehee!! cherry cola in the warm sessions and hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows sprinkled with some cinnamon for the colder sessions!

5.-Confession time, Who is your lover?

o-oh!!... i-i wasn't aware that this was going to get so personal... i-i hope my father doesn't read this but... y-yes, yes i do.

6.- Have you kissed anyone yet?

...y-yes... pleasedon'ttellmyfather!!!

7.- Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

oh my evil! must you poke so deep?!... but yes i do for this one too...

8.- Who is your favorite author?

hmmm... i'm not sure. i like so many books and so many authors its so hard to pick just one.

9.- What is your biggest fear?

... my nightmares becoming reality...
((i'm gonna be writing a story about this))

10.- Any siblings?

does 505 count? he's been like a brother to me.

11.- Who is your worst enemy?

o-oh dear... u-umm... i guess my father's enemies are mine too...

12.- Huh, okay. Who is your best friend? 

hmmm... well 505 is so sweet and is just a joy to be around, but aunty Dem has always been there for me when i had a problem my parents couldn't help with... oh please don't make me pick just one.

13.- What would you do if you meet your creator? 

do you mean my parents? well i know them very well.

14.- What do you want to be when you're grown up? 

take my pace as boss of BlackHat Organisation so my parents can retire like they want to!!

15.- What is your worst nightmare?

...i-i can't answer that one...

16.- What is your life long dream?

to make my parents proud of me! 

17.- What would you do if your dream came true? 

ummm... i'm not sure... be happy i guess

18.- Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

hmmm... my bedroom, the library, my aquarium room, my gardening room, and under my parents bed.

19.- Last question, what do you do most of the time? 

huh, i do lost of things. but i think it would have to be my job. clients are always calling and wanting to make appointments with my father.

20.- Done! Now tag some people!

i guess anyone that wants to do it can!!

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sup ya'll. i was tagged by my buddy :icontf-kidonightmare: and they wanted to know more about Lilith so, hey lets do this!!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a pic of your oc
3. Post 10 facts about your character. You can take same fact (but different answer lol xD)
4. Tag 5 to 10 other characters and his creators 

Lilith Κακό Hat
Lilith's reff by Atomic52

1. she never went threw a emo or rebellious phase. well she did date the son of her father's arch nemesis behind his back.

2. Lilith place in the organization is very important. being the Secretary on most days she takes phone calls, schedule appointments, file complaints, and write names down on her father's black list. with her being there also frees up BH's and Flug's time a bit. so Flug can spend more time in the lab and BH can do more boss like things.

3. Lilith had Dem help her dye her hair. when she first showed her parents her hair she was scared that BH would get mad and tell her to turn it back. but BH actually really liked it and he thought it fit her really well, Flug really liked it too.

4. she has a birth mark on the back of her neck of BH's insignia. they don't know how or why it got there but its there.
((his insignia is just a tophat with a 
circle around it))

5. BH taught Lilith how to play golf! but only after the 3rd hole they were out of balls. and clubs and BH lost a tooth and had a black eye and a blooded nose.
it wasn't pretty.

6. Lilith has all the same abilities as BH but one she can't control and still doesn't know how to use. universe hoping. sometimes she can do it but every time it works she doesn't know where the portals go and they always lead to some where horrible.
Flug and BH spent a whole mouth testing and working with it but it never worked.

7. Lilith has been having horrifying and realistic nightmares ever since she was very little. they get so bad that she has to get out of bed to see if her family is okay. she ends up staying in bed with BH and Flug after the nightmares.

8. she has a special amulet that can change her appearance so she can go out to town with anyone being the wiser! but the amulet doesn't change everything, it leaves her eyes and teeth like normal so BH makes her wear sunglasses and a mouth mask.
but he still does't trust the world they live in so he shape shifts into a raven and follows her till he knows she'll be okay.

9. she had a very intimate relationship with Johnathan. but things really didn't work out in the end.

10. Lilith's really good at card tricks, riddles, mind tricks, and paradoxes. 

~my tags~

1- :iconwhisperseas: with Edith and Edison.
2- :iconkimmys-voodoo: with Aion
3- :icontekitourabbit: with 
4- N/A
5- N/A

i have more facts and silly things i want to share but i ran out of space!!! 
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i have alot going on this month!!!!

first off, chapter 2 of Corpsetale has just ended and will return next month!!

Corpsetale .:Cover:. by Atomic52
go here to get all your CT goodness

next i have opened my commissions!! so you want a commission from me come and get one!!

commissions {open}paypal only
a sketch- will be $5 usd

icon- will be about $3 usd
    Ff Frans Icons .:comm:. by Atomic52Zs99 Icon .:Comm:. by Atomic52Zeta Icon .:Comm:. by Atomic52

line art - $9 usd
Micromachines13 com by Atomic52Cute As A Butten .:3rdpp:. by Atomic52Contest Prize Num 3 by Atomic52

and last we have a contest!!! for all the Villainous / paperhat fans and writing enthusiast!!!! this contest is perfect for you!!

Lilith CONTEST!!!!! ((END)) have fun everyone!!! 
okay time for another contest!!!! but this time we're doing things a little differently!
this is a story contest featuring Lilith!!
this is where you can write a story about Lilith and one of her adventurers with her wild and Villainous family.
you also can draw cover art for your story but its not mandatory.
you can submit your work vae the comments of this Journal.

and for my writing disinclined watchers you can draw a short comic or just art of her interacting with her family or people outside of her home!
you're allowed 2 entry per person!
the contest will end on 4/25/2018
~here's some writing prompts~
Lilith losing he fir

so if you're interested in any of these please stop by any of them!!! 
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 have fun everyone!!! 

okay time for another contest!!!! but this time we're doing things a little differently!
this is a story contest featuring Lilith!!
this is where you can write a story about Lilith and one of her adventurers with her wild and Villainous family.

you also can draw cover art for your story but its not mandatory.

you can submit your work vae the comments of this Journal.

Lilith's reff by Atomic52 Lulus Outfits And Ages by Atomic52 dresses by Atomic52 What Have I Done by Atomic52 Liliths hair by Atomic52 Monster by Atomic52

and for my writing disinclined watchers you can draw a short comic or just art of her interacting with her family or people outside of her home!

you're allowed 2 entry per person!

the contest will end on 4/25/2018

~here's some writing prompts~

Lilith losing he first tooth. (child)

Lilith's first exsperents with Demencia's house party. (teen)

BlackHat teaching her how to walk in heels. (teen)

how she met Johnathan. (child)

Lilith's first time walking around town by herself. (teen)

505 teaches Lilith how to cook. (teen)

BlackHat and Flug's bed time struggles with Lilith. (child)

getting answers out of a trespasser. (adult)

showing her turn villainous colors (adult)

learning and testing her body horror with BlackHat. (child/teen)

dealing with over flirty douchebags. (teen/adult)

the ball to introduce her to the villainous world. (teen)

heroes founding out BlackHat has a daughter. (teen/young adult)

fighting a hero (adult)

Lilith's quinceanera 

if you don't like these prompts you may use your own idea!!

or you can write a story from some art that i'v already made!

Lilith Winter by Atomic52 How Dare You by Atomic52 Beauty And A Beast by Atomic52 Little Hands by Atomic52 The Bell of The Ball by Atomic52

to all that has no clue what Villainous is but want to join the contest!!

and my personal headcannons for each character.

Villainous headcannons ((Lilith added))~Black Hat~
Black Hat wasn't always evil. he was once an angel but he had fallen from grace dew to his insatiable hunger for power and conquest. 
he managed to keep his feathered wings and he took great pride in them. the only thing that changed was they turned black.
other demons where ever jealous of his wing so they devised a plan to take his wings away. by cutting them off.
 he manged to get away by being summoned to the human world by sustaining major damage to his wings that renders them useless to their intended purpose. 
 he was summoned to a small god fearing village in 1330 the dark ages. 
he was summoned for the dumbest reason... the kid wanted to see if dark magic was real.
BH wanted to beat the shit out of him for that but he was underline thankful to get him out of the situation he was in. 
but the kid was killed for witch craft befo

~what you're allowed to do~

mild NSFW (like kissing and flirting)
you may add your OCs or FCs
AU hoping. (like other Villainous AUs may be in your story)
light shipping. (like characters show interest in Lilith but she wouldn't show much back)
bad things may happen to Lilith as long as she's not killed by it.
its can be as short or as long you want it to be (but longer ones will get more points)
you are allowed to add other cartoon villains in your story if it calls for lots of background characters. like a party or something.

~what you're NOT allowed to do~

hardcore NSFW (no erotic fics please)
full on pairing Lilith with someone.
killing off any of the main characters

~you will be judged on~

accuracy of the characters.

~you will not be judged on~

(i'm dyslexic so its okay)


!!!all 3 winner's stores will be counted as cannon!!!

3rd place will get a lined full body drawing of one of your OCs
2nd place will get a flat colored full body of one of your OCs and i will draw my favorite scene of you story.
1st place will get a full shaded drawing with background of two of your OCs and your story will be redrawn into a comic by myself. fulled colored and shaded. ((after CT of course.))

the contest will end on 4/25/2018

so take your time and have fun!!!
and if you have any questions just ask me and i will be happy to help you!!!
also don't forget to tag me so i can find your entry easy!!
((if i don't see it after 24 hours please send it to me))


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~Black Hat~


Black Hat wasn't always evil. he was once an angel but he had fallen from grace dew to his insatiable hunger for power and conquest. 
he managed to keep his feathered wings and he took great pride in them. the only thing that changed was they turned black.
other demons where ever jealous of his wing so they devised a plan to take his wings away. by cutting them off.
 he manged to get away by being summoned to the human world by sustaining major damage to his wings that renders them useless to their intended purpose. 
 he was summoned to a small god fearing village in 1330 the dark ages. 
he was summoned for the dumbest reason... the kid wanted to see if dark magic was real.
BH wanted to beat the shit out of him for that but he was underline thankful to get him out of the situation he was in. 
but the kid was killed for witch craft before BH could fulfill the reason he was brought to this awful world.
the whole town was after him 
the only thing that can kill BH is holy water and anything anointed by god. 
BH had to go into hiding for a short time.
BH technically doesn't have a soul. so if he's killed he doesn't go back to hell. no no. he just dies and its like he never existed. 
dew to his hunger to control and power he wants to live. he demands to be remembered so his trys to hide the best he can.
he even learned to deform his body to hide his wings inside is own body.
but that causes lots of discomfort he even coughs up feathers form time to time and on his back shows a white line tattoo of his wings
he needed to figure out what this world is like before he tried anything.
he could just take out everyone but wheres the fun in that? well thats what he thought. 
he found that people didn't like others that didn't look the same as them. he found this world was full of war, sin, death, and destruction. 
and he loved it.
he had quickly took over and rules this world for some hundred years. but that got really boring to him.
so he faked his death and let everything fall in complete beautiful chaos. 
after a few years of lying low he's seen this underline war between good and evil. 
he found it so much fun to watch others try and fail.
but you know what would be more fun. sail them items of distinction to help them try and fail at climbing the power ladder. 
so thats when he decided to start Black Hat organization!!! 
his org. took years to get it off the ground but this was more satisfying and fun then doing it fast.
and thats all that mattered to him.
but he was still out there. being evil and doing evil stuff keeping his villain image on top.
years had went by and he climbed his way to the top again of the black market chain!!
so he feels like he can sit back in his hat shaped mansion and retire from the front of villainy but he keeps himself on top.
he sunk into the background supplying weapons and torture devices to low life bad guys. 
and thats how he got to where he is now.

:basic headcannons:

he was never a child. he was just made at the age he is. he wan't there then POOF then he was.
BH actually like kids. he wants to impress them and mold them in to good villains. but he would never admit it. 
he is a pompous stuck up peacock. 
he has no sexual preferring or just Flugsexual.
he's still virgin ((till he got into a relationship with Flug)) he was far to busy being a good business man.
couple times a month he goes out to get his claws done. he goes to a lil ashin run nail shop and only goes to the little old lady that owns the place. Mrs.Wong. he's their number one customer. but the others don't know he goes there or goes out at all.
he's a cheapskate. he always thinking of ways to cheap out on things. but he can't cut safety things Flug and 505 won't let him. 
he doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep. but he still capable doing thos things and he enjoys doing them. 
he may not need to eat or sleep but if he's hurt he needs to feed and rest to heal fully. he can shift the wound closed but he still needs to heal.
he found that people don't like otherworldly beings. thats way he hid his wings and cut off his horns in attempts to look more human. but it worked. 
BH has the worlds shortest temper and he's the hottest of hotheads. but with Flug he slowly got more tolerant and when they got into a less then professional relationship he had to become more then just tolerant he had to be understanding. 
he's a prankster. his fav is hiding in the cupboards and jumping out to an over worked Flug or a unsuspecting 505. 
his fav food is meat. he needs human meat at times but pork is a good substitute.
he doesn't like coffee. he only drinks tea and the occasional chemical mix.
he gets awful migraines if he gets to stressed. he also can go in to a murderous rampage killing everything that moves. so to keep his stress leaves down he likes to bake ((like cookies and cakes)) or step outside with his pipe and take a smoke break.
he will never admit it to ANYONE but to Flug that he is a cuddler. he's a bit ((a lot)) touch starved.
his wings are sensitive and he love wing pets but only from Flug. 
he's masochistic
his fav ice cream is black licorice and strawberry swirl or just chocolate. 
he likes to do yoga and meditate
he waers a corset. why? cuz he wants to. 
everyone Villain wants to get in his pants. 
he know's just about even language.
he can play the violin and piano/organ.
his fav time period is 1844 to 1930.
his fav candy or sweet is chocolate. dark chocolate covered cherry bonbons is his favorite. 
he will never say it but he likes cartoons but only one. Felix the cat. 
he had a tail.
he keeps a small bottle of holy water in his desk. just in case.
BH can be like a big ol' cat.
he likes to read in the very little free time he gets. he even has a room dedicated to reading. its a big study. with a nice fireplace.
BH also likes to listen to classical music as he reads.
he hates the cold. he body is naturally cold and icey so the Winter weather just makes it worse. but he does like Autumn. he likes to watch the leaves die and fall to the dirt. plus its got his favorite holidays, Halloween and day of the dead!!


he found Flug on his doorstep freshly out of college demanding to work for him. BH could smell and sense the evil in Flug. so he hired him and brought back Black Hat Organization!!!
he asked Flug out years after they started working together and they felt really comfortable with each other. 
he's a sadist but he can't get enough when Flug takes charge of him.
he hid the fact he was a fallen angel from Flug. he told him over the years that he was a demon not getting to specific but years after they were dating he finally told Flug the truth. 
he sees Dem more as a daughter. thats why he won't bed her.
he sees 505 as the dog he never wanted but got anyways and NO ONE will let him get rid of it. Flug wouldn't get rid of 505 and he wouldn't let BH do it. so they where stuck with him. but he's fun to mess with and keeps Dem out of his hair.
he's and Flug's relationship is a secret to everyone till they told Dem and 505 like 3/4 years in.
after the years of working together they became less of a coworker and boss thing to more of a working family.
BH adores Flug's scars. he loves them some much that the second Flug takes off his gloves or bag he just has to stop and look at them. he likes to run his fingers over them memorizing ever little cut and burn. he would even kiss them gently saying how beautiful they are and how much he loves them.
he doesn't say "i love you" every often and in the beginning he didn't say it at all. after the first months how he told Flug those 3 words with a kiss on the back of his hand. Flug picked up on that really quick.
BH didn't know he could purr till he met Flug.

:Lilith info:

they where dating for a long time before they got married and waited about 4 to 5 years to have a child.
it wasn't his idea to have a kid but he warmed up to the thought pretty quick. 
he told Flug that he could birth a child cuz BH would have this thing called "heat" that he would happen ever few hundred years and he was going to have one that very year.
so at first they where just going to do it normally cuz BH can birth a child from having both sex organs. but he did have Flug make a mechanical whom just in case they needed a back up plan.
that was working well at first even got to a point BH had a small baby bump but he got in to a really bad fight with a hero.
the hero managed to get a good shot with a hard kick to his gut. that normally would have just stunned him for a second but with the extra very delicate cargo he was carrying at the time it did not do that...
that kick caused BH to miscarriage, making him cough up blood and made his fall to his knees. even making the hero step back for a second. 
before he actually started coughing up blood BH had to get out of there and quick. he cut thro the fabric of time and space to get home as quickly as he could. then he went in to the blood coughing fit.
he blacked out for the whole ordeal. but when he finally came around he felt numb and had was welcome to a very distort and upset Flug.
he quickly put it together from Flug's mangled crys that he had... lost their unborn child...
he did fall into a depression form it. even to the point he didn't even show up to film the new devices. but he tired his best to hide it and stay strong for the rest of the family.
he did remember the incubator after Flug reminded him about it. after they got that fully set up BH did get much better but he never fully recovered from the miscarriage.
he is an extremely protective dad. just think of a mother hen.
he picked out her first and middle name.
he knew that he couldn't let Lilith outside for the fact she's half human and half demon. also it is so distinct that she's not human.
he sees her as a delicate squishy jellybean and he refused to let her out worried that some hero might try to take her while he wasn't looking.
he never intended to let her out or even let her be known to the public. 
but with Flug's convincing and knowledge he would let her out with close supervision and when he is 100% sure she's ready for anything out there. 
he took care of Lilith's education teaching her everything he knows.
he also watched over her most of the day cuz he felt the lab was to dangerous for her at young ages. but he dose take her with his on his dally check up on Flug.
plus he likes seeing their happy hugs and faces when they see each other during work hours. 
he will NEVER let Lilith leave of his house. he won't let her move out, move away or anything like that! 
Flug and BH where not sharing the same room when Lilith was born. they where sleeping in the same bed most nights but they still had their own rooms.
she was the one to point it out and BH pulled all of Flug's things in to his room declaring it as their room and not just his.
he is in charge of Lilith education. he also taught her how to read Shakespeare by the age of 5. 
Lilith is the only one in the house that he is consistently nice and gentle to.
when he had to let Lilith spend time with the other with out him he tended to get separation anxiety. so did Lilith.
even when she is old enough he still get separation anxiety when she's out of the house for to long or if he doesn't know where she is. 



 Flug Slys was born in the heart of Germany in the year 1983. 
him and his loving parents came to America for a better life when he was 3.
the plane crashed 5 people lived the rest perished. he lived, his parents didn't. 
he gained burn scars all over his hands and on the left side of his face. damaging his left eye but it didn't blind him it just fucked up his vision that could be easily  fixed with glasses. 
strangely he wasn't scared by the plain crash or the death of his parents. he still loved plains and he still would no matter what you told him he want to be a flying scientist.
he did end up in a catholic orphanage where he learned all he could and being beat by the nuns didn't help him much. 
he was beat for being different. different as in his scares and the fact he was German.
he had to grow up there. no one wanted to adopt him and anyone that was interested in adopting him where easily scared off by what he talked about.
hitting puberty in the orphanage was as close to hell you could get. because he discovered he was gay.
the news was often on the same TV only found i the front desk. he would hide there trying to get away from the bullies, he over hared of heroes taking to the skys.
but what really caught his interest was a mysterious Villain that couldn't be stopped.
his name was Black Hat.
that part changed Flug's life forever. he knew what he wanted to be a super Villain.
but he knew that wasn't going to work in this hell hole. so took on the essentials (a map the the city, a good amount of money he stole from the orphanage, some bread, and a change of underwear) and he was off to take on the world!!!
he wore a bag to hide his face cuz everyone was looking for him from running away form the orphanage. he changed his name from city to city so no one could find him ever.
he made is way to school like a real school faking every single piece of paperwork meant for his parents. 
bullies still found him making fun, beating him up, and taking anything they could from him.
but he wouldn't let them stop him from what he was planing to do. he just let them fuel his evil fire.
Flug did find some places that hired miners he wasn't getting payed much tho. but he made it work the best he could.
the school years flew by and Flug passed with flying colors and graduated with honers. 
right after high school he moved to the best engineering college he could find ad passed that with a doctorate.
during that time any point of free time he had was bent on finding with his inspiration lived. Flug knew that he wasn't going to make it out there on his own as a Villain.
he couldn't fight, he couldn't talk his away out of a fight, lets face it he knows he's going to hell so there's no turning back, and he was just a string bean.
in the end he did find where BH lived and he knew exactly how to get this Villain to hire him.

:basic headcannons:

Flug Slys is not his real name, he's had over a hundred different names in his life time just Flug Slys was his favorite and the one he landed on when he came to work for BH
he's a major sadomasochistic.
he's got a praise, fear, and being watched kink.
he is gay but he never really found a man to really get him going. well not till he discovered Black Hat.
he's had sex at least a dozen times before working for BH.
extremely antisocial.
a bit of a sociopath and a psychopath.
he loves coffee. like REALLY loves it.
he's been on every drug known to man, all throw high school and college. but he had to kick he habits if he wanted to work for BH. let he still has a caffeine addiction.
he's bag is used as a mask but he started to need it as a comfort object.
his googles are prescription but he has normal glasses that he can wear.
he hates the scares on his face and hands. he hates them so much he's tried killing himself and has cut up the rest of his arms trying to hide them with other scars.
Flug is really into heavy metal music. but he like all types of music. but not country. that not music to him. it just noise.
he's favorite food is pancakes covered with Mrs.butterworth syrup.
he over works himself. BH is overbearing with deadlines but he knows his employee is only human. but Flug being the workaholic he is, he's always pushing himself to work faster, better, and from time to time BH will come into the lab to find Flug out cold on the desk half starved.
his fav candy is gummys. he really like the ones with juice on the inside.
he doesn't have his German accent cuz in the orphanage during English calls his would be hit with the ruler when his accent slipped thro. he would also be hit for his stutter but that didn't help the stutter.
he can speak German and English. he can understand Spanish but he can't speak it.
he likes to paint his nails. its just a silly thing but he likes to do it and he finds it fun when Dem does his nails with all her bright colors. the only colors he has is black and red.
his favorite color is sky blue.
he learned to fly in college and he passed with flying colors. 
he learned to play the flute in school.
he has a couple different hobbies for when he has to take a break form working. like sketching out designs for more devices, planing out complicated chemical equations, and making model airplanes. the airplane models are his favorite to do.
sometimes his likes to pop in a movie to relax, he's favs are Disney and the Saw franchise.
he believes in god. but he knows he's going to hell for being the way he is.
he keeps a bible and crucifix in his room to protect himself from BH's wrath. 
his fav ice cream is vanilla.
Flug loves winter time. everything about the season me loves. all the way from the cold wind and snow all the way down to peppermint coffee. 
he celebrates Christmas but with his boss being a demon and all the failed attempts of trying to being the holidays in he just stopped doing something for the day. but BH does give him the day off on Christmas eve and Christmas. and a holiday bonus so Flug can get himself something nice!
he the only one that can't fully understand 505's bear talk.
he is deathly afraid of deep ocean. he's fine in pools and shallow water but the second he can't feel the ocean floor he will flip out. thats why he wears floaties and such to the beach.


he's always had a low key crush on his boss.
when he was younger he saw BH as like his evil hero. when he started working for him he saw him as his demonic boss but when he got to know he better he felt like he could call BH his friend.
after years of working with BH his crush only got stronger and his bond with his boss only got bigger.
even when BH got violent and struck out at him and the others he still looked up to him.
he created 5.0.5 for BH but something happened that mess with his chemical compounds to make him good and not evil. but Flug instantly fell in love with 505 and could never get rid oh him. he also considers 505 as his son.
he also made Demencia. but with her, she came out exactly the way they planned. he mostly sees her as that drunk friend you can get rid of also the over protective and annoying big sister. but he still loves her and they have there nice moments together.
Flug had really no clue how him and BH got together but it did start out with some cute an playful flirting then it started turning into heated make out sessions but it was always BH making the first move like that. so it went with asking and they both new that this was going to be a long term thing and it had to be kept between them.
years had went by with them dating and Flug felt that BH was holding back from him so he was going to find his answers.
he was surprised wasn't expecting to find BH was once an angel but he understood why he hide it for so long. but really shocked him was Bh's wings. large ones at that.
he couldn't help himself, he had to touch them. but asking first of course. Flug always loved flying, birds, and plane. but to find out you're boyfriend has big feathered wings was the best thing he could ever ask for. he needed to touch them and study them. so with some pets and touches he found the the stimulation to his boss' wings calmed BH like alot. he could even hear him purr and moan lightly. with Flug knowing this new info he was going to use it to his advantage.
but finding out BH was a virgin whole other story and to be his first time was a big ego boost.
as years past with plenty of intamite moment with BH he still felt like he needed to do one more step to do... marriage.
so Flug did so. he took BH out on a nice date, took his to all of his favorite spots, and popped the question.
as he expected BH was confused at what Flug was doing but he knew BH would catch on really quick.
he of course said yes.
the wedding was as simple as you could get. it was just the 4 of them and it wan't a legal marriage but when you're a Villain when is it ever legal? BH wore a white shirt and a bow tie. Flug also wore a white suit and traded his bag for a flower crown 505 and Dem made him.
the vows were simple but beautiful they even brought a tear to Dem's eye but 505 was already in tears before they even started talking.
after their kiss they danced the night away and had lots of fun.
but the honeymoon was Flug's second favorite part of the night. but thats to personal to talk about.=w=
BH and Flug really aren't the most open relationship ever. how they flirt is strange, instead of sweet complements they spit insults  at each other.
all the sweet moments happen behind closed doors.

:Lilith info:

Flug knew he wasn't going to live forever but he wasn't going to die with out having a fulfilling life. he wanted to hear the sound of little feet pitter pattering around the house and cute little giggles. he wanted a child with his husband.
at the start he dropped hints here and there not trying to be obvious about it but BH didn't seem to notice the subtle hints. so what seemed to be out of the blue Flug told BH that he wanted to have a child.
BH wasn't as excited to have i child in the predicament they were in. as in being Villains, working with other villains, working with powerful weapons, and the threat of heroes breathing down there necks.
but that didn't make him change his mind. it made his want a kid even more cuz he could die at any time and he want a kid to tell his story.
and with some convincing and feeding in to BH's ego he agreed to have a child. also finding the BH's heat was going to happen that year. but what really sold BH was in case BH couldn't hold a child he made a mechanical whom as a plan B.
doing as many test as he could he was thrilled that everything worked out so well. he felt like God was giving him a break for once. well that break was short lived.
BH had to met up with a client who demanded to met up with his order in person. Flug had a very bad feeling of letting BH go out there alone the state he was in. but like always BH assured Flug that he would be okay he was Black Hat for crying out loud. so BH went with no back up or anything. 
he was in the middle of working on something for the catalog till he heard a crash, his name get called, then the sound of violent coughing.
his heart was pounding and thumping a mile a minute as he ran down the hall but when he saw BH beaten and battered hunched over on the floor with fomie spit and blood steady dripping out of his mouth.
he could only hear mumbles coming from BH the only words he could decipher was "trap, hero, kicked, and badly" before BH passed out.
he had to work fast and he needed to find what happened to him.
in the end he find what happened and it ripped his soul out faster then when he sold it to BH.
in the middle of his break down he didn't realize BH had woken up and heard everything he just said.
Flug hit a depression but he know how to cope. he's had to deal with that problem most of his life.
2 to 3 months passed and he knew BH was okay phiacly but he also knew the BH was going to need time to recover from what happened but Flug did remind him about their plane B. so BH gave him the okay to use it. but he knows that this whole thing is a very touchy thing for BH so he doesn't ask what happened. he still doesn't know what really went down.
Flug was in complete control of what gender the baby was going to be. but he didn't tell BH that cuz he wanted BH to be surprised. plus he knew BH wanted a girl and he wanted a little girl too.
he is also a protective dad. but not as much as BH.
he's always the one to get BH to let her do things and keeping BH from spoiling her rotten.
Flug is more of the cool parent of the two. 
sometime Flug likes to take Lilith to the grocery store but he makes she to cover her up and keep from giving her self away.
Flug is the only reason why Lilith is so humble and as shy as she is.
he knows his part of the job is dangerous for her but he loves to see her as he work when BH comes to check on him.
at nights he would lock up the lab so Lilith wouldn't get in there with out him. 
nights are a srtugle. he's bone tired and all he wants to do is cuddle up to his husband and get some sleep. but Lilith wants to play and tell Flug all about her day. he really can't that upset at her for doing that he just sits and listens to her talk. 
but getting her to sleep is a pain and keeping her asleep i even worse.
he took charge of give Lilith baths. well after "the bath incident"
he loves his daughter very much. he's very proud of her too. but having to say she's not his little girl too really hurts him and he feels like shit every time he has to say it.
he worries the Dem might play to roughly with Lilith and when we found out they were playing weapons he almost has a heart attack and a panic attack.
in Lilith teens he took on her education to teach her science, engineering, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, and alchemy.



Demencia was left of the steps of an orphanage abandoned by her mother at a very young age.
they tryed to do the best for her but she just wan't okay in the head. they think that her mother might have been on drugs or something when she was pregnant.
she had a real name but she can't even remember what it was.
Dem had struck out at the other kids. like trying to bite them, touch them, make them cry, make them bleed, or just kill them.
she was was diagnosed with psychoses, schizophrenia, ADD, and ADHD. all by age five.
they tried to help her but she wouldn't take the meds and if they forced her she would make herself throw up just to get the meds out. and when they gave her an IV she would rip it out and almost die from the blood lose.
she was so bad the they locked her in a room all to herself feeding her by pushing a try under the door.
by age 7 they where going to transfer her to a hospital so she could get the help she needed but when the men in white coats came to get her. she was gone. no trace no screaming no nothing.
but she knows what happened. she was waiting to be feed to the people to come back so she can scare them but she felt a cold breeze come thru her room there was no windows and no vents. she turned to find a tall man dresses all in black with a tall funny hat. she had never seen anyone like that before. it was frightening.
he had one yellow and red eye. it felt like he was looking right into her soul. he spook gruffly and deeply. a type of voice she's never heard before.
"oh my child. there's no need to be afraid... yet. i can take you away from here. to a place where you can be free and kill with ease~"
he held his hand out to her and she took it with out thinking.
he grind down at her with those sharp shark like teeth and did as he said. but when she opened her eye she found herself strapped down to a table in another white room.
she saw another thin man in a white coat and a brown paper bag on his head with a bone saw in his hand.
he looked down at her and tilled his head to the side. he said something but her ears were ringing and she couldn't hear over the voices in her head.
he looked away and did something out of her view then he looked back at her as she blacked again.
but this time when she woke up she with still in the same room but she heard voices and not the ones in her head.
she looked around to find the man in black yelling at the man in white.
she did understand what they were saying cuz of this funny feeling she has and she feels so slow.
but she guess the man in black was defending her or something. she fell so hard for him and she doesn't even know his name yet.
she turned her head and saw a chart all she saw was DEMENCIA on the paper. she guessed thats what her name was. she like the ring of it.
she stayed there loving how this house worked and everything it stood for. 
by age 18 she had already killed and hunted man and women for the light of her life Black Hat.

:basic headcannons:

she is the youngest creation living in the villa.
before she got tested on she had up to 7 voices in her head but thats to Flug's tests and experiments it killed some of the voices leaving her with only two voices.
they have tried selling her in the past but no one would take her or she always came back.
she has major daddy issues.
also a daddy kink to go along with her feet, hands, and abuse kinks.
she has no sense of personal space.
she often sneaks in to BH's room and sniffs his clothes and body wash.
she believes in Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and the queen of England.
she can't feel pain. not like its a high pain tolerance no she has an medical condition that made her pain nerves are fried and she can't feel any form of pain.
she loves killing with and for Black Hat. when she goes killing with him she likes the think they are little dates.
she always trying to get into BH's pants. closes she ever gotten was when she jumped on him when he wasn't looking.
she has an unhealthy obsession with washer machines.
Dem owns both a bass guitar and a normal one.
her fav band in blood on the dance floor, panic at the disco, and three days grace.
she can read but at a 4th grade level.
her powers are camouflage , the ability to climb walls, speeded healing, regeneration ((like if she is missing an arm it'll grow back in time)) and she can mimic anyone's voice. well, she can't mimic BH's voice.
she loves hard candies but the others don't like it when she gets into the sugar.
Dem loves summer. all the skimpy clothes, the hate, the sun, and everything else.
she's pansexual.
Dem is color blind.


she is deeply in love with BH.
she likes to think of BH as her role model, a father figure, a lover ((not really but let the girl dream)), and her future husband.
Flug she sees him as her creator, like a baby brother that she needs to annoy and protect, her best friend, and a nuisance for getting so close to her future man.
505 is like her baby sitter that she loves to play pranks on and torture for fun!
she noticed BH and Flug were close. and getting closer as time went on. she didn't like that all to much so she went snooping around to find out whats going on with them.
she soon found out that they were dating and for a long time at that.
she felt a little betrayed that her best friend with dating her future husband.
it did take some time for her to get over that fact but she did in the end.
and she even started fangirling over them when they were open with each other.
 Flug told her about his plains to propose to BH and she almost squealed over how cute it would be.
but the wedding was cuter in her opinion. 
she couldn't be happier for them.

:Lilith info:

she loved the thought of having a little villain running around the house!
but she wasn't anywhere near ready to baby sit a little kid.
so as Flug and BH were busy with parenting and planning Dem was off to find out how to babysit and to deal with kids.
Dem was so excited to find out that they were going to have it normal so excited in fact she jumped on BH and demanded to see the baby bump.
but that back fired and she kinda got back handed for that.
yet that didn't damper her excitement for the new rugrat. 
she was always out getting things for the baby in both pink and blue cuz they haven't found out what gender it was yet. but that wasn't stopping her form getting things for it.
she was worried that she might be to rough with the baby but Flug reassured her that she wouldn't and warned her if she did she would be shunned out of the family and beaten by himself and by Black Hat.
she knew they would be protective parents.
she was out shopping for cute baby socks and other things like that but when she came home she was welcomed to a big mess. Flug was crying, BH was unconscious, and 505 was scared. 
she had no clue what happened or what was happening right then.
but 505 told her in the easiest way you can say it... "they lost the baby"
Dem was almost as upset as Flug was but she had to put on a brave face and help comfort Flug in his time of need.
when Flug and BH told her that they were going to go throw with having a baby with the plan B she was so happy and glad that she didn't need to get rid of all the baby stuff she got for them.
but Flug told her that she could get rid of the boy stuff cuz they were having a girl. which made Dem even happier.
she kept herself away form Lilith when she was born cuz for one if she got to close BH would bite at her and that she didn't trust herself with something so small.
she considers herself as Lilith's wing-man and bodyguard.
but as she watch Lilith grow up in to a beautiful young woman she started loving her more then just what she should have.
oh boy the fantasies. something she could never talk about but she did write them down in a book the she hides under her bed and in a locked box
Lilith reminds Dem of BH so much. so much to the point that she started to get lady boners for her.
she taught Lilith how to use weapons and how to fight.
she figths off every single dude that trys to flirt with Lilith. for obvious reasons. 



BH had asked Flug for a killing machine that could run on water and sunshine alone not a fucking over sized care bear!!!
((thats really it))

:basic headcannons:

he was made before Dem but he's younger then her.
he is the house maid, the cook, and does everything he can to keep the house clean.
he is a big cinnamon roll!
505 also helps to keep BH sane, Flug alive, and keep Dem from distorting the house.
he can cook really well and loves to do it!!
he trys to stay out of BH's way but he can't help fight off his need to hug BH to make him feel better... but all the gets him is a foot in the ass.
his flower can show his mood to an extent. 
he loves everything sweet and nice like flower, butterflies, candy, and smiles.
he loves spring, then when it starts to get warm the flowers grow and the trees wake up from the winter. but he still love all of the other seasons.
he loves just about everything thats nice and sweet.


he likes to see BH as a man who just need some warm hugs but in reality he's just a big old meany paints.
Flug is his dad.
Dem is is best friend that he loves very much but is scared of. like that friend that you talk to and the way that talk is just plane scary but you love them anyways. yeah thats how he feel about her.
he could tell that Flug and BH where going out. he didn't mind it all to much cuz it was making Flug happy and make BH be nicer.
he didn't say anything of course he would only say something if Flug or BH openly talked about it.
but oh when they told them. he thought it was funny that Dem couldn't see the signs.
his thoughts on their wedding oh the wedding. he was in tear the whole time. 505 was so happy he hugged all of them and this time BH didn't kick him!!

:Lilith info:

he was on the same boat as Dem when they where told there was going to be a baby.
he went quickly to learn how to make baby food.
505 even got to teach BH how to knit. but BH got impatient and got mad so he didn't really learn anything.
but he was happy nonetheless!!
505 also had a bad feeling about BH going to meet that other guy but there was nothing he could do to stop him.
he was in the kitchen cleaning the stove when he heard BH come home in a frenzy of screaming pain and the first thing at hit him was the smell of blood.
he came running when BH called for Flug and broke something.
what he saw and smelled scared him half to death.
but having to scoop up BH was what really sold him that something was really wrong. BH would never let him this close before.
he stayed out of the lab as Flug worked on BH and only came in when Flug's crys got so loud.
505 already knew what had happened.
he really wasn't happy to see everyone so upset. seeing BH hold back his feeling becoming cold again, Flug having a hard time to find the motivation to do anything, and even Dem acting as calm as she was.
he didn't like it at all
but he did have a brilliant idea after a few months of this. 505 went straight to the lab holding Flug in his arms then he drops Flug on his ass in front of a Machine that was covered with a sheet.
pulling the sheet off to show the incubator in all its glory. 
in reality both BH and Flug had forgotten about their plan B.
he likes to protect Lilith from the same dangers around the house from how curious she is.
505 is happy to know that Lilith picked up alot of BH's powers and abilities so she can understand him.
he was frighted when he found out she could do body horror. but that didn't stop him for loving her.
Lilith reminds 505 more of Flug in her personality but looks alot like BH.
505 is happy to say that Lilith has never hurt him but she has biten his when she was teething.
he had taught her how too cook and clean and how to take care of a house. 
he see Lilith as his little sister but does not call her so knowing the BH hates it when he does.

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hey!! would ya'll be into a story contest staring Lilith?

whats a story contest? you may be asking.

well its a contest instead of it mostly consisting of art its for who can write the best story with Lilith and the adventures she has with her wild family. well you can put art in too but its gotta have a story attached to it.

but hey!! would you guys in interested or nah. leave a fav and/or comment on with you want!! 

thanks for reading and have a nice day/night Happy BH

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that was fun and short lived. but yep!! the first person to get the screen shot and to show it to me was...



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hey y'all!!! i'm gonna do a thing! i can't remember what is called but yeah

so if you go to me page you'll see i'm almost at 100,000 pageviews 

if you can get me a screenshot of when i hit 100,000 pageviews no more and no less then at 100,000. i'll draw you a 1 oc full body fully shaded drawing.

to submit it to me just put it in the comments on my page itself.

the first one to get it to me will get the prize.

have fun!!

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my answers. 

1. cats or dogs?

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both =w= 

4.favorite color?
baby blue and baby pink. or wolf

6. ever herd of bluestar or firestar?
you mean for the warrior cat books? 

7. soft or hard?
ummmmmm.... my brain went right in to the gutter when you asked that XD
so i'm not going to answer X3

8.thoughts on me?
i like you. you get and nice pat on the head. *pat pat*

9. favorite song and band?
hmmmm.... my favorite band would have to be KoRn and i have alot of favorite songs but i'll give you one.

((it reminds me of CT))

10. light or dark?
and again back to the gutter...

my questions:

1. you like Villanious?

2. how did you get in to art?

3. what was your first fandom?

4. gummies or chocolate?

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9. are you happy this is other?

10. i am =w=

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hey guys i feel like i need to apologize for this but i just haven't been able to work... heck i haven't been wanting to draw at all for the past few days.... 
my home life is just really really bad right now and i just can't work... so i'm going to try to pull my self together and bring you guys you want.

but i have to spread CT to two weeks or its just going to be paused again... i'm sorry...

i only have 2 pages done... and i just can't work...

i'm sorry

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thank you to all so much for buying commissions!!! i now have enough money to get a new fan plus some other things!! 

now that my commissions are done i can shift my attention to working on CT!!!

so the next update on the comic will be on.


a Monday =w=

thank you all so much!!!

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from having commissions i am not able to work on CT so i will not but updating it till all my commissions are done!!

it is not canceled just paused. 

thank you and have a nice day/nigh
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cuz my computer keeps freezing on me and it keeps pushing back my work by the same 3 fucking panels!!

my rest is going to be about a month and i will be opening commissions so i can get a new fan for my computer so i can work on CT with no problems

please ladies and gentleman i REALLY need your help. i want to ya'll more CT and get to the end of it. but i can't do that if my computer won't work for me. 

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