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PMD: Turncoats 2.6: The Things We Do

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... in the name of plot.

Sorry it's been so long, folks. School juuuuust started and I'm already sorta behind, so this comic has taken the back-burner (as always, one might say?). Nonetheless, it'd be nice to actually get into the drama that is Sly being a bitch, so obviously I must press on.

 *thinking* (Now, Stitch, you know that you are not INVOLVED in this mess... technically. You can still--well--no. If you turned your back now, Pandora would never forgive it. Oh, Arceus, the things we do in the name of...)
Exploud: *from inside the Guild* Whose FOOTPRINT? Whose FOOTPRINT, then? *pauses* SABLEYE, huh? I thought Dusk told him to take a day OFF for once!
Duskfyre: Is that the healer?
Stormskye: Could be.
Duskfyre: But the Arrowleafs were fine last night. I even had a letter sent to relieve him...
Exploud: *background* Wait, WHO else? You're JOKING!
Duskfyre: The Pelipper must have missed him. Let me just give him the good news, only be a moment...
Stormskye: *thinking* (Now, the Doctor I WASN'T expecting...) 'Kay.
Duskfyre: G'day to you!
Stitch: Guildmaster--erm--I just need a word with--
Duskfyre: Eva, I assume? Her scratches are healing up just fine. I actually had a note sent.
Stitch: Yes, Tsunami gave me the news. This is... OTHER business. But you must first promise not to be rash.
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UnownaceProfessional General Artist
In the name of OKTOBERFEST! YOLO (Medic) 

Haha because "sausages." XD
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Oh, that's okay, I need to catch up with all my notifications due to being in New York with no connection to the internet between then and last Saturday due to being in Ottawa, but in the mean time, Looks like Doc's about to get caught up in one helluva mess... publicly, I mean
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, way to lose all of your support in town in one fell swoop, huh? He must not be thinking straight! Pun entirely intended.
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fenixcastStudent General Artist
Be like me, skip College to draw!
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
Don't tempt me, I'm already colouring these in class...
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TheBlackServant3Hobbyist Writer
Yay a new page :D
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
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TheBlackServant3Hobbyist Writer
Keep up! You're doing amazing art :)
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