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PMD: Turncoats 2.5 - Incident Reports
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Published: August 2, 2019
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"I'M THE SCOURGE OF THE APPLE WOODS," declares Sly, making absolutely no impact on the local wildlife unless it first enrages him by wearing a shiny badge. What are people even outlaws for if they don't use it for wanton destruction??? It's certainly not for the money, not everyone's carrying around twelve Gold Ribbons and just waiting to be robbed!

 Actually, I'm not sure that's true, judging by our archived incident reports.
Duskfyre: Been reading, hm?
Stormskye: We have over a hundred reports of theft by the Bandits, and countless interferences... and yet when you sort by VIOLENT incidents, the number of unprovoked attacks drops to... NINE. And every last one is on our recruits -- not civilians. Sure, they take a shot when someone they've cornered fights BACK, but they're not coming in swinging. Seems the leader prefers to intimidate.
Duskfyre: ... So it's a vendetta, then. They've got some personal beef with authority that has them lashing out... but that doesn't mean they aren't a risk. What's their endgame?
Stormskye: That's the problem -- I can't find a motive. They should all have different places of origin -- Sneasel from Blizzard Island, Larvitar from the Northern Desert, Deino from the mountains someplace... none of them appear to have Guild affiliation, past or present... none ever took us on as rescuers, no requests on file... by all rights, they shouldn't have any reason to be targeting our apprentices and seniors, nor holding back against anyone else. Well. No matter, I suppose. Soon enough you'll be able to ask them personally... if I'm right with my hunch.
Duskfyre: What, do you think they'll just waltz in here any minute? Pff!
Sly: ...
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Yeah, this sneasel DEFINITELY has a bone to pick...
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fenixcast|Student General Artist
Doubting Storm!? Dusk you non-believing fool!
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atomic-wallflower|Hobbyist General Artist

can't wait to do it all over again for like twenty more pages
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