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PMD: Turncoats 2.3 - Smiles Go For Miles!

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Our introduction to these two wasn't savoury, to say the least -- but at the end of the day, it's important to come back together and remember that you love each other more than you hate the crappy positions that your job puts you in. And what's fate, anyway??? Not like they have an actual prophecy to go on or anything.


 *offscreen* SMILES GO FOR MILES~! Now let's get to work, everyone! Guildmistress will have new missions on the board in five,  so those of you who haven't picked a task, take your time at Kanghaskan's -- I hear the Keks have a two-for-one on Revivers... *into the office* Erm. I see you're up. And. Hard at work with the sorting, are we...? I... brought you some breakfast. Didn't spot you in the mess hall. And on that note -- about yesterday...
Stormskye: Dusk, we don't have to. I'm sorry for what I said -- I know that my biases pushed me to it. If they CHOOSE our path, then I can accept that. It's just...
Duskfyre: You want them to make an informed decision, I know. And I might have been... eager to persuade them. That's on me. 
Stormskye: If they quit, we can still face what's coming, whatever fate has in store. We've done it once, right?
Duskfyre: Right. We have the Guild. And each other. We'll manage.
Stormskye: Exactly... not that we don't have enough on our plate as it is.
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UnownaceProfessional General Artist
Ugh..that's the earworm that keeps on earworming... Pikachu dizzy 
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fenixcastStudent General Artist
There's something in your face...
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Well, make room for dessert, because you're about to get more on your plate...
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
Anyone feel like seconds? There's plenty to go around! :D
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Yeah, plenty of trouble!
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Precious happy dorks. Godbless levity.
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
For the few pages that we have it, at least! :D
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