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PMD: Turncoats 2.2 - Even If...

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It's been a busy few weeks, but here we are -- somehow still getting through comic pages, unlike the essay I'm actually supposed to be doing.

Funny how that happens, innit?

 I'm sorry, bud, but I got no choice. I don't expect ya to understand, but it's my duty to go. Even though I know why you can't. And before you say it, I ain't mad you ran off -- I prolly shoulda told you soft-like, but I was shocked last night, didn't know what to make of it all... I'll do what I can to make it easy. I won't mention the Dugout, o' course. So as long as you keep hushed for a while --
Sly: [interrupts] I'm coming with you. You're right, I DON'T know why you'd go and chance a fight with Magnezone. I don't even know how you can still work in town after everything they'd put you through if they found you out... WHEN they do, if you're set on this. But if you're gonna be in danger, then you know I've gotta tag along. Even if that means they clock the lot of us. Even if I've -- even if it means I've gotta face you-know-who. OK?
Pandora: ... Are you sure you can keep it together if you do see 'er? It's important. As much as we BOTH might wanna say some things... I need you to be safe in there, too.
Sly: I'll keep my mouth shut, for your sake. I -- I promise... so what're we all waiting for, folks? Cerb, you'd better not be staring at me under there.
Cerberus: Just glad to see you're still standing today.
Sly: Yeah, yeah, I'll grab the cane, you git -- but then no more interruptions! Today's a big day, and you know what they say...
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UnownaceProfessional General Artist
"Today's a big day and you know what they say! An apple a day keeps Stitch away!~"

"I'm standing vhight HERE youz Schweinehunde! Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon)
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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist
Pandora: *furiously tearing the apples off of every last tree so that Stitch doesn't feel unwelcome in the Apple Woods*
Stitch: *has to resist the urge to tell him it really doesn't work like that*
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UnownaceProfessional General Artist
I really, really, REALLY want Stitch to refer to someone as "schweinhund" and/or "dummkopf" at LEAST once...maybe even make it a running gag. XD