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Super Mario Shroom Kingdom

About year ago...I was in health class...and we were in drugs. We all had to research a specific drug and I got to research Shrooms. The teacher said we had to have a essay and a creative project. She said that movies were welcome and I thought..."How about I make a flash?". After remembering an inside joke by my friends about Mario eating "Magic Mushrooms" and turning big and fighting turtles and fire-breathing plants. I decided to make a flash about that. I've originally tried to get this on my friend's site, but he's been very lazy. Sorry Brotha =( but its waited for too long. You guys also got the net version of the movie. This one has a (basic) preloader and a secret movie at the end. Just "tickle" the mushroom.

The music and program info are shown during the credits. Critique is welcome...but kinda pointless at the same time. Because I know every problem in this movie, and stuff I just couldn't fix. Most people dont notice it though. I hope you guys enjoy!
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Wow. 0_o Well, at least I'll never think about doing drugs now! XD Awsome job, this must have taken AGES to make! Did you use Mario Bros. animations? Or make your own that were based on the game animation? Sorry, I'm new to DevART! ^^;
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:lol: nice animation, that was weird and random, but it was gewd. :):(:).

(I liked the part at the end where mario was chased by an imaginary banzai bill) kekeke
HA HA HA!!! finally, someone introduced that mushrooms are drugs to mario without making me mad! great job! you deserve a llama!!
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Yeah, at least it's good to see you excelling in flash. Once again,"Good job". Though I never once said good job....but I did so that last statement was a lie. O.O;
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thanky thanky...Hopefully i get start making more...That was like a year ago when i made this too...but im rusty though...oh well i've learned a few new tricks too.
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It was deleted before I got in this morning. ; _ ; The media arts teacher says she had nothing to do with it, and that it was probably another student or the facalty members that check the computers. Oh well. *sigh* I'll just have to redo them on my home computer. That's the last time I do anything even slightly helpfull for the school. I'm so not doin' the Photo Shop CS tutorial now. You know.... that's just what I get for living in a hick town. >,>
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that sucks dude. You'll figure it out though. Keep at it!
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I have a few designs done now, but I have to bring a floppy disk with me tomorrow so I can take them off the media arts computer before they're deleted. O.O;
Atomic-Squirrel's avatar
Ya you better do that. It'd suck to have that stuff deleted.
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^_^ OMFG!!! You so win!! It's on my site for real now!!! ^_^ I decided to give the featured media it's own section so now things'll work out and I can put this on with some slick html coding. ^_^;; I love it though. Good job!!

Now the only other question is...... what size t-shirt do you wear? You're the lucky winner, so you get an SFPGC shirt of your choice. ^_^ As soon as I get the tests printed, I'll send you the designs.. or just keep watchin' here and you're bound to see them. I mean I already have the Wolfwood shirt design, but who wants to sport my name on a shirt? >,>
Atomic-Squirrel's avatar
YAY! AWESOME! I get a t-shirt! I'll talk to you about the t-shirt later dude. Glad you liked it.
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I love that video game :D
Poor mario.. but, its funny haha
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That was great :D
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As an old school gamer, this warms my heart.
Atomic-Squirrel's avatar
Thanks I'm glad to hear it =D
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For some reason I knew this was gonna happen in a flash with teh shroom idea ^^
Atomic-Squirrel's avatar
Didn't think it was going to be me? LOL.
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Pretty funny. And it was acctually a decent leanth. Also the animation was ok for a sprite movie.
Nice work.
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That was great!! Awesome!!
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