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I have a computer again. I feel whole.

jfc, there are a lot of deviations and notifications waiting for me. I might delete them all so if there is something you really wanted to show me, lemme know.

Hi! :D

Edit to add:

I mostly use discord nowadays, skype mutuals take note! Add me there. :D
Oh jeez, where the hell has the year gone by? I'm still around and just really busy right now.

jfc, there are a lot of notifications that I need to catch on. I'll try to catch up soon. Sorry. :C

I did do inktober this year btw. it was awesome
I miiiiight have another ecco piece here soon. IDK when, after I finish this commission, and then I have an art trade with AuldBlue to do, and a sketch trade with Okura (I think that's it??). This time of the year is always busy.

Maybe I will try some DOTF art. I don't like DOTF as much as I do with the first two ecco games, but there are some things in it that were pretty cool.

I also did NaNoWriMo this year and managed to break it past the 50k mark, the story is still unfinished. D: The story is not dolphin related but more so head canon related to an older head world of mine. I am very pleased. Maybe I will share art I have of it. :D

Enjoy your day!
I think I have some ecco fan art inc to share with you all. yay! :3
In the mood to draw some characters (Cetaceans only, but sharks are okay too!). If you have refs of them, leave them in the comments. This is not first come first serve! I'll just draw maybe one to three characters. :D
Inktober is going very well! I have been enjoying it! Almost done! Two more weeks? wheeeee!

I think next year... Sharks!
Well I am home again, after a good week and a half of being away. I live in California, and if you know anything about California in the summer, it tends to go up in flames. We had a few close calls in the area where I live (near Yosemite), but nothing that would endanger our home.

Some of the mountain towns further up north however were not as fortunate. My husband was called into working in those towns to help restore power. I went with him to give him company. It was only suppose to be for a weekend. It ended up being about a week and a half. It has been an interesting time up there.

Anyways, I am home now and I can get back to my normal schedule. First things first, I will upload my image for the summer art exchange, since that was finished during my time away for home. I am sorry for missing the deadline. Apologies goes to KtrenalWinterheart for receiving your image so late. I hope you will enjoy it nontheless!

I -might- be open for commissions again in the future. I want to knock out some art trades that are due. If you and I have an art trade and you haven't received yours, kindly remind me here.

I might be trying out Inktober this year. Looking forward to MOAR inking. My birthday is in a few days and I am looking forward to that.
It has been too hot. I haven't been on my heat producing computer because of it. I miss doing digital art, but I have been content with writing and sketching in my books.

Summer needs to just go away though. I've some trades and exchanges to do, and finish some of the stuff I want to share on here.

I am probably going to give myself a good kick in the rear and start scanning my sketchbook. It is filled with a lot of personal work that I don't normally share. Two head worlds mostly. A human fantasy one and a ocean based one.

Some of you may briefly remember when I did a couple of pages of a dolphin comic long ago. I scrapped the idea and removed the pages, working on new lore. I will try and share those too. It will be a long time before anything polished comes out, but why not share?
My friend Okura is looking for some work! Looking for someone to do a drawing or even a mini comic? Please consider him!

Commission Details 2013/14 by Okura

I am still semi gone. Been terribly busy with real life. Be back soon (I hope!)
Gunna be tidying up my gallery here. A first in a few years. Some things might be going into storage, while others might be going out of storage. I don't know yet. Should make more folders and organize things a bit better. I wonder how different things are with a sub? I haven't had a DA sub in years. ;p

My birthday is this Saturday and I am excited. Going out for birthday dinner on Friday though. yaaaaaaaaay. Usually Birthdays are not much of a big deal for me, but as long as I can spend the day with my husband, I am usually A-okay! Plus cake. Always a bonus. yuuuuuuum.

Other places of activity:


I have been trying really, really hard to kick myself out of hermit mode and be active on this site. I THINK it is going okay so far. And since it has been nearly a year since my last update. So, let's do a new journal entry and maybe try to update it often?! Sounds like a good idea.

ANYWAYS. Planning more cetacean art in the future, gunna try and start sharing more of my headworld stuff on here. Most of which can be found over at my tumblr. I think maybe I'll start with references sheets?

I have some commissions to work on, trades to finish and start trades with others (you know who you are!).

It has been a long time since I last posted anything on here and I am sorry for that. I mostly post my sketches over on Tumblr these days. Add me if you are there! Say Hi! Or something.

It has been a exciting year. 2012 ended pretty horribly for me but 2013 has been awesome thus far. My husband and I recently came back from a trip to the U.K where I finally met and hung out with fallke and stereo-honey in England. It was kinda a little mini Ecco con as I have met these two from a Ecco fan site nearly or about 10 years ago. It was amazing and I just smile knowing that a simple dolphin game (or any game) can have such a impact on people's lives. We also met up with arcengal a friend I know through the Panzer Dragoon community and he was a good host and showed us about Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was sad having to leave, but there will be a next time.

To also add, that my husband and I just purchased a home and will be moving into it next month! I have been busy packing and getting things ready for the new place. It is really lovely. Far from the city. I grew up in country and didn't mesh well living in the city. I am eager to move there.

Currently I am working on finishing my back load of commission work, trades and personal ideas. I don't know when I will be open for commissions again, so if by chance you want one, lemme know!

Speaking of commissions, my friend Okura is currently open for them! He is saving up for a important trip, please help him out by buying a drawing from him! :D

Commission Details 2013/14 by Okura
~~Commish: ~~
Okura (1)

~~Trades: ~~

*Comic project
-almost done with sketches-

*work on some kind of armour and weapon portfolio

*Draw more Dark Souls fan art gdi.
Howdy folks.

Looks like I will be away from my home for about a month or so and while I have Warhammer figures to paint, art trades and Commissions to do. I figure I will do this as well to keep me further busy.

Give me a animal that you would like to see me draw. It HAS to be non anthro for Reasons.
Normally I do not do these but since I was tagged by the dear crushedtulips I made an exception. :)

10 Favorites
• Favorite Color: Blue
• Favorite Food:  Sushi
• Favorite Band:  VNV Nation
• Favorite Show:  Don't really watch tv anymore...
• Favorite Sport:  Nah...
• Favorite Season:  Autumn
• Favorite Day Of the Week:  Friday
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate
• Favorite Time of Day:  Night
• Favorite Activities:  drawing, reading, gaming

9 Currents
• Current Mood:  Tired
• Current Taste:  Apple
• Current Clothes:  T-shirt, sweat pants
• Current Finger/Toenail Color:  Flesh
• Current Time:  1:58 pm
• Current Surroundings:  In front of the computer in the book room
• Current Annoyance(s):  Dull headache and back pain
• Current Thought:  Waiting for the husband to come home.

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend:  Denise
• First crush this school year:  Not in school
• First Screen Name:  Atolm
• First Pet:  Tyson, a chow chow
• First Piercing:  Ears
• First Thing You Did Today: Read messages on the phone
• First Thing You Ate:  wat?
• First school you went to:  Herndon-Barstow

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption:  Tuna
• Last Car Ride:  Coming home from the coast Sunday night
• Last Text Message:  From the husband
• Last Movie Seen:  Titanic (Husband is a history nerd on it.)
• Last Item/s Bought:  Books
• Last CD Played:  Currently playing- Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle-Earth
• Last Website You Were On: Tumblr

6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends:  I married him.
• Have You Ever Broken the Law:  I am sure I have.
• Have You Ever Been Arrested:  Nope
• Have You Ever Been on TV:  Yes
• Have You Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: No
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof:  Yes

5 Places You've Been To
•  Mexico
•  Hawaii
•  Texas
•  San Francisco
•  San Diego

4 Things
• You're Wearing:  .... T-shirt, Sweatpants, Wedding ring, and opal ring
• You Did Last Night:  Played Skyrim, Listened to music, draw and watched TV
• What Can You Hear Right Now:  This song:…, The bell on the cat's collar, my typing and the phone
• You Can't Live Without: Friends and family, sketchbooks and music

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
•  My husband
•  My friend
•  My other friend

2 Choices
• Black or White:  black
• Hot or Cold:  cold
1 Love
•  music
1.  Copy and paste this to your journal, erasing the tagger's answers.
2.  Tag 5 people.
3.  Tell the people that you tag by sending them a link to this entry.
4.  No tag backs!

I tag whoever wants to do this!


Tonight is just one of those nights that music from a lot of my favorite game series plays... and of course I want to draw them all.

So far some Phantasy Star 4, Ecco the dolphin and now Panzer Dragoon.



For now, I'll leave this here, the current song playing. Makes me wish I can work my Saturn and fight this boss. Epic fight.. epic.…

mmm Saturn graphics. 8D

Oh yeah, I have not forgotten about this:… Submit your characters. ;p
Toss in one of your characters here, refs, description and the like.

I MAY draw them... at some point. ^^

(Mostly because I want to get in the practice of drawing characters other than my own)
Yes I created one, I just might use it for scanning sketches and what not. We will see.

I just got to motivate myself to scan some of this stuff. For now, might just repost stuff people have seen already.
Gallery cleaning is fun. :p