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dwarf fortress tiles



Messing about with Dwarf Fortress. I'm not really done with this yet, (dwarfort has crazy amounts of stuff in it, and I want to make a full set of animal, race and monster graphics, with special nobles.) but I got other stuff I should do this week. I wanted to show these off while I remember.

It goes:
smith, miner, stoneworker, woodworker
guard, jeweler, craftsman, farmer
hunter, mechanic, fisherman, noble
child, baby, default, warrior
(the game colours these ones in.)
dog, cat, horse, deer
wolf, mule, goat, cow
fox, muskox, camel, two-hump camel
(various vermins)

here's the stuff you need to get this to work with the game: [link]
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Are others allowed to use this in non-Dwarf Fortress games?