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By atobgraphics
Hi everyone,

Its been a long time since i've left a new journal (again i know!) have got a lot of work in the pipeline, most commonly a new site to promote and sell my this space for that. (Still in the long task of getting them functional in fontographer though)

Right more to the task at hand......
I need some guidance and expertise on websites, especially web forms/data capture. I'm looking to create a simple contact us page on my website. (the normal, name address phone email etc...) but how do you manage to get the submitted data back ?? I'd like to get all the info to bounce into either an alloted email address or to be stored as txt files in my webspace.
Can anyone help me out, been banging my head against the wall searching for how the hell i can do it.

Thanks people, really appreciate anyones help and advice.

Kind regards
Alex (atobgraphics)
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Can show you how to do this if you like, it's a piece of cake.
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Be so greatful mate, just to get my head round how i can do it. Ive created the page already as its an add-on to a website I made a year ago in dreamweaver. All the forms etc.. are done its the scripting etc to get it functioning as a data capture that i've never done.

Appreciate the help. :handshake:
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Use Fontlab man , fontographer is wack , trust me.
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Have just bought Fontlab Studio... your right its better lol ..... only thing is why cant you import new eps files ?? its a pain in the backside.
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Its easier mate. All u do is drag the letter from illustrator straight into the letter your working on in fontlab , then adjust the metrics size etc as so. Well , thats how i do it and it works a treat for me!
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Hi dude

I'm a web developer and I know a few possible solutions for your little problem...

just note me if you're interested
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ok that link didnt work
try: [link]
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best thing to do is to find a site which uses what you want and contact them direct to see how they do it.
think its something to do with mySQL and php
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sending emails is a little better -- depending on which language you are going to use -- you'll need to access the email "object" and use its properties to populate the fields -- once that is done -- send it to whichever account you want -- later days
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Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention I use wordpress. It's free and works really well for my limited usage. :)
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I think the simplest way might be to use a wordpress or blogger system. That way, it will have all the structure you need to make a decent portfolio (if you use the right theme/plugin) and the contact page is another plugin that works on a separate page.

My site is: [link]

Yes, it's not the greatest website, but at the minute it does what I need it to do until I learn better webdesign or can pay someone to fix it up for me. :)
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