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Sliced AB

Well here it is ! The first publicly released typeface and it's FREE !
Ive finally managed to get Fontlab running effectively so more fonts will be available soon, but not for free unfortunatly.

The typeface includes many of the key elements you need in a font, upper and lower case, as well as numerals and puncuation.
If ive missed any out let me know.

Download It Then Fav it ! The More Interest In My Fonts I Get I May Upload Another One !
If you use this on DA note me, I'd love to see how this gets used :)

Note: This is NOT to be used in ANY Commercial Projects whatsoever without written & signed consent from myself ! !

******************* SLICED AB .v2 NOW AVAILABLE ******************…

          Full Character Set, Multi-Lingual Support , Alternatives and more....

© 2006 - 2021 atobgraphics
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I decided to get upto date with a new faster computer and forgot that my font software wasnt compatible :(

BUT I'm finally back running with new font software and this typeset is updated with all new and better kerning and character sets. Keep an eye out soon, artwork and final fonts being tested.

Appreciate every download on this version, it was a huge learning curve and I hope Sliced ABv2 is just as successful!

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thank you sir !!
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Quarter of  Million downloads... i'm still amazed something I created so long ago is still so popular!

I know I said a new version is coming... and it is!
I've learnt a lot since creating this font so am working on the new edition to make it even better. Just hope it can reach the same heights.

Thank you to anyone who've downloaded, it really means a lot.

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This is a mindblowing font type, the sleekness is strong with this one. Do you mind if I use this font for a school presentation about: "How did live exist?". It is about revisiting the past of humanity and searching for answers like "Does the universe has a beginning and who are we humans?" 
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Permission to use for a public media publication?
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Damn nice font man!
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Can I use this for a few logos for youtube?
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************ NEW VERSION OF SLICED AB COMING MAY/JUNE 2014 ************
  Full Character Set, Ligatures, Alternatives and many more glyphs than this!....

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Could I use this for may video-game/company website please? 
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Awesome font AB! :D
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Can this font be used in advertisement banners for RPGs?
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