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Japanese Nights FM3 Advert

By atobgraphics
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Been playing FM3 for a while now just another type of graphic design media for me to use. All done with ingame shapes in no more that 1000 layers per side.... can be quite a challenge!

This is an advert created from the paint myself and another talented painter sinnermac worked on together. Advert created by myself, in game photography BossSteiner75.

Will post some other FM3 designs and adverts i've made soon. Enjoy..

FM3 Gallery [link]
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I was like OMG when i looked at the graphics, I mean, are you serious?Game graphics looks so real!
guess the password works! that Ad AB....was a pleasure painting up those cars with your badself, look forward to future projects
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AB, looks awesome, i should get back to painting in FM3, i miss it!
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Cool! Yeah you should! I enjoy it its a new medium of art and enjoyable as well.
Been hooked on it ever since FM1 :)

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This is absolutely amazing.
I have Forza 3 and it is pretty challenging and time taking to make something good.

Is that typeface something you made up?
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Thanks man, I love that game its a blast to paint in.

Yes the main typeface is one of my creations.
Am actually working on a full character set in the same style, will post the typographic poster up when i've completed it.

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check this out its pretty cool.

I printd a small version on my wall, they ran out of the one i wanted when i went for one,

BTW do you have font lab? One of my mentors had it and he was really good he released a few fonts.
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Yes I use fontlab & Fontographer mainly, both very similar.... and Illustrator to create the eps outlines.
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