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How to Freak Out a LaLLama

:la: GIMME :iconplusllamaplz: and :+fav: if u leik this!
LLAMA + (LA) X 2 = Freaked out LLAMA

:la: MOAR llama:

How to Freak Out a LLa-LLa-LLama!
I thought that with all the llama-commotion going it it would be funny to see it from a llama point of view :giggle: I love how the llama's just so startled and how the present box cover flutters down =) The animation took ages. 0.o Can anyone advice me on my animation/tips to make animating easier?

Unrelated note: Oh my gosh, the present icon's outdated now =(

:la:See MOAR from Zasadzka (AMBUSH) Project:
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reload oflallama with a gift
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It's amazing to see that you're using my llama emoji :)
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How to Freak Out a LaLLama 

IT'S SO CUTE!!! la in love Explode la plz important part of life 
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that's cool 
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 Panda - Blow KissLOVE ITTTT :rainbowla: :rainbowllamaride:
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give llama get llama
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LLAMA!!!! Llamas are awesome
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Possibly one of my most favorite emoticons ever this is great :3
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:XD: Llama in the box!
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Featured on :icongive-llamageta-llama: Emote Box !
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:la: :giggle: :aww: that's cute and funny ;P
Great Job on the if only I had the time...and do the same thing -_-;
I wold have to agree with :iconobscureflower:, that this would make a great Plz icon as well. ^^

...Before I read the title, and from a distance away, I thought it was a boot popping out of the box...
...boy do I feel silly :iconfacepalmplz:
...I have got to tell you, it made a heck of a lot more sense when I realized it was a :llama: :XD:
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