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Giddy Up Llama

Due to the fact I didn't make the PICKMEPLZ emote, i do not have the permission to give you guys to use it as an icon. Sorry guys =( This can only be used as an emote on Devart. Thank you.

:love: GIMME :iconplusllamaplz: and :+fav: if u liek this!
:la: MOAR llama:

Giddy up llama!

(Or OMG how do I make this thing move?!?)

The answer is you don't. :XD:
This is a llama ver of :iconomgpickmeplz: He looks so cute and his hand was as if he was pumping a fist while trying to get a horse or smth to move. I just HAD to make a llama ver!
I'm waiting to see if it's original creator :iconde-mote: allows this. If he doesn't I will respect his opinion and it will be removed. =(

:la:See MOAR from Zasadzka (AMBUSH) Project:
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Llama familiar
looks like that was the straw that
broke the llama's back
Ah yes, the "raping the Llama" icon, my favorite.
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Giddy Up Llama 
comment -> add media -> search my username, atnezau -> then click on the emote.
Hope that helps!
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:icongiddyupllamaplz: do I use it like.that
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Nope! You use :thumb174484979: in journals and notes.
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So very freacking sweet! xD
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I used your emote in an avatar for a llama group: [link]
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Thanks for liking my llama emote! However, as written above, I DO NOT have the ability to give you permission to use it as an icon, be it for your devart acc or group acc. This is due to the fact that I DID NOT make :iconomgpickmeplz:. You can contact :iconde-mote: for permission. If he allows you to, then it's ok by me too. (I think that your v2 avvie is cute!) =) If he doesn't, please remove it. I hope you understand.
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If you haven't gotten in trouble yet then I think we're both safe. :D
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heres a llama 4 ya!
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:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Don't forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies... :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:

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hyah llama!!! heyah!!!
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hi i like your llama/llamas
i was wondering if you would let me use it in a big composition
i will give a link to all of the artists pages in the comment and if everyone submitted it to all of thier groups and had it in their sig and stuff like that. i will try and get it mega loads of views making everyone else get publicity so what do u say.

ps. i know this was pasted before u ask but i want to get about 1000 llamas
i have already 141 of my own.

thanks for your time

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This is way better than Chuck Norris :iconimegacameplz:

No, wait.

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deviantArt's copyright policies.

Modifying or editing a creative work without proper permission.

You do not have ~de-Mote's permission.

Don't mean to be a party pooper, but this violates deviantArt's Copyright Policy. Please remove or move it into storage until you have permission. :aww:

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Yea, I know, I've already asked de-mote for permission and am still wating for a reply. The entry is here for him to see and consider if he wants it removed or not.

Naw you're not being a party pooper, it's alright to tell me that. =) How do I put it into storage? Will the artist be able to see it if it's in storage?
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