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I saw by :iconstampsbysassawj: and was inspired to do a cat version :meow: (I'm more of a cat person)

I totally agree with :iconstampsbysassawj: (go read her views). There are so many poor animals out there who aren't given a chance just because its "too old". I know people like cute young pets more and prefer to have a pet that grows with them, or that they can train themselves, but giving an older pet a chance is important too. Many older pets are put down at shelters, while greedier breeders are rapidly producing young pets, which may or may not get a good home =( It's a sad waste of lives there. So I hope more people can support the cause with this stamp!

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BrightAndBoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually prefer older cats. Don't get me wrong, I adore kittens but I really appreciate older kitties
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I don't think it matters as long as you're adopting from a shelter and are committed to your decision. You're saving a life regardless of the age of the animal.
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OpticalTerrorHobbyist General Artist
The two adult cats that I adopted are my best friends <33
I strongly recommend adopting adult pets, because they can get just as attached to you as they would if you raised them from a puppy or kitten!
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RaynefStudent General Artist
Actually, I agree that adult animals are a good companion too but yes, sadly there are many who wants younger pets. True, I cannot deny that I like younger pets too but sometimes, I just like adult pet too cause they are much calmer yet they are a great companion to hang out with. :)

Well, adoptions are always great. I support people who adopt because supporting puppy mills or cat mills ( Is that what you call them? ) , well, that just sucks!! Yay! 
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peacefulinvasionHobbyist Artist
:3 I agree with you old cats are the best.

I say adopt the cat at the shelter who steals your heart :)
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MarchKittyHobbyist General Artist
I adopted my cat when she was 4 year old :33
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69MoonBright69Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sad that there are no shelters and the forest that grows nearby by me is full of abandoned pets. :(
I already rescued a few but i cant keep on like this.

My friend though, well, his parents once bough a russian blue kitten, and someone stole it a few weeks later! Why take happy pets and ignore the starving ones? Quees what... They bough him another russian blue kitten. e.e'
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sideshow-coholicHobbyist Digital Artist
I know right. Adult kitties are just as cute as kittens. Yesterday I went to a rescue center and there was this big fat adult kitty. But he acted like he was still a bay. He was so chubby and fluffy too. He would always rub his head against my fingers when I put them in his cage. He was such a bundle of happy. I wanted to get him but you know very busy with other pets to get more. Gotta think of them before I add another to the family. :3c But still he was a cutie his name was Blizzard cause he was all white and was rescued when his owners abandoned him the vets office. i hope he finds a loving family soon. Cause he was a cutie patooty. X3 His meow are also very sweet and tiny for such a chubby adult kitty. ^^
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I adopted my cat 2 years ago when she when an adult and I love her to pieces!
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Totally agree with this. I plan on adopting an older cat for my next pet. I just feel so bad for them, they need to be loved too <3
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VioletRosePetalsHobbyist General Artist
This is exactly what my husband and I did and we couldn't be happier with our lovely Neytiri. She's just as playful and cute as any kitten, only much better behaved.

She does love windows:aww:
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Totally agree with that. I worked in a cat shelter last year and saw few stupid people who wanted a kitten and not an adult cat because, you understand, he/she is "old"... Or abandon the same kitten few months/one year later because he "grew up"... :omg:

I'm completely for adult adoption! :w00t:
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atnezauHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! It's great you support it, i'm so glad. :love:
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I just love this. I am really really flattered that I inspired you to make this. The dog version was for both dogs and cats, but I had so many cat stamps I needed to use one with a dog stock photo. I am more of a cat person as well, which is why I am my way to rescue my fifteenth sometime this month! You did a brilliant job on this stamp; this one as well as my own is on my front page, at the top where my "Pound Dogs" folder is. :heart:
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atnezauHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you approved! Thanks so much for the compliments and for putting it on your page! :love:You're amazing, doing all this for animals! Keep up the great work! :hug:
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SinMisericordia21Hobbyist Digital Artist
ive adopted many adult pets :aww:
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atnezauHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconglompplz: That's wonderful! We need more people to follow your example ^.^
SinMisericordia21's avatar
SinMisericordia21Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D actually if i remember right ive only adopted 1 kitten from a shelter and ive adopted 3 adult cats and the rest of my cats are stray cats that we have taken in :aww:
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