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Pinkie Pie uses 'Party Cannon'

Pinkie Pie's "Party Cannon attack" from the Royal Wedding during the fight scene against the Changelings.

This took far too much work, and about 8 hours of my life, but I'm really happy with it, hope you are too!!

Hardest part? Those little curly things. They suck!

Feel free to use this as a wallpaper (I'd recommend downloading it, or the one below for even more ridiculous resolution) but please ask if you want to use it in your own project :D

Time Taken: 8hrs
Program: Adobe PS CS5
PSD Download: [link]
SVG Download: [link]


Alternate Versions

Click here for ridiculous resolution!

And as always....


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Yah! Tiem tew unlesh thuh erbital frendshhhip cannun pewpew!
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Party Cannon must be OP
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I'd like to trace this (pencil and paper), at least part of it, for a SpeedDraw video (check my youtube channel [.../channel/UCe54go7oewHzfNYgdIKn0OQ] for two examples), if that's alright with you. :)
I will, of course credit you, and link back here.
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Well, I can't wait any longer for to do the arts, and I'm judging, from your response to vikingeric78, that you won't mind, so imma get going on it. If you have a problem, just lemme know, I'll remove it.
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Yeah, sorry I didn't get back to you, been a crazy few weeks.  I don't mind as long as you link to here in the description for the video! :)
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Sorry, I don't get on DA often.
Ya, here's a link to the video:
You could also check the playlist linked above (there are now 5 SpeedDraw vids in it [soon to be another])

[edit] here's the link so you can be lazy ;)…
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1337th download! :D
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Pinkie Pie uses party cannon.

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haha love her expression X3 lol an this episode bravo bravo ^^
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Pinkie Pie used "Party Cannon"

It was super effective!

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Changeling fainted!
Pinkie recieved balloon pokebucks!
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The foe's Changeling fainted!
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Have party cannon, will travel. Nice work!
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Hi MyLittlePinkieDash,

I'd like to use this in a video project. Needs just Pinkie, the cannon, and a few pieces of confetti (not the changeling.) I can work with the SVG file to get that. You'll totally get credit and I'll post a link back here when it's done. Let me know if you have any objections :)
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Interesting, I somehow completely missed this comment!

Thanks for letting me know! :D
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Aw,I laughed when I saw her do this the first time :D It's so Pinkie Pieish to use a party canon against the enemies 8D
Great work :)
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Changeling: (goes flying from the blast and hits the ground, HARD...covered in confetti) "Ouch..." :(
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