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Bon Bonds

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This is probably my favorite picture I've drawn for Bonpun, though that likely has something to do with me being a chemical engineer. Plus, they're little ponies! :D You can see more pictures like this one at
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StaredEclipseStudent Traditional Artist
Awwwww this is cute Love 
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Nice idea. Even though I'd have the metallic bon bon's panel differently.
I imagined them trying to catch the candy and it just slipping off their hooves.
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SilentCartoHobbyist Artist
I'm now staring at my salt shaker because it's adorable yet makes me sad at the same time.
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chemistry is suddenly so much easier :3
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Funny! AND educational!

Twilight approves!
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The last one should be polar covalent, but either way its still a great comic.
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gl1tchkidsHobbyist General Artist
So did you do the rest of the Bonafied tumblr too, or just some of it?
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AtlurHobbyist Digital Artist
I draw all of the Bonafied updates, yes
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Bonpun is so cute!!!!
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oh my gosh this was completely fucking ADORKABLE!
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This needs to be in a textbook
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I hate chemistry! 
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This would have been helpful to have when I was taking Chemistry in high school.
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I don't know what I like more, the puns themselves or the cuteness...
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ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
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Chemistry with ponies, xD!
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memy7Student Digital Artist
Can you help me study for my test because everything here is is accurate. Just kidding but you are right about that chemistry;)
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As a chemistry student, I can verify that this is an accurate diagram of the bonding in diatomic molecules.
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
Chemistry just got adorable. :D
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Science and Comedy are an interesting pair of fuck-buddies.
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sparklyAxolotlHobbyist Digital Artist
chemistry midterm
week after next
already ;-;
meh. :c
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