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August 26, 2007
Supper at Sea by *ATLbladerunner Why, what's this? Not "The Last Supper"? Nope, it's just the greatest Popeye tribute EVER! Suggested by both Nosyd and Shimmerstar, this piece was an instant 'yes' for a DD.
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Supper at Sea


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Well, here it is. The project that has eaten up my last three months worth of weekends (some were not as busy as others ;)).

This, my dearies, is my takeoff on Leonardo's Last Supper. All of the characters are from the Thimble Theater strip by E.C. Segar, which later became just the Popeye comic strip. I tried to keep most of the characters in the same positions as the apostles are in Leonardo's version, and tried to put in a few little fun things relating to the original. For instance, putting Olive in the same place as the apostle John, who some believe to be Mary Magdelene. I also had to put Brutus in the place of Judas Iscariot, and have him holding money (pieces of silver). Some theories also say that both Judas and Christ were reaching for the Eucharist in Leo's version, so I included that too, replacing the bread with limes so they don't get scurvy. And the cigar in the ashtray is a tribute to Popeye's creator E.C. Segar who used to sign his drawings with a little cigar with the smoke forming the letter "S" in his name. The halo effect in the wood around Popeye was pretty much an accident, perhaps there was divine intervention? I originally debated putting more stuff in the background like nets, fishing poles, harpoons and all kinds of nautical shit, but the original had a big empty background so I decided against it. I think this one turned out pretty well and hopefully I can sell it for a boatload of money (no pun intended!).

Size - 24 x 48 inches (it's a big one!) acrylic on caanvas

From Left to right - Alice the Goon, the Sea Hag, Poopdeck Pappy, Brutus, Professor O.G. Wattasnozzle, Olive Oyl, Popeye, the Jeep, J. Wellington Wimpy, Rough House the cook, Swee' Pea, George Geezil, Castor Oyl

characters copyright King Features syndicate, I guess!
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Geezil hates Wimpy ! To pieces ! Even tried to POISON him !!

They don't belong within grabbing distance of each other !